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    How can you be a "nationalist socialist" and be anti-socialist?

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    So bad... as a russian i may say that is so bad and superficially. Oversimplified does not mean that you need to make a bunch of factual mistakes that distort the meaning of the narrative ...

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    Before 1917 Russian strong Empire, took 1-3 place in the Europe in export seeds, meat, and other. Very good factory and plants. Communist ruined all!!!!!

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    Fun fact: Romania was the first communist sate wich an american president visited(P.S. if you dont trust me search on google)

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    Lincoln: I have an army. Confederacy: We have a Lee.

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    imagine being in the trenches next to the person who would start the biggest and deadliest war in history

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    Very beautifully explained.....which app do you use for making this video

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    Communism Is Bad Dude

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    I never heard the full story of abe but after I did thru this, man this trump is a disgrace.

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    So the Confederacy seceding had nothing to do with the Southern states, or 25% of the population, paying over 90% of the taxes for the country? From unfair tariffs? Similar to how the northeast tried secession in 1831?

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    Purely American puerile vision about world history. Grow up Please ! Drop this American false supreme about the world. Garbage talk

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    Alcohol is evil but clearly laws won't help

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    It's weird to think, but Finland was perhaps the most sober nation before we had prohibition in 1919-1932. During those years alcohol consumption tripled. These days Finnish consumption is on par with European Union average. Problem is that Finnish people don't drink that often, but when they do, they drink all the alcohol.

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    TL;DR: They took away booze, and gave us an income tax. Then they gave back booze, and kept all the taxes. I smell a scam.

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