The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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  1. HoodBoy

    HoodBoyPred 2 urami

    Britain wasn't an absolute monarchy

  2. Lewis Davies

    Lewis DaviesPred 3 urami

    All the dislikes are british people

  3. Lewis Davies

    Lewis DaviesPred 3 urami

    Im am british and every other british would hate this video

  4. kJ Vlogs

    kJ VlogsPred 6 urami

    Me in South Carolina me when they get it: nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Alex Amburn

    Alex AmburnPred dnevom

    Wow John Paul Jones was a pirate and a Rockstar?!?

  6. Kalipada Halder

    Kalipada HalderPred dnevom

    Whats the 11:45 song called?

  7. Panda MilkShake

    Panda MilkShakePred dnevom

    British: "WE FEAR NOTHING" John Paul Jones: "Oi lads...that's a fine ship you got there." British: "But that scares me"

  8. Potatow

    PotatowPred dnevom

    It took me 3 weeks to learn the whole American revolution and this showed me the whole revolution in less then an hour.

  9. King George III

    King George IIIPred dnevom


  10. Julian Schiele

    Julian SchielePred dnevom

    Kassel is right, but hanau is a bit more south ;)

  11. Alex Brown

    Alex BrownPred dnevom

    The British Empire: We have an army. Rebels: We have a John Paul Jones.

  12. Little Professor Luke

    Little Professor LukePred dnevom

    I love how he said 2027, when it’s 2021 and it’s good and out in both parts

  13. Byry

    ByryPred dnevom

    Anybody else noticing that the French Revolution video did not come out in 2027?

  14. James Wells

    James WellsPred dnevom

    Before Adams was sent to France he saw little to no use for the Marines; however, during the voyage his ship became engaged with a British Naval vessel at which point he donned the uniform of a Marine, grabbed his own rifle, and manned the rails during the engagement. Upon being elected President he placed the Marine Corps under direct Executive Control, and it has remained so ever since.

  15. smol snek

    smol snekPred 2 dnevi

    8:27 I hate to be a Correcty-Connor but I believe that's Maine.

  16. God Of All

    God Of AllPred dnevom

    It’s Massachusetts

  17. Ainesh Paul

    Ainesh PaulPred 2 dnevi

    Confirmed Washington ruled the red army as well. They will never expect the polar bears

  18. wolfex gaming

    wolfex gamingPred 2 dnevi

    3:02 he spelled Burgoyne wrong.

  19. Warrior Cat Saturnheart

    Warrior Cat SaturnheartPred 2 dnevi

    "Name one of the most American thing ever" Me: GUNS, GUNS AND AGAIN GUNS!🤣🤣

  20. D4BigBoi

    D4BigBoiPred 2 dnevi

    13:03 "His careful and cautious actions helped set the president of an office that is powerful in its limitations, decisive through its diplomacy and, respected in its humility." *Ahhh yes, So... American, right? So, just...BadA$$ sounding.* 2021 Joe Biden : "WE TRUTH TRUTH OVER FACTS!" "Poor kids are just as bright, and just as talented as white kids." "ALL MEN AND WOMEN CREATED... BY.... OHHH.... YOU KNOW!! ......... THE THING!" * *SNIFFS 10 YEAR OLD* * ME: 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 *Oof*

  21. Benjamin Johnson

    Benjamin JohnsonPred 2 dnevi

    Liberty's kids

  22. The creative Dragon

    The creative DragonPred 3 dnevi

    “John Paul Johns is Scottish handsome and absolutely insane” FULL HOUSE

  23. Isabella Anthony

    Isabella AnthonyPred 3 dnevi

    my man talk too fast

  24. Loser For Smash

    Loser For SmashPred 3 dnevi

    6:27 Native Cold War

  25. Abhijnan Mukherjee

    Abhijnan MukherjeePred 3 dnevi

    I would rather watch this than school

  26. John allen Ybanez

    John allen YbanezPred 3 dnevi

    British navy: no one can stop us John Paul Jones: you say something mate?

  27. BrickBuilding Compilations43635

    BrickBuilding Compilations43635Pred 3 dnevi

    So, basically, Morgan's and Greene's regiments virtually ended the war: the defeat at Yorktown lead to the Treaty of Paris; which, as I understand, precipitated the removal of British soldiers and recognition of America's independence.

  28. jaeD sixx66

    jaeD sixx66Pred 3 dnevi

    Dude please don’t tell me u think Maine is Massachusetts, last video u put Falmouth ma in Maine so I’m seeing a trend.

  29. God Of All

    God Of AllPred dnevom

    That’s because that is Massachusetts

  30. Jobanpreet Singh

    Jobanpreet SinghPred 3 dnevi

    Oversimplified can you PLS Make a Video of 1812 Great Britain war against the USA I am asking because the 1812 war is unknown by anyone and I don’t anything about this war in 1812 SO MAKE A VIDEO PLEASE

  31. Weatherboi

    WeatherboiPred 4 dnevi

    *white 15 year old girls after listening to Hamilton once*

  32. Italy Ball

    Italy BallPred 4 dnevi

    As an American I know the most American thing Bad stereotypes

  33. dylan christensen

    dylan christensenPred 4 dnevi

    George Washington also said "Put my face on the one dollar bill so that future generations of my soldiers can stuff me in a strippers g-string".

  34. birch5757

    birch5757Pred 4 dnevi

    You know a person has done very well when everyone forces them to be their leader.

  35. Benkay V Falsifier

    Benkay V FalsifierPred 4 dnevi

    3:04 I'm sorry, who did you say that was? Clinton?

  36. Chromo

    ChromoPred 4 dnevi

    I'd pay 2,000$ to study under this guy.

  37. Charge Mapping

    Charge MappingPred 4 dnevi

    ur fired

  38. Hogeon Shin

    Hogeon ShinPred 4 dnevi

    united states:look I am in your land!British: GET EM BOYYYYYYYYYYYS

  39. Cheech Forever

    Cheech ForeverPred 4 dnevi

    fun fact and i swear on everything i know i'm not kidding my math teachers great great great a bunch of greats cousin was general William Howe and today his name is William Howe crazy right and i swear i'm not joking

  40. BrickBuilding Compilations43635

    BrickBuilding Compilations43635Pred 3 dnevi

    I believe you, because any few people living 300 years ago are bound to have descendants with similar names. (By the way, I also had a Maths teacher named Howe!)

  41. Andrew Whalley

    Andrew WhalleyPred 5 dnevi

    Brilliant as ever. Entertaining and hugely informative. Just one teeny point of order... Britain was a monarchy, yes, but certainly NOT an absolute monarchy. 1688 Glorious Revolution? Bill of Rights? The British king could only rule with the consent of parliament. Makes it all the more ironic that America was supported by that truly absolutist power, France. Just sayin' like.

  42. Justin Hubbard

    Justin HubbardPred 5 dnevi

    The most American things that I can think of? Bacon. Trucks. Monster trucks. Guns. Explosives. Beer. Whiskey. Bourbon. More beer. NASCAR. NASCAR crashes and wrecks. Hating Canadian's. Hating the English. Hating everything. Hating everyone. Listening to sad music and crying because (the song speaks to you). Christianity. 4th of July. Fireworks. And Inbreeding. (That's more of a world thing but how else could I make a sweet home Alabama joke) That is my list of the most American thing's out there.

  43. Tsering Norbu

    Tsering NorbuPred 5 dnevi

    what is the most American thing you can think of? Oil!

  44. Soggy Fries

    Soggy FriesPred 5 dnevi

    E e

  45. Stille #24

    Stille #24Pred 5 dnevi

    Meanwhile me that played assasins creed 3

  46. Eli Milleman

    Eli MillemanPred 5 dnevi

    Nobody expected an attack in the winter, so George planned an attack for the winter. Me: GENIUS!

  47. Kaelan Anders

    Kaelan AndersPred 5 dnevi

    Yeah try yelling that to John Paul Jones

  48. Kaelan Anders

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  49. Rus Conquerer

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  50. Yøur_løcal_Råt

    Yøur_løcal_RåtPred 6 dnevi

    John Paul joans was the one of the first Florida men, change my mind

  51. Yøur_løcal_Råt

    Yøur_løcal_RåtPred 5 dnevi

    @Billboy Jonez wut?

  52. Billboy Jonez

    Billboy JonezPred 5 dnevi

    What about that um.....that guy that did that thing.

  53. Skyfire Jay

    Skyfire JayPred 6 dnevi

    I know you are over simplifying things, but twice you marked Massachusetts towns in Maine...

  54. God Of All

    God Of AllPred dnevom

    @Skyfire Jay what are you talking about, Maine doesn’t exist yet in this time period, and that land was part of Massachusetts

  55. Skyfire Jay

    Skyfire JayPred dnevom

    @God Of All lol Nope, the MA colony was bigger than it is now, but the towns they marked are in current MA. Falmouth is actually closer to RI than Maine. I mean, why would you not fact check yourself before posting something that stupid?

  56. God Of All

    God Of AllPred dnevom

    That’s because that is Massachusetts

  57. Tommy Bronze

    Tommy BronzePred 6 dnevi

    most american thing ? holding on the longest to the slavery and then preaching the rest of the world that black lives matter ...

  58. 10The_Doctor10

    10The_Doctor10Pred 7 dnevi

    13:05 and then Joe Biden was "elected" and all that got thrown out the window.

  59. Billboy Jonez

    Billboy JonezPred 5 dnevi

    Wait wasn't it Trump that threw that out of order(actually James but yeah) did he not tear gas PEACEFUL protest. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that illegal breaking the amendment to have a right. I also find it funny that when the capitol was raided i didnt see any tear gas. That is terrorism if I'm not wrong. But hey I'm 14 what do I know . Not calling you dumb Just not educated.

  60. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Coasterhocky Gaming BoyPred 7 dnevi


  61. Unknown Boi

    Unknown BoiPred 7 dnevi

    13:30 is it math and science or alcohol? we may never know

  62. TalkTalk

    TalkTalkPred 7 dnevi

    Whats that tactic called when they made the enemy chase them and then turned around with reinforcements and attacked?

  63. TalkTalk

    TalkTalkPred 7 dnevi

    @Sean Corbett His character in Rat Race?

  64. Sean Corbett

    Sean CorbettPred 7 dnevi

    @TalkTalk uuu, no

  65. TalkTalk

    TalkTalkPred 7 dnevi

    @Sean Corbett Are you John Cleese?

  66. Sean Corbett

    Sean CorbettPred 7 dnevi

    @TalkTalk I have no idea but yes, we shall classify this as a wild goose chase for now. HAHA

  67. TalkTalk

    TalkTalkPred 7 dnevi

    @Sean Corbett seroisly?

  68. John Charles Carol

    John Charles CarolPred 8 dnevi

    The most American thing I think: Conquering countries

  69. John Charles Carol

    John Charles CarolPred 6 dnevi

    @Coasterhocky Gaming Boy wait what the British?

  70. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Coasterhocky Gaming BoyPred 7 dnevi


  71. Noli Vinluan

    Noli VinluanPred 8 dnevi

    Treaty of Paris (American Revoulution) 1775 Treaty of Paris (Philipine Revoulution) 1898

  72. Joshua Uchiha

    Joshua UchihaPred 8 dnevi

    Vibing so hard at the end

  73. Diego Rodriguez

    Diego RodriguezPred 8 dnevi

    I thought science was a french, british, greek, byzantine thing

  74. GKnight Gaming

    GKnight GamingPred 9 dnevi

    my 3/4 times great grandpa was Nathaniel Greene who fought in vally forge he was also George Washington's right hand man.

  75. General Smite

    General SmitePred 9 dnevi

    Great Britain is not an absolute monarchy

  76. Fikin27

    Fikin27Pred 9 dnevi

    Despite taking parts of Massachusetts *it’s actually Maine*

  77. God Of All

    God Of AllPred 5 dnevi

    But was Massachusetts back then

  78. Margaret Helen

    Margaret HelenPred 9 dnevi

    Ahoj, jmenuji se Margaret, byla jsem vdaná po celá léta, dokud se věci nezhoršily a téměř pokaždé jsme měli hádky a hádky ... zhoršilo se to v okamžiku, kdy podala žádost o rozvod ... snažil jsem se ze všech sil přimět ji, aby ji změnila mysli a zůstaň se mnou. odstěhovala se z domu a pořád šla podat žádost o rozvod ... Prosil jsem a zkoušel všechno, ale stále nic nefungovalo. Průlom nastal, když mi někdo představil toto úžasné a skvělé kouzlo, které mi nakonec pomohlo ... Nikdy jsem nebyl fanouškem takových věcí, ale rozhodl jsem se to neochotně zkusit, protože jsem byl zoufalý a nezbylo mi nic jiného ... Tento skvělý baba mukuru dělal speciální modlitby a další věci, které musel udělat ... Do 2 dnů mi zavolala moje žena a bylo jí líto veškerého emocionálního traumatu, které mě stálo, přestěhovala se zpět do domu a my nadále žijeme šťastně. jaký úžasný zázrak pro mě a moji rodinu udělal baba mukuru a víra, kterou jsem v něj měl. Představil jsem ho mnoha párům s problémy po celém světě a měli dobré zprávy ... Pevně ​​věřím, že někdo tam venku potřebuje jeho pomoc. takže se snažte zachránit své manželství / vztah, pokud to opravdu stojí za to. kontaktujte ho e-mailem na ( můžete ho kontaktovat prostřednictvím WhatsApp .. + 2348075362900

  79. Asian Keemstar

    Asian KeemstarPred 9 dnevi

    It’s honestly sad that George Washington owned slaves. He literally would have been the best president ever if he didn’t own people.

  80. J F

    J FPred 6 dnevi

    He still was the best president

  81. Nikki Holdmeier

    Nikki HoldmeierPred 8 dnevi

    Everyone was like that

  82. Sam Elliott

    Sam ElliottPred 10 dnevi

    Here's a question - when a nation rebels they are all commiting treason, so they are all traitors - if one of them turns *back* their loyalty, are they a double traitor or no longer a traitor? Considering George Washingston not only started a war with the French but then built a rebellion based on the 'unjust' expenses of paying his *own salary* I think we might have a more obvious candidate for traitor of the year

  83. CreeperCraft

    CreeperCraftPred 10 dnevi

    I can think of the most American thing; GUNS

  84. Jack Nguyen

    Jack NguyenPred 10 dnevi

    am i the only who would watch oversimplified’s videos for hours but not watch their actual history teacher lectures? 😭


    BVEAGLEPred 10 dnevi

    imagine if he was your history teacher and just played the videos he made instead of talking about it

  86. fiona fernandez

    fiona fernandezPred 10 dnevi


  87. DoritosBag 59

    DoritosBag 59Pred 7 dnevi

    Good job.

  88. SpearGear Tic

    SpearGear TicPred 10 dnevi

    Burgers are the most amarican thing

  89. Gufran Ahmad

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  90. Anshul Sheth

    Anshul ShethPred 11 dnevi

    "John Paul Jones is handsome, Scottish, and absolutely insane."

  91. Tango Nevada

    Tango NevadaPred 11 dnevi

    Yep, it's was only 3% of Americans that won the Revolutionary War. That has to be the biggest myth I have heard of in a long time. It has even created it's own Militia yet is so easily disproven. Dumbasses.

  92. Tango Nevada

    Tango NevadaPred 7 dnevi

    @Nikki Holdmeier What, what?

  93. Nikki Holdmeier

    Nikki HoldmeierPred 8 dnevi


  94. bryce nasuti

    bryce nasutiPred 11 dnevi

    hurting yourself

  95. NightCore

    NightCorePred 12 dnevi

    “Name the most american thing” Me: Cheese burger.....

  96. Kostas Drakakis

    Kostas DrakakisPred 12 dnevi

    The quality of your videos are 10/20 ●Also I don't like that one person does all the voices

  97. God Of All

    God Of AllPred 5 dnevi

    Why not

  98. Caitlin M.

    Caitlin M.Pred 12 dnevi

    You just summed up about 4 months worth of social studies class

  99. AngryMiner5704

    AngryMiner5704Pred 12 dnevi

    Have you ever considered that Washington was basically the first leader of America twice? First the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, and then the First President.

  100. Bakin Gamer

    Bakin GamerPred 12 dnevi

    2027 huh?

  101. The Downfall Parodist

    The Downfall ParodistPred 13 dnevi

    12:50 hey guys! Lol 😂 😂

  102. Titus Knapp

    Titus KnappPred 13 dnevi

    3:30. Actually it's coming in 2019.

  103. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Coasterhocky Gaming BoyPred 7 dnevi

    lol he just used a meme as he only uploads videos every decade 😂

  104. Orion3500

    Orion3500Pred 13 dnevi

    I hated Benedict Arnold before this video... I still hate him, but I never realized how screwed he got by his own side before turning on them.

  105. Derrick Parr

    Derrick ParrPred 13 dnevi

    2:51 “so sad Alexa play despacito”

  106. Steven Sherrill

    Steven SherrillPred 13 dnevi

    John Paul Jones: *ahhhhhh I’m a freaking pirate basicly* Random guy: i thought this was MCDonalds ima just go........... Toddler: *monkkkke*

  107. Deborah

    DeborahPred 13 dnevi

    The quick and mobile troops are also acrobatic. Honestly, it looks like they were having fun. This is about nine minuets in, by the way.

  108. oktoberfish i guess

    oktoberfish i guessPred 13 dnevi

    i feel bad for benedict arnold

  109. pulptarantino

    pulptarantinoPred 13 dnevi

    Wait a second. Powers of the President aren’t suppose to include using campaign funds to pay your mistress hush money? Well now you tell me. Damn.

  110. Nathaniel Paul

    Nathaniel PaulPred 13 dnevi

    Dude. Uncool

  111. m1 abrams tank crew

    m1 abrams tank crewPred 13 dnevi

    imagine being so insane that you get a song about you almost 200 years later. thats called john paul jones

  112. beredu oromo

    beredu oromoPred 13 dnevi

    Asian parents when their kid gets a 99 3:53

  113. firewolfgames

    firewolfgamesPred 14 dnevi

    the most american thing is holy smokes a compony that turns corpses into shotgun shells with colored smoke

  114. Lightx57

    Lightx57Pred 14 dnevi

    Yay! No Ray Mak infestation in this comment section!!!

  115. Jack Nightshade

    Jack NightshadePred 14 dnevi

    If John Paul Jones were here, he'd leave a like and subscribe.

  116. Karis The Unicorn

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    “Nobody expected an attack in the winter So they attacked in winter” wow so smart

  117. Pilot JollyRoger

    Pilot JollyRogerPred 15 dnevi

    John Paul Jones the most metal sailor that ever existed.

  118. Spencer Wayland

    Spencer WaylandPred 15 dnevi

    the dislikes are from redcoats

  119. cute baby plays

    cute baby playsPred 15 dnevi

    9:36 big boy

  120. yoriichi tsugikuni

    yoriichi tsugikuniPred 15 dnevi

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not Even Europe: This 1 north west African nation: *I Recognize America*

  121. EcoDestroyer

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    the sponsor for oversimplified videos are either : skillshare, brilliant, and most of all honey

  122. FEARthevirtual

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    Make this short:Great Britain have no money they make war kill thousands for money

  123. Moksh Naik

    Moksh NaikPred 15 dnevi

    In the flanking manuver with Burgoyne and Howe, another general named St.Leger was heading in from present day Buffalo New York. He would have met up with Burgoyne and Howe,but he was stopped at Fort Stanwix,New York.

  124. Mr. 8-bit

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    5:24 1999?

  125. Mr. 8-bit

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  126. Adam Nguyen

    Adam NguyenPred 16 dnevi

    The guy behind Washington on the boat is Monroe

  127. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithPred 16 dnevi

    0:52 i love the little background jokes and punchlines like the horse falling off the boat (and other stuff) god i fkn love oversimplified