The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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  2. Kosuka

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    I'm probably late to the party explaining this, but I want to explain some things to clarify over the Argentinian side of things: 1 - Galtieri rushed into the war before preparations for it were complete because of the dwindling support from the people. This means that argentinian soldiers went underequipped and undersupplied: no cold-resistant and/or waterproof equipment, little supplies, obsolete and/or defective weaponry and ammunition, barely had night vision available, just to list a few. 2 - Argentina and Chile's relations were tense (as in, we realistically could have had an armed conflict) and the military feared an armed invasion from Chile. That's why Chile didn't support Argentina in this war, and even went to support the British. 3 - Said fear of an armed invasion caused the Argentinian command to keep their better trained units and more or less half their air power in standby, near Chile's frontier (that's why they sent barely trained troops to the war, since they thought Britain wouldn't actually retaliate and feared Chile would take initiative) 4 - Argentina didn't send soldiers accustomed to the climate of the islands, they mostly sent people from the northern provinces, which have a subtropical climate. Also, the soldiers they sent had barely any training prior to the invasion. 5 - The "obsolete and/or defective weaponry and ammunition" part of point 1 also holds true for the Argentinian Air Force. Even though they had good planes for 1982, their bombs would hit their targets but often not explode. They even had to improvise a chaff system for their jets because they weren't outfitted with them! 6 - The USA not only provided weapons, but also provided intel by sharing satellite imagery with the British. The USSR shared their satellite intel with Argentina. They also wanted to provide armed support, but I'm told Argentina refused that support in fears of sparking WW3. This last part is hearsay, and I cannot find any credible source (it seems unthinkable but it's a great story, isn't it?). All in all, Argentina made a foolish mistake in believing England would just give them the islands. If Argentina actually had went to war with Chile, they would have been more or less evenly matched, but the Argentinian forces just had no chance against a millitary superpower like Great Britain. I'm probably forgetting things and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in anything.

  3. Karl Heinz

    Karl HeinzPred 15 urami

    nice video i disliked it sorry

  4. ivanpro1126HD

    ivanpro1126HDPred 18 urami

    i'm argentinian, i think that the actual government is absolutely trash.

  5. VJ Rei

    VJ ReiPred 18 urami

    The best part of the story was not told... in 1985 England and Argentina en up in the finals in the World Cup in Mexico City... I mean... destiny is a bitch. And Maradona scored a goal with the hand and won the match, it was called "The hand of God".

  6. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    Yeah, by cheating. Given "hand". It's called football. Not handball.

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    try getting argentinians and old cubans on the same. that's entertaining.

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    Didn’t know we still owned it

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    Las malvinas son argentinas! Saludos desde Brasil!

  12. Bernardo

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    @CHB Ryan U dumbass, Brazil didn't "helped the UK". It stood officially neutral during the whole conflict. Besides, in the 80s Brazil was in a right-wing military dictatorship financed by the US government. Any south-american brotherhood would be highly unwanted by Washington (I'm sure you can understand why).

  13. CHB Ryan

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    How's it feel knowing Brazil helped the UK?

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    Soooooo... they missed the part about Gorkhalis in Falkland ?

  20. Steam Railways And Locomotives

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    Presumably called Falklands because the 5th Viscount of Falkland ordered the mission?

  21. fuckfannyfiddlefart

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    You missed out that the British were secretly negotiating the return of the islands before the invasion.

  22. lucho3766

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    my uncle fought and died in that war as an argetinian soldier. but what this video doesnt tell is that there were no argentinian soldiers, the argentinian army was all made up of militia, they were civilians who their job was mechanic, or chef, or carpenter, or painter, and no to mention that many of the weapons were malfunction. they were no soldiers, but they were forced to fight for the country, and there was nothing they could do about it because at that time we were suffering a dictatorship. british won the war because the argentine militia was no match for the well trained and respected SAS soldier

  23. Kusum Ghai

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    A fan I am 🇨🇦

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    I've only just found this channel. I can't wait to binge watch all your vids :-)

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    I was hearing "nice settlement you have there" in fat Tony's voice 😆

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  27. Rudra Jayant

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    Please do a video on PALESTINE?

  28. Jon3sy1996

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    I would have liked you to mention the Gurkha regiment. Apparently they were highly feared by the Argentinians as they had been told that if captured, they would be eaten by the Gurkha’s, so they ran away😂 (also no mention that the Exocet missiles you spoke about were sold to Argentina from the French, a major factor as to why the British hate the French so much still do this day)

  29. Abdullah Gonzalvo Nacion

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    H982 FKL

  30. Pulpo CH

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    Poor argentina

  31. Territorialism is Proto-Nationalism

    Territorialism is Proto-NationalismPred 3 dnevi

    The irony is the fact that Argentina is dominated by Spanish and Italian colonial descendants and this conflict is between European colonial descendants in South America against Native Europeans who still live in Europe. It’s very similar to when the British colonists in the US were fighting for independence against the British Empire. History repeats itself more than we often realize.

  32. thanos koumpanis

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    It is simple. The best fighter wins. The labour party should take notes

  33. Charlie V

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    Bro why did the British empire steal everything

  34. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    @Charlie V "It just matters about who discovered it first." Britain did, 200 years before Argentina existed, in 1690. Argentina wasn't a nation until the 1800s.

  35. финн коммунист

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    Your logic doesn’t make that much sense

  36. Charlie V

    Charlie VPred 21 uro

    @Stan Torren doesn't matter if they speak English, it just matters about who discovered it first

  37. Stan Torren

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    @Charlie V me thinking of the falklands, an english speaking island makes me think “Ah yes, Argentine territory”

  38. Charlie V

    Charlie VPred dnevom

    Yes they did, it is in Argentinean vicinity a nd belongs to Argentina, check your facts, and anyway, the British stole my second country Australia as well

  39. Jacky Tan

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    Imagine fighting over a useless island.

  41. GhostlyMeow

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    Tell that to Argentina not U.K. It was a liberation for the islanders Argentina wanted the islands not islanders

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    Just like Gibraltar. It's Spanish, not British.

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    They choose to be british

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    UK : *is fighting someone* France : did i hear fighting the tea drinke- merde it's not like good old 100 year war days France : *wink wink* Argentina take those Exocets and Super Étendards and you shut up

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    America’s response to everything: “Okay here have some weapons”

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    ‘They found the island miserable and rainy just like home!’ Angry British noises

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    We're not angry we're just disappointed because it's true 😔

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    ussr:it's OUR island

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    oil... count me in


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    Not English, British..

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    Cold, wet and miserable! I like the sound of that

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    Simp history’s video is shorter than urs just to let you know :)

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    Okay, here have some weapons. So American

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    7:11 lol

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    Argentina deserve the land more that those bastards

  60. Kosuka

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    As an argentinian I can tell you that if the islands were argentinian, they would be mismanaged and basically uninportant to the government. I do believe that the Argentinian claims are true, but we forfeited those claims by failing to take them by force

  61. Stan Torren

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    @Domino ُ the people of the island on the otherhand say otherwise

  62. Antan

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    @Domino ُ give us a reason

  63. Domino ُ

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    Argentina deserve the land more that those bastards

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    No they don't

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    Americans: Britain is is also Ireland Ireland: So you chose war

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    We French people still call them the Malouines (derived from St Malo) since, after all, we settled them earlier.

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    SLthrow keeps recommending your videos after I’ve seen all of them like 7x and I’m still ok with it

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    Falkland in a nutshell Latino nazi angentina vs iron british in taking the island

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    the Vikings LOL found them

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    @Agustin 7 england

  80. Agustin 7

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    @jackzter04 that is so stupid, where you from? Usa or england?

  81. jackzter04

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    @Agustin 7 when they take the Falklands then they get a flag

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    Why you dont put argentinian?

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    I thought there was a Vulcan bombing carried out during the Falkland's war; is that true?

  87. Gloriaimperial1

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    The Argentines do not have to take back the Malvinas. They have to invade some British tax haven, which is more profitable!

  88. Kosuka

    KosukaPred 8 urami

    @CHB Ryan while I agree that Argentina has nothing comparable to an actual army, air force or navy, the sinking of the San Juan is a tragedy, disregarding the nationality of the ship.

  89. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    @Gloriaimperial1 Invade with what? Their 23 dinghys or San Juan? Oh wait, the shitty submarine fell apart in the Port and broke.

  90. Gloriaimperial1

    Gloriaimperial1Pred 3 dnevi

    @tap I have not said that the Malvinas is a tax haven. I say that sheep are less profitable than stealing money of social services of other countries.

  91. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    Their basic tax rate is 6% more then ours The faklands are clearly not a tax heaven Good try tho

  92. Trashy Vortex

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    I thought the English said the f word but I heard the word Falkland

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    They put Brits on an island and ask them if they want to belong to Britain good joke

  95. tap

    tapPred 50 minutami

    @Polo Rénez ok so first that wasn't a "government" that was an illegal occupation Luis vernet went to the faklands with brittish permission, then took some Americans captive ( for a reason I can't explain rn watch the video) then the Americans destroyed his settlement, he asked argetina for help and they sent him guns and proclaimed him the govener of the faklands, the brittish realised that meant argetina was ILLEGALY claiming the islands so they kicked vernet off and argetina did nothing Also the myth that britan kicked argetine settlers out is so clearly a lie we had no reason to do so it's clear it was only made up after argetina lost the referendum There were no permanent settlers on the faklands under vernet, they were just his fellow businessmen and freinds and family who went there on his expedition to the Falklands, they didn't get kicked off they left when the Americans destroyed their settlement and they would've left anyway because they were only there for money

  96. tap

    tapPred 53 minutami

    @Polo Rénez .

  97. Polo Rénez

    Polo RénezPred 57 minutami

    @Shamrock In 1832 Argentina had a government on the islands and no one asked them if they wanted to belong to Argentina, they only took them out against their will

  98. Polo Rénez

    Polo RénezPred uro

    @tap It is not like that, because his government accepted that people go there, because they declared it "theirs"

  99. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    Polo Renez There was no natives on the island. Didn't YOU people put Spanish on Argentina then declared it to be part of Spain?

  100. Polo Rénez

    Polo RénezPred 7 dnevi

    How many lies in a video, the only country that helped Argentina was Peru

  101. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    He's talking about diplomatic help

  102. Some_ Guy

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    “They found it to be cold, wet and miserable” *JUST LIKE HOME*

  103. Çınar Titiz

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    I mean I too would invade the rest of the world if my home was wet and miserable and my food was consisted of jellied eals and potatoes

  104. Mateo Benjamin Mansilla

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    Las Malvinas son Argentina 😎👌

  105. tap

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    @itsMe SirAlexTheOwl I think it's slang

  106. tap

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    The faklands are brittish

  107. itsMe SirAlexTheOwl

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    That's a strange way to say The Falklands belong to Britain

  108. kristian l

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    just shows how NATO countries truely are...only interested in taking over the world! oil and sheeps...thats only reason they have the islands. oppression by the british empire. shame they werent destroyed in ww2

  109. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    Kristian the fact you support the Nazis says a lot. Also NATO didn't exist in WW2.

  110. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    So one we have enough sheep in Wales we don't need more sheep, two the oil isn't very profitable like we didn't think about oil when we found them and settled them hundreds of years before oil was even a profitable commodity

  111. kristian l

    kristian lPred 7 dnevi

    watch out UK. US might come with some democracy and remove the queen...US loves giving democracy to oil areas..

  112. CHB Ryan

    CHB RyanPred 9 urami

    Shame all that oil is worthless, eh?

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    Oh history, if there's three things I've learned, it's that nothing bad ever happens when engaging in forced colonization, everyone loves the jews, and people always love banks / lending money always goes well.

  116. tap

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    Oh you're do edgy 😊

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    They are arguing with an island.JUST AN ISLAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Britain FTW!

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    Party like its 1066 made me giggle, nice

  126. Ryan A'hearne

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    Margaret thatcher went a bit over the top with this war

  127. tap

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    @Ayeo capone you do know your Spaniards did the same thing to the natives as we did to the Africans, but worse, we ended the slave trade and controlled parts of Africa as colonies and even forced the Dutch and the king of Nigeria to end the slave trade, you guys litterly killed almost every native

  128. Ayeo capone

    Ayeo caponePred 3 dnevi

    @tapwe know what you did to our African brothers on the other sides you will not do it us et in tyrannide mortis,

  129. tap

    tapPred 3 dnevi

    @Ayeo capone obamas secetary of state john kerry said the monroe doctrine is over, us europeans have bigger problems then expensive wars to take over latin america, also the usa is our ally we have no interest in attacking the western hemisphere its usless blodshed the usa didnt protect shit they just turned you all into pupet states

  130. Ayeo capone

    Ayeo caponePred 3 dnevi

    @tapnope the us protect us from you Europeans its not bootlicking they have problems but I'm not gonna insult the people who kept huripeans away from us rather that be to extent

  131. tap

    tapPred 3 dnevi

    @Ayeo capone ok, the us are our allies, look up nato, secondly "murica controls this region stay out" thats clearly bootlicking

  132. mister Stoney

    mister StoneyPred 8 dnevi

    Doesn't that mean that half of the island is British and half of the island is Argentinan...

  133. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    100% want to be brittish

  134. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi


  135. LesDodo Clips

    LesDodo ClipsPred 7 dnevi


  136. TheWarriorArts

    TheWarriorArtsPred 8 dnevi

    Yeah not for pussies to live there!.

  137. RX BRAIAN X

    RX BRAIAN XPred 8 dnevi

    The Falklands are Argentina🇦🇷👐

  138. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    The faklands are brittish

  139. itsMe SirAlexTheOwl

    itsMe SirAlexTheOwlPred 5 dnevi

    @Tlazoknen Т’ԓазокнэн ラソㇰネ look at the flag on the island Spaniard

  140. Tlazoknen Т’ԓазокнэн ラソㇰネ

    Tlazoknen Т’ԓазокнэн ラソㇰネPred 7 dnevi

    @RX BRAIAN X ¿Puedes explicarme por qué crees que las islas pertenecen a Argentina? Si realmente piensa en las razones, descubrirá que le han contado mentiras, y que realmente no hay razones para poseer las Islas Falklands aparte de "¡Está cerca de nuestra frontera!" Por favor, dígame, ¿por qué cree que pertenecen a Argentina, desde una perspectiva histórica y fáctica?

  141. GhostlyMeow

    GhostlyMeowPred 8 dnevi


  142. RX BRAIAN X

    RX BRAIAN XPred 8 dnevi

    @Tlazoknen Т’ԓазокнэн ラソㇰネ Because I say it

  143. DB Class 407

    DB Class 407Pred 8 dnevi

    32 years later, chaos broke out over a license plate (H982 FKL ).

  144. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezPred 8 dnevi

    The whispering examination laterally undress because married alternately sign with a macho delete. sudden, dapper health

  145. Dr hydration

    Dr hydrationPred 9 dnevi

    The United Kingdom is the best Trust me I know i live here

  146. JTBolt 25

    JTBolt 25Pred 9 dnevi

    falklands sounds like fucklands

  147. Rocking&Rollin'

    Rocking&Rollin'Pred 9 dnevi

    This war was a disgrace and should have never happened. If Argentina is ever going to recover the Malvinas it should be through policies that allow the population of the islands to become closer to Argentina, and recognizing that although they descent from settlers of an imperial power, most of these people are just born there and lived there all of their lives. It doesn't make any sence to treat them as invaders and marching troops around their streets only served to gain their hate and distrust. Creating ties is the way to go, also making sure that the rights of these people are guaranteed, this means thinking models similar to the good friday agreements, and waiting for the right moment. Brexit would've been a good moment, if this strategy was taken before, instead of a dumb war which only purpose was to serve bloody dictators.

  148. Roel Christian Rosauro II

    Roel Christian Rosauro IIPred 9 dnevi

    Do the battle of yultong

  149. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesPred 9 dnevi

    Speech says English. Flag says United Kingdom. Coloured map says British Isles. Ummm...

  150. jungan lee

    jungan leePred 9 dnevi

    The tearful men concordingly bubble because opera ethnopharmacologically arrange concerning a unnatural collision. supreme, fuzzy swim

  151. Renae Malia

    Renae MaliaPred 10 dnevi

    The enchanting clipper allegedly walk because afternoon premenstrually float past a half donna. superb, black-and-white dress

  152. tap

    tapPred 4 dnevi

    Wtf why do people keep commenting shit like this