The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    What makes me love this channel more is that it's based on facts instead of the fraudness and fakeness of the media.

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    I’m a Texan and saying we come in and always ruin things as all ways was rude.

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  7. Oskar Ahrenberg

    Oskar AhrenbergPred 3 urami

    That swedish line tho i like it because i am from there

  8. Menum Lor

    Menum LorPred 3 urami

    Fun fact: The American civil war was not fought to free slaves. It was however beneficial to free slaves to unify the all the states and the economic boom that would happen.

  9. Menum Lor

    Menum LorPred uro

    @Connor Sloan yeah obviously. The north wanted to unify all states. And thank God we did because if we were still separated there wouldve been a lack of farming innovation and the South would probably still have slaves.

  10. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred 2 urami

    Not a fact. The Civil War was fought because the South wanted to keep their slaves.

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  12. MrMedukneusha

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    Civil War over simplified...Republicans won, demorats lost and slavery was ended.

  13. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred 2 urami

    @RR_Gaming Exactly! There were plenty of Democrats that supported the Union.

  14. Jafuh

    JafuhPred 2 urami

    @RR_Gaming The Union (Republicans) won and The Confederacy (democrats) lost...

  15. MrMedukneusha

    MrMedukneushaPred 3 urami

    @RR_Gaming Yes the "Unioin" aka Republicans

  16. RR_Gaming

    RR_GamingPred 4 urami

    The union won, the confederacy lost*. The civil war had mostly nothing to do with the parties

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  18. Cuchulain

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    It was about money. Just like the one coming up. All wars are about money.

  19. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred 2 urami

    This one was about the money of slavery

  20. RR_Gaming

    RR_GamingPred 4 urami

    Not always. Some are about religion, some are about influence, some are about power, some are to make society change

  21. korggg123

    korggg123Pred 6 urami

    Just to prevent any kind of confusion due to the color on the map: The Confederates in the south (colored red in the map) weren't Republican. They were Democrats. The Union states in the north (colored blue in the map) were Republicans.

  22. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred 2 urami

    And neither of them are really related to their modern counterparts. Lincoln was a liberal Republican afterall.

  23. Paschal Lehany

    Paschal LehanyPred 3 urami

    There were quite a number of pro-Union Democrats too though.

  24. Coconutman Thai Thai

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    Do you think it is closer. Now that it is 1 year later,?

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    Humans are silly as hell.

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  28. TJ Kong

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    So the Confederacy seceding had nothing to do with the Southern states, or 25% of the population, paying over 90% of the taxes for the country? From unfair tariffs? Similar to how the northeast tried secession in 1831?

  29. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred 7 urami

    Because that's not true. New York actually paid most of the tariffs, as much as most of the South combined. Tariffs were a red herring developed after the war to distance the South from the real reason they started the war. Slavery. We know they started the war over slavery because they literally wrote it down. "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery-- the greatest material interest of the world."-Mississippi Order of Secession. And that's not what happened in 1830. The North was nullifying, not seceding. SC was really the only state clamoring to leave the Union.

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    4:25 “leaving a huge portion of people feeling spiteful and oppressed”. I hope you meant the slaves

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    Hey Oversimplified! You should do a video on the sengoku jedai in Japan!

  36. john dalley

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    derdukRdurbs edit: still cant make sense of why the slave nations werent over run by said slaves considering they outnumbered the rest of the population in said states.

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    8:26 they were not stolen, they were purchased from native slave traders in Africa.

  41. Les Paul

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    IT was both, if you look deeper into the Trans-Atlantic slave trade

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    19:00 For armies of over 30 000 men, those casualties seem underwhelming....

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    Nice one! Can you do the war of 1812 next?

  48. j k

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    They weren't stolen from their homeland. They were sold by their own people.

  49. j k

    j kPred 8 urami

    @Les Paul correct. But why is that other half never talked about? I ain't justifying anything I'm just sayin. And it was more being sold, than being stolen.

  50. Les Paul

    Les PaulPred 8 urami

    It was both

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    And that’s why democrats are bad

  53. comrad

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    the parties switched sides

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    I can't believe I actually learned something 😂👍🏾

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    The irony is Lincoln owned slaves lol

  56. RR_Gaming

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    I am positively sure he didnt


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  60. TheArtanis7

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    So states in the west are not actually states, there are like regions because they speak the same language and culture is the same, right? And their borders are not made in wars like here in Europe.

  61. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

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    You people do NOT KNOW American history either her. Go to hell.

  62. Connor Sloan

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    What'd they get wrong huh?

  63. Robert Harris

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    8:28 north American continent/American continents*

  64. Logan Friend

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    1:05 Abe got DEM BARS!

  65. Max Kronader

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    The video glossed over the fact that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation did not actually free a single slave. All of the slaves it applied to in the Confederate States remained slaves, and it specifically did not apply to the slaves in the slave States that remained in the Union. Frankly, the Emancipation Proclamation was a cynical political move intended to get the abolitionists to back the war because public support was waning. There were actually people who remained slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation longer in the Union than in the Confederacy. Slavery in the Union wasn't ended until a Constitutional Amendment did so after the war was over.

  66. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    The EP was never supposed to free all the slaves. The President doesn't have that authority and Lincoln wasn't a tyrant. It freed all the slaves it was with Lincoln's authority to free. When you actually look at it the EP was genius. It attacked slavery in such a way that it was above being sued. Because if he had freed the slaves in the border states all it would have taken was one judge ruling it unconstitutional and that was the ball game, freeing the slaves just became infinitely more difficult It also did so much more than just free the slaves in rebel territory, it also allowed for the enlistment of black troops in the Union forces of which 200,000 enlisted.

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    Loved the Goodfellows line. 😂 It gave me a chuckle. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹

  69. Jay Martinez

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    Just brushing over usa stealing land from mexico

  70. Gabriel Weir

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    History is written by the victors

  71. Brooklyn Zhu

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    Someone:thrown out window Everyone in slavery area:Meh. Slaves: oh

  72. KC Krumbcake

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    27:53 tf2 cosmetic crate opening be like:

  73. Mellio Kuang

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    lincoln had no problem with slavery, according to his letter in 1862, a year after the broke of civil war. how hypocrite

  74. comrad

    comradPred dnevom

    @Gabriel Weir yeah his vp was a southern democrat FOR THAT REASON.

  75. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    That's just not true. Go ahead and read the whole letter before you cherry pick lines.

  76. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel WeirPred dnevom

    Because he wanted to keep the union together

  77. Mookel Miers

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    “Owning people is just abit weird init mate” - Lincoln 1864

  78. Iron Dragon 1990

    Iron Dragon 1990Pred dnevom

    Technically the Africans weren't stolen from Africa. They were sold to Europeans by other Africans.

  79. Iron Dragon 1990

    Iron Dragon 1990Pred 39 minutami

    @Les Paul How is it both? The history books made it pretty clear that it was the West coast Africans who were selling to the Europeans.

  80. Les Paul

    Les PaulPred 8 urami

    It is both

  81. Martin_Speaks

    Martin_SpeaksPred dnevom

    You keep making seem like Republicans were the slave owners.. they were the north... you have the colors wrong

  82. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    The whole red=republican blue=Democrat is relatively new. And the Union is always blue because of the color they wore into combat. And just an fyi, the Republican party was the liberal party at the time.

  83. CPTmoonlight

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    23:12 I legit lmfao

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    me when i hear F U :)) YES SIR. me when i hear the n: why the f

  85. I go by many names

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    When did southern America become Republicans and northern America become Democrats

  86. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel WeirPred dnevom

    he always makes the losers red

  87. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Mostly during the 1960s. The Republicans deployed the Southern Strategy. This was a plan to play off the racist tendencies of Dixiecrats to get them to vote Republican.

  88. Simon Hudson

    Simon HudsonPred dnevom

    I love how every state became a state and Oklahoma was just there being a different color (or not a state) I haven't finished watching the video yet [even though I have watched it 6 times]

  89. Amy Bickett

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    US Grant’s nickname was Unconditional Surrender Grant

  90. Amy Bickett

    Amy BickettPred dnevom

    That’s what I meant, I misread It

  91. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Nope. It was Unconditional Surrender Grant.

  92. Sean Denaris

    Sean DenarisPred dnevom

    "and then in 2020 into 2021 it came back up again..."

  93. Amy Bickett

    Amy BickettPred dnevom

    They also left slavery out of the constitution because slavery was already on its way out

  94. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    That's not true. Slavery was constitutionally protected.

  95. Amy Bickett

    Amy BickettPred dnevom

    Lincoln won a court case about him taking potential ferry passengers across a river for free, he won by saying he only crossed half the river

  96. Rad Boom

    Rad BoomPred dnevom

    Slaves weren’t stolen from Africa they were sold by other tribes that took them over

  97. Les Paul

    Les PaulPred 8 urami

    It was both

  98. Scrambled Eggs

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    Oversimplified but abe lincoln and the north was republican

  99. Gabriel Weir

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    he always makes the losers red

  100. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Lincoln was a liberal Republican. Whatever happened to them huh? They got ran out of the party.

  101. Cornally

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    Why is the thermostat in celsius at 9:57?

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    @Dylan Trash mint Good for you mate

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    Lincoln was also a Lieutenant in the Illinois Milita.

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    Lmao imagine if he made one of these for science and math- and made a whole school course. Thats called overshadowing

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    Personally, I don't see anything bad with being a "radical abolitionist"

  115. RephrTokr

    RephrTokrPred 2 dnevi

    Isn’t it odd how Democrats were the ones who pushed so much for slavery... but nowadays it is the Republicans who are called racist and supporters of slavery???

  116. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Because there was a party switch. Lincoln was a liberal Republican. Whatever happened to them huh? They got ran out of the party.

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    if your here and you know mr russo like

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  120. MDN Official

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    There is one thing we are forgetting here, and that is the C.S.A didn't secede from the union just because of slavery like we are being told, the war was fought for constitutional rights to keep american states governing themselves. Yes slavery may have had some to do with the war but we are told in school the main reason the south seceded was due to their slaves possibly being taken, while the idea of states having slavery rights taken away was true, that wasn't the main conflict that started the war.

  121. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Nope. They only wanted self governance because of slavery. If you actually look at the history you'd know that the South only supported states rights as long as they protected slavery. Just look at the Fugitive Slave Act, that trampled all over state sovereignty. And the South did secede over slavery. Nothing else was anywhere near as important as slavery was. We know it was because the CSA literally wrote down why they seceded.

  122. Atiksh Bordia

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    can you do a face reveal?

  123. Bennett Joseph

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    correction most slaves were sold to slave trades by tribal enemeis. was it right NO but stop spreading the lye that slave traded kidnapped people from Africa

  124. Christopher Horton

    Christopher HortonPred 2 dnevi

    This is so full of crap. Not only did the north have slaves but they had them longer than the south. Try looking up the 13th amendment, and you would see that slavery was still legal in the union, and it took 2 votes by the union congress to end slavery in the north. Another thing is was the democrats that voted against ending slavery.

  125. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    The North did not have slave, the border states had slaves. And the 13th Amendment ended slavery throughout the Union in Dec. 1865 when it was ratified. And that doesn't change the fact that the South started the war to protect slavery. And it was the conservative Democrats that wanted slavery. The liberal Republicans wanted to end it.

  126. Sara Hassan

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    I honestly almost cried when you said that his son died

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    @Gabriel Weir 🥺😭

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    I was similar, just remove the almost

  130. Nero

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    Red should be above and blue should be below

  131. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    @Nero Public school propaganda, what a fucking joke. Like private religious schools don't teach actual propaganda.

  132. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel WeirPred dnevom

    he always makes the losers red

  133. Nero

    NeroPred dnevom

    @Connor Sloan i guess thats what 40 years of public school propaganda does to people

  134. Connor Sloan

    Connor SloanPred dnevom

    Nope, the Union is always shown as blue.

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  136. Facade

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    Way down south in the land of traitors-

  137. Teame Andebrhan

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    Wow history is really sad and scary

  138. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel WeirPred dnevom

    Oh kid, if only you knew that this is probably one of the most wholesome event in history

  139. bird larry

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  140. bears 25

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    Is the depiction of slave owners in Danjo unchained were Christians if so that doesn’t seem too make sense in fact I’ve heard Black Christians say Blacks were enslaved because they denied the Bible and did what ever they wanted so God gave them up too the Americans although look at America now given this argument you could say a lot of theses people weren’t actually racist Although racism exists.

  141. Jorge Chavarria

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    nordvpn... brilliant I'm not even mad

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    Honestly. You should of had Stonewall Jackson crying after his dumbass let his troop shoot him.

  143. The Potato

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    Why am I here? I don't even have History class tomorrow! Let alone it being about the Civil War!

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    CIA: all your base belongs to us USA: no u

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    god this is thrilling! I hope Abraham Lincoln gets elected

  146. Roman Eichhorn

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    Like wise only in United States of America...Civil war coming back....Russia, India will be sending you troops for help just like USA tried playing WORLD POLICE....good luck