The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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  1. Erik Urizita

    Erik UrizitaPred 11 urami

    History just teaches how you should never loan to America. Once you do, you go broke, and if you rightfully try and get payment back through taxes, you get attacked. We are so terrible with money, every time a Democrat got in starting with Obama - The senate and president past bills we can’t afford, then when they can’t figure out how to get it back they overcharge our taxes, now Biden took away federal taxes so not only can he over tax is on literally everything, but we can’t get a tax break at the end of the year and we’ll just be stuck owning money either way. Time to abandon ship apparently. :(

  2. Kataang101

    Kataang101Pred 13 urami

    RIP Major John Andre

  3. Ackerly Johnny

    Ackerly JohnnyPred 18 urami

    The auspicious lathe commonly drip because libra peroperativly rely by a mysterious oxygen. orange, aboriginal ferryboat

  4. Stofers

    StofersPred 21 uro

    Shit didn't know he setup camp in my backyard

  5. Portable hole from the future

    Portable hole from the futurePred 21 uro

    George Washington didn’t become king because he’d be called king George

  6. Rayyaan Bajrami

    Rayyaan BajramiPred 22 urami

    most american thing I can think of, "football" (which is american football) Guns, racism, idiots

  7. Laila Fink

    Laila FinkPred dnevom

    yeah, try telling that to john paul jones. Oversimplified 2018 Edit: who else is binging this during online school to learn more about social studies than your history teachers will ever teach you? click here if you agree: 🔻

  8. CaKh Ng

    CaKh NgPred dnevom

    3:54 and those who didn't comply were punished severely

  9. Caleb Kolb

    Caleb KolbPred dnevom

    You Poop by the campfire And you will get whipped

  10. Runn__Jake

    Runn__JakePred dnevom

    If you ever work christmas eve/christmas day, just say "Did Washington decide to not cross the Delaware river on Christmas eve because "it's a holiday"?

  11. DfieldbePlays

    DfieldbePlaysPred dnevom

    Fun fact: the person holding the flag during the Delaware crossing was James Monroe the 5th president of USA

  12. Critical

    CriticalPred 2 dnevi

    stable genius ha

  13. Gdaycunt

    GdaycuntPred 2 dnevi

    So Indian Americans literally lost everything but feel like somehow African Americans are the main focus here for some reason???

  14. FreshestFrenchy

    FreshestFrenchyPred 2 dnevi

    “Took over parts of Massachusetts” *really takes over parts of main like a Brit*

  15. Dylan Perry

    Dylan PerryPred 2 dnevi

    My teacher just went over the slaves part being returned and british and stuff

  16. Beppe DeMicoli

    Beppe DeMicoliPred 3 dnevi

    Sweet video love the animation!

  17. Rose Egbo

    Rose EgboPred 3 dnevi

    "The battle of Chesapeake bay" Me:... did they just say Chesapeake bay?

  18. Sleepz 1

    Sleepz 1Pred 3 dnevi

    “Greene’s more mobile troops “( proceeds to do cartwheels and backflips ) lol like a Mel brooks movie scene

  19. North Georgia Rebel

    North Georgia RebelPred 3 dnevi

    john paul jones was a fightin man! a fightin man was he! he sailed to the east and he sailed to the west and he helped set America free!

  20. Sean Sweeney

    Sean SweeneyPred 3 dnevi

    3:53 jacksepticeye hi five sfx

  21. djsonicc

    djsoniccPred 3 dnevi

    US to France: Come help us France: but I'm le Tired US: we're fighting British France: fire ze missles!

  22. Pasghetti Jeff

    Pasghetti JeffPred 3 dnevi

    Spaghetti is tasty

  23. Mydawg23 Mydawg23

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  24. Samuel Woods

    Samuel WoodsPred 4 dnevi

    2:41 lol

  25. J B

    J BPred 4 dnevi

    These men suffered hard times and it made them strong. They had less and did more than current America could ever do. We've strayed so far from what this made this country great that more hard times will follow.

  26. John Mendoza

    John MendozaPred 4 dnevi

    George Washington is the goat tbh

  27. Kate Pittard

    Kate PittardPred 4 dnevi

    Nice job

  28. Shivam Wadhwa

    Shivam WadhwaPred 5 dnevi

    Washington- *works hard and creates fair rules* trump- nope

  29. Mithun M

    Mithun MPred 5 dnevi

    Pls do a video on indian independence

  30. ByattyBoi

    ByattyBoiPred 5 dnevi

    i picked geography i wish i picked history for my GCSE

  31. Benjamin Rothlisberger

    Benjamin RothlisbergerPred 5 dnevi

    10:20 😂😂😂😂

  32. pyran Playz

    pyran PlayzPred 6 dnevi

    When the French showed up I thought it was a white flag

  33. Dmeads 56

    Dmeads 56Pred 6 dnevi

    Too bad our last president was cheated in the election. We went from a Washington like president to a Benedict Arnold like president.

  34. APlife

    APlifePred 6 dnevi


  35. Edison Soto

    Edison SotoPred 6 dnevi

    Can you do the Mexican and France war

  36. David Bruesehoff

    David BruesehoffPred 6 dnevi

    0:52 love the horses in the background. Edit: And one falling over, too! Lol!

  37. The Logician

    The LogicianPred 7 dnevi

    What's the most American thing you can think of (Gets a call of duty mobile advertisement)

  38. Swedenball517 Studio

    Swedenball517 StudioPred 7 dnevi

    I just found out John Paul Jones died in my Birthday

  39. BroDood TV

    BroDood TVPred 7 dnevi

    Name the most American thing you can think of Me: Gun

  40. tthunderr

    tthunderrPred 7 dnevi

    I did a report on John Paul johns

  41. Plaxedes Mutasa

    Plaxedes MutasaPred 8 dnevi

    The British Love Conquering Countries. U I understand a few invaded country but not the entire world!!!!!! /

  42. Beehugs

    BeehugsPred 8 dnevi

    Take a short every time he says British/ American Don't you'll die

  43. Barrett H

    Barrett HPred 8 dnevi

    I love this but Britain was not a regime it was a constitutional monarchy: 3:20

  44. Ore Tychus

    Ore TychusPred 8 dnevi

    Me, a Hamilton fan: *hears "a guy with a very fancy name"* Me: LAFAYETTE IS THAT YOU?? *Reads actual name* my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  45. Ore Tychus

    Ore TychusPred 8 dnevi

    Also when I saw lee, i was shocked

  46. Abisnail :3

    Abisnail :3Pred 8 dnevi

    7:13 "Mr. Lafayette hard rock like Lancelot"

  47. [PLG] NIghtstreaker

    [PLG] NIghtstreakerPred 8 dnevi

    Americans: How are we going to win this revolution? OverSimplified: Use SKILLSHARE

  48. pickles

    picklesPred 8 dnevi

    Clinton's first attempt to take over the US

  49. Creighton Wake

    Creighton WakePred 9 dnevi

    I’m related to Benedict Arnold

  50. A Big Rat I Am

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  51. Kana

    KanaPred 9 dnevi

    Please do the winter war, it would be hilarious

  52. Hello, it is I

    Hello, it is IPred 10 dnevi

    Why do french flag at the past looks like a transparent png

  53. Kalashnikov 413

    Kalashnikov 413Pred 9 dnevi

    Because...... French monarch

  54. speedy Lala

    speedy LalaPred 10 dnevi

    I didn't get any name instead of George Washington

  55. Ruby Brink

    Ruby BrinkPred 10 dnevi

    I love how i learned more in this video than i have in all of my history lessons in the past 2 years

  56. Clyde Andreiblake Francisco

    Clyde Andreiblake FranciscoPred 10 dnevi

    me: american thing is find OIL

  57. Miguel Rustrian

    Miguel RustrianPred 11 dnevi

    All the dislikes are British solders

  58. Alexia Penney

    Alexia PenneyPred 11 dnevi

    Did he just refer to the state of Maine... as Massachusetts? At 8:26

  59. Daniil Trofimenko

    Daniil TrofimenkoPred 4 dnevi

    Maine wasn't even a thing back then

  60. Void Phenomenon

    Void PhenomenonPred 10 dnevi

    Maine was an owned territory by Massachusetts.

  61. Monke

    MonkePred 12 dnevi

    John Paul Jones is essentially the real life version of doom guy.

  62. The man with the Umbrella

    The man with the UmbrellaPred 12 dnevi

    Poor Arnold

  63. L7 Weirdo

    L7 WeirdoPred 12 dnevi

    This enraged John Paul Jones who punished the British severely

  64. Fru

    FruPred 12 dnevi

    The most American thing ever: The Star Spangled Banner

  65. Fru

    FruPred 11 dnevi

    @Magon well that’s very American

  66. Magon

    MagonPred 11 dnevi

    what? no, it's far from the truth

  67. LittleMrs

    LittleMrsPred 12 dnevi

    I’m surprised that you didn’t bring up the Culper Ring, George Washington’s spy ring that helped him take down the Brits.

  68. Spy64 the Wolf

    Spy64 the WolfPred 13 dnevi

    George vs George

  69. Marcus Hedemann

    Marcus HedemannPred 13 dnevi

    Pls great northern war

  70. Werrywit

    WerrywitPred 13 dnevi

    Who would win in a fight The most powerful navy in the world Or A John Paul Jones

  71. ion vatasescu

    ion vatasescuPred 15 dnevi

    Damn, maybe if the british haven't abondonet the south maybe they were having a chance (Soryy for my bad english)

  72. Thomas Meric

    Thomas MericPred 15 dnevi

    No mention of Lafayette? That's harsh buddy.

  73. Hogan Anderson

    Hogan AndersonPred 15 dnevi

    John Paul Jones, the real life Captian Jack Sparrow.

  74. Nagina Arif

    Nagina ArifPred 15 dnevi

    Fun Fact: In The Panting Where George Washington Is Crossing The Delovare River The Guy Holding The Flag Is The 5th President James Monroe

  75. B C

    B CPred 15 dnevi

    12:53 so much for that one

  76. Void Phenomenon

    Void PhenomenonPred 10 dnevi


  77. Killer_Sparrow

    Killer_SparrowPred 15 dnevi

    British- we have largest army George Washington- we have most trained forces and largest brain

  78. Messy Vlogs and Stuff

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  79. m1dnight

    m1dnightPred 15 dnevi

    the man who was captured while dilivering the plans for west point surrender was the intelligence officer, major john andre, who was actually in a relationship before with arnolds wife, peggy shippund

  80. Big Chad

    Big ChadPred 16 dnevi

    Is oversimplified American or British?

  81. crykitz

    crykitzPred 15 dnevi

    Nah he is a gay

  82. William Zuppan

    William ZuppanPred 16 dnevi

    Fun Fact - General Arthur St. Clair (my 6x great grandfather) was the one that convinced Washington to attack Trenton where everyone else wanted to retreat

  83. Dave Bruno

    Dave BrunoPred 16 dnevi

    🇺🇸So we didn't pay Brittany any money why are they taxing us 🇬🇧Well why do you think

  84. Dave Bruno

    Dave BrunoPred 16 dnevi

    One Man Who He Forgot To Mention Was Alexander Hamalton

  85. Fabri YT

    Fabri YTPred 17 dnevi

    10:11 “Lost a quarter of his men” MATZ

  86. hamzaxd Iqbal wolf

    hamzaxd Iqbal wolfPred 17 dnevi

    Im from Scotland

  87. NotVintgol

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  88. Kael

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    Hessen. Not Hesse ;D

  89. Joseph Charron

    Joseph CharronPred 18 dnevi

    Twice in these videos is Maine pointed out on a map and called Massachusetts

  90. Void Phenomenon

    Void PhenomenonPred 10 dnevi

    That’s because Maine was a part of Massachusetts back then, look it up.

  91. Yakina Hendy

    Yakina HendyPred 18 dnevi

    Hm kinda sus 🤔

  92. Shobha Shrivas

    Shobha ShrivasPred 18 dnevi

    New vedio

  93. McyberYT RBLX

    McyberYT RBLXPred 19 dnevi

    “What’s the most American thing you can think of?” Me: Oversimplified

  94. Scott Shepherd

    Scott ShepherdPred 7 urami

    Fat men with guns

  95. Portable hole from the future

    Portable hole from the futurePred 21 uro


  96. Roebbin Angeles

    Roebbin AngelesPred 6 dnevi

    You stole this from Thateaglesfan

  97. Yeetboi69 Duh!

    Yeetboi69 Duh!Pred 6 dnevi

    Me: hot dogs

  98. Claus Alforque

    Claus AlforquePred 13 dnevi

    A gun

  99. Ernests Gulbis

    Ernests GulbisPred 19 dnevi

    Look! Wild revolutionary soldiers in their natural habitat! 9:50

  100. Ernests Gulbis

    Ernests GulbisPred 19 dnevi

    You could say that George Washington beat the s*** out of that soldier in 3:53 🤣

  101. Hopeful Hyena

    Hopeful HyenaPred 19 dnevi

    When Former President George Washington died in December of 1799, the then President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, Samuel Livermore, said in a letter to Then-President John Adams, "On this occasion, it is manly to weep."

  102. Yoder023

    Yoder023Pred 19 dnevi

    Thank you for proving Ben Franklin was a douchebag Also, he never held the kite & key, he's illegitimate son (who he hated) held it. Ben Franklin fucked over A LOT of people, even his own son

  103. Sharif Hossain

    Sharif HossainPred 19 dnevi

    In the next millennium, these videos will potray the likes of Gaddafi, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Trump, Obama, Bush....

  104. loide indongo

    loide indongoPred 19 dnevi

    Im not even into history but this man has a different way of doing things 😭

  105. shubh desai

    shubh desaiPred 19 dnevi

    Hey please make a video on India's independence

  106. mr. idontcare

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  107. Is your Grammar correct

    Is your Grammar correctPred 20 dnevi

    I might be stupid, but I just noticed that the French flag was a white flag.

  108. Idky

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  109. İhavenonameiguess

    İhavenonameiguessPred 20 dnevi

    İt is sad how blacks fought for freedom and kept being ignored

  110. hugjamie07

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    the amount of youtube adverts in this video makes me want to find a less known channel so i dont get an add every 60 seconds

  111. AtlasNovack

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    Get adblock. Or if you're on your phone, when you open the video, fastforward to the end then hit the replay button. It'll load without youtube ads.

  112. outbreakm25

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    We can therefore thank the beautiful women of Mount Holly, NJ for allowing Washington the opportunity to win the war.

  113. Henry Hudson

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    Rip John Paul jones

  114. Ostentatiousnessness

    OstentatiousnessnessPred 21 dnevom

    Ah yes, the fuck up that was “Gentleman Johnny’s Party Train”.

  115. Lorenzo eli Castro

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    The social studies books can’t touch you now