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    Ahh... VPN. Wonderful isn't it?

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    Imagine your entire life building up to you dying in a war over a bucket

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    You disappeared? There's going to be a tax for that.

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    hey whatt

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    Nobody: American troops in 1700s: had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries.

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    21:53 cut off 1 head 3 more shall take its place.

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    bill wurtz: hold my beer

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    Video pls

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    Wait, is Jimmy Italian?

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    I'm still disappointed that he didn't use the less popular but a lot better flag of the X with stars all over I can't remember if I was in the American civil war though I'm going to go look it up if it isn't I'm going to delete this comment so be lucky if you're seeing this I just forgot the name of stars and bars

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    Imagine losing a Battle so hard, you apologized to your injured and broken men as they fell back, the emotions behind it must have been brutal

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    It's been 4 months since he's posted a video oversimplified old post pls video

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    I just said hi and a bunch of languages

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    0:16 That bird is rick rolling us!

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    Fun Fact: The reason Hitler was able to fight for Germany as an Austrian National during WWI was a clerical error.

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    It’s been a while. How is OverSimplified?

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    oversimplified youtooz?

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    does anyone know the U.S.A or world map he uses?

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    Birds that can't fly... me: club penguin.

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    this is simplified how can I even enjoy this.

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    Lost it at discount ostrich’s

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    Where is Oversimplified from cause he sounds American but in this video he says "Youchube"

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    i liked the credits

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    "OoOoOhHhHh NoOoOoo"

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    Do the war of Spanish succession next or the lead up to the fall of the Roman republic. Both would be good

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    Imagine being so evil that the fucking 19th century united states is considered benevolent in comparison.

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    The next video has to be the Vietnam wars right

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    My Social Studies teacher once said when you teach history you could elaborate it the way you can since there was a definite ending.. yeah every time he teached great figures in history and die in the most ridiculous way or funny way(and we laughed at it)....AND oversimplified made it more awesome

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    Want the Falklands then ur probly one of the 3 people who voted for Argentine rule

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    You forgot another person Connor kenway lol

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    Mummy says it's a strong chin for a strong boy 😂😂😂🤣😂

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    Muslims had maps of America dating back to 1000 ADand some of them settled in the Caribbean island...Columbus' guide was a Moor Muslim

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    i hope this next video is the napoleonic wars one but keep in mind oversimplified is a 1 man team so let us be patient

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    So when will oversimplified be back again. I'm a little bit worried

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    @4:33 Apparently he was an amphetamine addict too. This would certainly contribute to bouts of mania.

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    Ok but why do they keep picturing tsar Nicholas II wanting cuddles? Are they insinuating he was gay?

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    Las malvinas son Argentinas. Ingleses piratas y colonialistas fuera. El referendum era obvio si llevaron toda población desde Inglaterra, no eran autóctonos.

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    Two men and their cheek bones

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    2:22 i paused the video aeound here and it looked cursed

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    Think, I saw this man during maybe. 1930ish I Saw the Same man at Brandenburg Gate, Maybe It was Hitler Maybe Someone?

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    Oh, Come on he didn’t even mention me I played like hell with the krauts.

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    *The Confederates didn't lose.They merely failed to win.*

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    So basically John Paul Jones is the colonial version of doom guy

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    What's with the bad hair cuts?

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    Americans taking a picnic to watch a war,. Typical America F**k Yeah kind of crap.

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    On average it's going to be another 4 months before you publish another video. Please oversimplified, i can't wait that long!

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    Tbh I wish the British won

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    6:46 him cause he had that pod installed and the alligators put in

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    When will be new video

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    I actually used this video to study for my 8th grade test on WWI and WWII

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    This is so weird I just learned about this In social studies class today

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    4 months since the last video, the next video will be amazing and will hopefully be soon

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    "Churchill has many talents" including racism!

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    We need more videos! They are so funny and good!

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    they Cant attack turkey

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    If they taught history like THIS in schools, humanity WOULD truly change and not repeat its past fuckups, and people would GIVE A SHIT about learning history.

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    Was the French tailor for there army color blind or something?!

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    aaaand he forgot the end card.

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    I love Communism. It should be implemented worldwide.

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    Me in 1:49:is alfred Edward II?

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    Oversimplified should be close to coming out with a new video soon

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    I saw ur ww1 and ww2 vids in my ss class and due to wow funny this was some people mom got called😞 and i was one of them

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    Why did he censor the swastikas?

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    Its only over simplified if it's wrong

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    Can we talk about how every single one of Oversimplified’s videos have over 10 million views?