The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    At the part where you talked about monarchies in the west - you forgot the most important monarchy back in the days bro - dislike!

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    please do oversimplified Stalin

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    Pause at 5:46 and look at the left and you’ll find waldo

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    Dude you should totally make Historic OverSimplified Trading Cards. It's what I thought the pins were at first. Make some more rare than others, like Washington and Lincoln. Comedic versions of certain figures. Etc. I'd love that. It'd make you some extra money for more content too!

  12. The Senate

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    America revolution: Goal=liberty French revolution:Goal= Chop chop chop Russian revolution: Goal=everyone gets goulash and communism

  13. The Senate

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    england: I like trains France:I like liberty Germany: I like WOrk Russia:I like partying likes its 1066

  14. Болие Лимение

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    So bad... as a russian i may say that is so bad and superficially. Oversimplified does not mean that you need to make a bunch of factual mistakes that distort the meaning of the narrative ...

  15. Soukarya Samanta

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    11:43 I love how the rat wasn't happy in Tsar's Russia

  16. Henry TheFifth

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    Before 1917 Russian strong Empire, took 1-3 place in the Europe in export seeds, meat, and other. Very good factory and plants. Communist ruined all!!!!!

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    Why is no one talking about Nicolas’s “outplaying the people” dance at 16:54? 😂

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    Oversimplified is an understatement

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    That Mobile Suit I knew it from somewhere isn't it variant of Earth Federation mass producted GM from GUNDAM



    Why the Russian people didn't do the same with Alexander ll with Nicolas;

  32. Zaidan The Hacker

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    Im just realized reason why Nicholas the ii r so bad not cuz the Nicholas itself but the but the guys at 5:59 who say that Nicholas should go to the party lol

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    A big insult to russian story, sorry, so bad

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    Omg, this is pure commie propoganda

  35. NillaWaafers

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    The Romanov family story always makes me so sad, the way they were slaughtered and the childrens deaths so early made me feel so bad. They didn’t deserve to die in such a horrible way

  36. Ian Momanyi

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    8:15 please don't give me hope

  37. Vlad Xavier

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    A total hellhole. Imagine being a simple farmer and having a mob of city folk come to your house with Government officials. Then strip you of you rights, your land, your crop, and your belongings. Then you are either put in a train car and sent to a prison or shot on the spot; along with your wife and children.

  38. Emica Censi

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    I feel so bad for the people who suffered because of their tyrants, until revolutions... really so sad



    5:42 i see waldo is in the left from the khodynka tragedy scene

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    That German Factory Worker Looks Like Adolf

  45. Neville Ramdeholl

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    The Russian revolution and Socialism collapsed simply because the Russian Soviets drove cars with two steering wheels!

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    I need therapy

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    The protester holding "this sign is heavy" almost made me spit my donut everywhere

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    Honestly whenever this guy says "Bolsheviks" I hear bull****

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    This is like French Revolution 2.0.

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    You missed the point, where Trotzki get a lot of money from the wallstreet to push the revolution.

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    French revolution but ending is bad if you look at current situation in Russia.

  63. Justin Lymburner

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    Nicholas II looks like Sam Smith

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    5:48 Where is Waldo in the middle to the left of the building.

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    8:17 don't... don't bring my hopes up

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    19:29 DAS A LOT OF BLOOD 😂😂

  67. Н Н

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    Not exactly with industrialization. Russia was industrializing before the Revolution

  68. Michinomiya Hirohito

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    5:42 I like how there is a waldo at the left side of the screen bringing back the old days

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    I click on the video and the first thing I hear is an ad playing "Sweet Dreams" and a guy saying something about not letting the Soviets get away with something.

  83. Yevhen Rezohlazov

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    11:55 "Start a war instead of treating people better" is still a policy of Russia to this day.

  84. Mootpainter743

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    Damm what’s with cold countrys having bloody sundays like Ireland and Russia

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    Georgia is not Russia!

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    It used to be

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    Jimmy said he hated his mother, and was punished severely.

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    A moment where the outcome is worse than the situation before the revolution

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  91. W Abc

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    Funny you act like the Western nations were "improving their people's conditions". Improving rich people's affairs is not improving the proletariat and there was a large communist movement in the West. Wouldve been a revolution in Germany in 1920s unless the Social Democrats had used Nazi militias to put it down. And no it wasn't just a tsar ruling as an autocrat with no input from anyone and therefore taking all the blame for social problems. You don't mention any of the classes behind these different political movements except mentioning that the Russian reform of "abolishing" serfdom, had the landlords telling the tsar what to do. The feudal lords and landlords were always influencing the tsar and he would have to decide which route to take to please them. They had all the economic power, and consequently the political power. Likewise the Mensheviks may have been the majority of the Russian Social Democrats but the Bolsheviks managed to create roots among the average people and build a party consisting of the workers. Lenin really wasnt an egoist interested in everyone worshiping him lol. Have you read anything by Lenin? Marx also explicitly wrote against utopia. Communism is a classless and moneyless society, this type of society has existed before on a smaller system, but with capitalism linking everyone, the next communism will also be international. Lenin's immediate goal really wasn't communism but the dictatorship of the proletariat. A dictatorship by the whole class. As Marx wrote, the dictatorship of ten million workers in the case of Germany. 15:43 Ah yes thanks for acknowledging the liberals were not among the workers. Neither were the Mensheviks by the time late 1917 came. Oh yay Western rights to vote. I'm sure the people will love this and really use this to influence the govt as they did in Britain and Germany. Not really those countries were still shit ass places for the proletariat. Bolsheviks don't want to see people suffer. These "rights and reforms" were geared towards revolutionizing class society, from feudalism, to capitalism. Russia being a partly feudal country. Communism was much stronger among the proletariat and later it would be seen that the peasants were a barrier to the construction of one socialist, national economy as they had their own socialist collective farms. Bolsheviks simply looked at a materialist analysis of the economy, i.e. that the powerful classes control the state. You are painting Lenin and Stalin as obsessed with destroying anyone who disagrees with them. This was clearly not true. For example Lenin called Trotsky a dumbass behind his back. But during Lenin's time Trotsky was still a comrade in the party. Lenin and Stalin wrote long denunciations against different members of the party who remained comrades. There is no such attempt to call the tsar a "dictator" or someone who would beat up/kill anyone who disagreed with him. I'm sure i wont be surprised when the Bolshevik Soviet government will be lambasted as a dictatorship of Lenin and then Stalin when really it had lots of control by the formerly lowest members of society, who chose which party member they wanted to run for office. And yes the party was meant to be open to everyone and in the early days it was. There is really not a fair treatment of the Soviets compared to the tsar. Most US Americans might not even know who the tsar was but will probably think the Soviets were worse than the tsar. Same old Cold War CIA propaganda. Ask yourself why the CIA is so interested in painting the Soviets as evil from the start. Did the USSR invade the USA in 1918? No, the USA invaded the USSR in 1918. From the start the white imperialist Western states, whose workers were suffering the same as any other country's proletariat, these states were trying to destroy the USSR, a country meant to be led by the proletariat. And by the way altho Lenin was the middle class son of serf parents, Stalin was dirt poor, on top of that he was a person of color (Georgian) oppressed by the tsar. A reason Lenin liked him

  92. Bleh Blahov

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    12:45 the paintings hahahahahahahahahahahahha

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    5:48 Waldo

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    thanks i got history paper in three days, hopefully it will help me instead of sitting and watching some dogs trying not to make me saw AWWWWWWW......

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    8:14 Wtf , fk u oversimplified

  97. diehardsmokerbuddy

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    Here is for over simplified. The Tzar became an incompetent leader, many political factions in Russia banded together to depose the Tzar and the Bolsheviks had the most support which is why the USSR became communist.

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