The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    I really like this video. The only thing I take issue with is the somewhat historically inaccurate portrayal of Marie Antoinette. She very much lived extravagantly off the back breaking labor of the peasantry, as was expected of her from her also debauched peerage, but it’s widely believed by historians that the glib ‘let them eat cake’ phrase was never something she said and was only circulated and associated with her to help demonize her as well as the nobility. She was a very public figure, but women in much of French history could not hold any real, direct governmental power. However, because of her notoriety, and the fact that she was a foreign born Austrian princess (the French and Austrians actively distrusted each other) imported to France to seal a treaty between the two nations and to be a royal baby making machine, she was a perfect and widely recognizable scapegoat.

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    @Harvie Richards I have no problem is entertaining people with education. The problem is it's not accurate history

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  101. Ryley Miller

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    oversimplified: so the France started to calm down me: eh *ships ahead 10 seconds becuz of bored* oversimplified: and then that's how king louis was sent to the guillotine me: ...go back

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