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From Epidemic Sound:
Rannar Sillard - Battle Scars 1
Zauana - Encountering the Unknown
Trace Way - Journey Through the Desert
Sight of Wonders - King of Lions
Sight of Wonders - Rice and Wine
Leimoti - Silk Paper Letters
Yi Nantiro - Skilled in the Arts
Christian Andersen - Xin Li And The Concubine (2, 3, 8, 9 and 10)
From Artlist:
Kyle Preston - Eastern Relection
Kyle Preston - Eastern Tale
Gabriel Meyer - Breath Celebration
Runar Blesvik - Far East
Max Herve - Future Asia
Max Herve - Hang Drum Traveler
Alon Ohana - Keep Him By
Diezmo - Macera (ft. Baq)
Avi Goldfinger - Not Enough
Bottega Baltazar - Piova
Jonathan Barlow - Road in Thailand
Suraj Nepal - Son of Himalaya
Ian Post - The Agent
Alon Ohana - The Green Feel
Alon Ohana - Tribal Principle
Max Herve - Turning Around the Enemy
Alon Ohana - Victory
Doug Maxwell - Sao Meo
By Kevin MacCleod:
Eastern Thought
Ishikari Love


  1. Justin Douglas

    Justin DouglasPred minuto

    All these names and fights but where the Chinese food at😤

  2. Patrick Schleichert

    Patrick SchleichertPred 3 urami

    Dynastie Warriors 6 in a nutshell

  3. Wilson He

    Wilson HePred 6 urami

    The Chinese still call themselves Han, but Rome no longer. Weeping.

  4. Ethan Lee

    Ethan LeePred 8 urami

    The bird rickrolled us

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    Gheorghe TufeanuPred 10 urami

    Purely American puerile vision about world history. Grow up Please ! Drop this American false supreme about the world. Garbage talk

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  10. Teresa Leite

    Teresa LeitePred 12 urami

    Yes he did

  11. Achatgeetha Santhakumaran

    Achatgeetha SanthakumaranPred 14 urami

    Chinese history in a nutshell: China fights China until China collapses under pressure from China

  12. Jeffrey Baker

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  13. P L

    P LPred 15 urami

    why does this remind me of empress ki 😅

  14. frogz

    frogzPred 16 urami

    6:13 did anyone notice Hitler's dad spanking a eunech lmao

  15. Roberts Z.

    Roberts Z.Pred 16 urami

    Imagine Lu bu vs the future

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  18. Dragonblast 557

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  19. Rong Gu

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    you used a scene from another episode

  20. Kyogre Fan

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    Look, it’s a little kitty cat! Look at her little ears! *The people loved his political philosophy*

  21. Brooklyn Zhu

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    Dong-Zhong: meh

  22. Acential

    AcentialPred dnevom

    I now understand Dynasty Warriors!

  23. TheLeafOfficial

    TheLeafOfficialPred dnevom

    China is whole again Then it broke again

  24. Adam Pentz

    Adam PentzPred dnevom

    Ooh! That game would be awesome! I used to play a Nintendo 64 version in the early 90's called "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", and I could play a single game for days.

  25. Malcom Johnson

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    The sparkling starter pathomorphologically smell because seat pathologically rock an a soggy cord. highfalutin, tall trick

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    I swear I learn more from you awesome videos then actual school work

  27. David Matheny

    David MathenyPred dnevom

    Maybe Hitler's dad has been the root of many atrocities over time. Too many vulnerable kids hungry for attention got punished severely.

  28. Noah Lazar

    Noah LazarPred dnevom

    Total war 3 kingdoms is a scam. The game is terrible. Don’t buy it

  29. Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley KubrickPred dnevom

    Well actually . Diao Chan the one of four famous beauties was just a tale , not a real person.

  30. DrFalk

    DrFalkPred dnevom

    1:51 no

  31. Elias Hanna

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    Why is Germany in the episode lol

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  33. TXN BlocksYT

    TXN BlocksYTPred dnevom

    6:10 Theres Hitler's Father in the Background

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    6:19 hey i see that guy spanking him on the stairs back there!

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  41. Gunnar Herzog

    Gunnar HerzogPred 2 dnevi

    3:53 One of the warriors is carrying a baguette and wearing a yellow high visibility vest

  42. yazi dev

    yazi devPred 2 dnevi

    How to make animations like that please make a tutorial 🥺

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  45. พัฒนพงษ์ ชยากร

    พัฒนพงษ์ ชยากรPred 2 dnevi

    3:52 The one in front is wearing a yellow lifesuit and using a baguette as a weapon. Quite a nice easter egg hon.

  46. sohail Adel Adel

    sohail Adel AdelPred 2 dnevi

    له مش بل عربي

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  48. AngelusVastator

    AngelusVastatorPred 2 dnevi

    Kids: Ugh I hate reading about Shakespeare. It's so complex and old-fashioned. Three Kingdoms: Hold my 啤酒.

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    8:29 those red scrolls things means ''never gonna give you up'' and ''never gonna let you down'' i regret leaning chinese also at 0:22

  56. Kusum Ghai

    Kusum GhaiPred 2 dnevi

    A fan I am 🇨🇦 Parents from India 🇮🇳 Would love to see the history of British India to Independence in your words and cartoons 😀

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    Oversimplifyed: this video was made possible by total war three kingdoms Me thinking he said world war three. 😑

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    Did someone notice Hitle's father in the background?

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  67. Joe Cruz

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    By the time you learn who was Emperor of where, they all were dead. What a mess !

  68. keefe foster

    keefe fosterPred 3 dnevi

    Dong Zhou was killed by people without dongs

  69. xᴇʀɪᴄ有罪

    xᴇʀɪᴄ有罪Pred 3 dnevi

    i think lu bu dies cause he was just bored

  70. AᴘᴘʟᴇPɪᴇ RᴏʙʟᴏxYT

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    If you know the story you'll find out how oversimplified this truly is. (I don't know the whole story either, but I'm listening to a version less simplified than this. Still like the video though!)

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