The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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    Headshot but head does not explode

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    Soooooo when are we gonna get a civil rights movement overly simplified?

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    If only south had won.

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    Don’t mock god

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    Tomas Mugica MorenoPred 6 urami

    This entire war was basically Grant and Lee carrying their respective sides.

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    Hey You ? Let’s say there is a war going on and u hav beans what do u do? DONT LET THEM TAKE MY BEANSSSS

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    22:23 Megatron whooped his head apart

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    grant is a bitch

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    Im just new to your videos and Boy your videos are so educational at the same time entertaining as well. Watched your 3 kingdoms video just get some knowledge about 3 kingdoms the last war mobile game and I was hooked. Watched this 2 parts as well and learned something from it. Hoping you can do Philippines Spaniards colonization until the end of Japanese occupation.

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    AFTERSHOCK ASHPred dnevom

    This may be a vast overstatement but I truly believe that when stonewall Jackson died that was the major turning point for the north or the south made the biggest mistake throughout the entire war

  16. MawBeedeeTheSecond

    MawBeedeeTheSecondPred dnevom

    God as a grant myself those grant puns made me want to die

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    it took us 1 month to lurn this in history class but i could lurn this in 40 min? WTF

  20. Mairead K

    Mairead KPred dnevom

    before I watch please tell me this doesn’t perpetuate the myth that somehow the ”north” wanted to free the enslaved people. Cuz…1) Lincoln still wanted to keep his, and also Jim Crow is still going strong.

  21. Nikki Holdmeier

    Nikki HoldmeierPred 22 urami

    No he didn't he did not have any

  22. Dikaa

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    18:37 *HOT DIGGITY DAWG*

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    Why did the confederate flag change from part 1 to part 2

  24. Kavin Dude

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    The Real Winner Was...... *The Guy Who Protected The Beans, Stand Against Hundreds Of Men, TRUE RESPECT.*

  25. William Clay

    William ClayPred dnevom

    Sherman’s Armies raped and pillage the South killed civilians burnt down everything his Army could.

  26. TWPRP

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    Maybe if they teach like this in school kids will want to learn.....

  27. Nihal R

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    Love how the generals said GGs. Don’t be salty gamers, if they weren’t, you shouldn’t

  28. SillyNa Cannada

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    Fun fact: war. It’s always amusing. Especially when a few generations have passed and a crayon is involved...

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    15:20 and may we remind you there is a .56% margin of error

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    "Do you like Honey? Meade, too!" :)

  31. Burst Fire

    Burst FirePred 2 dnevi

    I will be honest I am not an American but the story of Abraham Lincoln had a great impact on me. A man who never gave up in the darkest of times. He is what nowadays everyone in America strives to be.

  32. Ethan Steburg

    Ethan SteburgPred 2 dnevi

    I am related to Abe Lincoln

  33. CEO Of Hating Gacha

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    Not all these Emily’s and Karen’s coming into the chat tryna insult Lincoln even though he was better then all of you 🤪

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  35. Alex-Playz12

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    Gettysburg was the second most important battle for the north, the first was the battle of shrute farms!!!

  36. DCR demon LOD

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    0:19 indian territory? can someone explain me

  37. Jason A

    Jason APred 2 dnevi

    I used to live in Pennsylvania and I have been to Getty’s burg and it is pretty cool

  38. Andrew Abbey

    Andrew AbbeyPred 2 dnevi

    Little fun fact: one of the Brigadier Generals present at the signing of Lee’s surrender was George Armstrong Custer, who also played a huge role in halting confederate advantages in the Battle of Gettysburg. And yes, this same Brigadier General, demoted to Lieutenant Colonel, would meet an embarrassing end in the Battle of Little Big Horn

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    they're torturing refugees in ft hood texas concentration camps

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    20:13 Where men cried

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    "I didn't lose! I merely failed to win!" 🤣🤣

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    Wonder why Wilkes Booth didn't leave Union territory and go fight with the Confederacy if he was such a supporter. Guess he was a bit yellow.

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    The real winner was also McLain where he “ started” and ended the war

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  55. theboard

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    It hurts to see that people today want to dishonor Lincoln. I think him and FDR had by far, the most stressful presidencies of all time. Lincoln didn’t have time to mourn the loss of his son, his marriage took a massive blow, and he was trying to hold an entire nation together. And he never lost face. Not once.

  56. Glitcheed

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    We could just call this the American Cheekbone War

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    Fun fact: The reason lee and and his army lost picketts charge was because confederate artillery ran short on ammunition, and the confederates had to cross a fence between cemetary hill and seminary ridge, causing numerous deaths.

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    Man, that was an intense war. But! At least everyone learned to forgive each other and no lasting fallout ever occurred from it! Is what I like to tell myself the less shitty timeline is like.

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