The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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Village People by Mario Casciano
Galtieri by Presidencia de la Nación Argentina
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Margaret Thatcher by Chris Collins
Iron by Rob Lavinsky
Copper by Jonathan Zander
Magnesium by Warut Roonguthai
SS Canberra by David Excoffier
Atlantic Conveyer by Darren Hillman
Falkland Islands Panorama by Alex Petrenko
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  6. Charlie

    CharliePred dnevom

    The important thing is that the people on the islands were British, so leaving them under Argentinian military occupation wasn't going to fly well with patriots like Thatcher

  7. Dark Qwartzsytal

    Dark QwartzsytalPred dnevom

    I feel like Bill Wurtz would just summarize this with his 1st video xD

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  9. TheMaze

    TheMazePred dnevom

    Gotta love UK for literally taking countries for no reason.

  10. North Sider

    North SiderPred 15 urami

    You mean like the argentinians who are literally living on conquered native american land, who the argentine ancestors slaughtered and subjugated...........vs the brits who colonised barren rocks with no natives? Someone needs a history lesson 😂😂😂

  11. Theojanas the one

    Theojanas the onePred dnevom

    Falklands aren't an island

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    Falklands are british end of story 😂😂

  15. Jeffrey Koren

    Jeffrey KorenPred 2 dnevi

    Is the Falklands the same as Las Malvinas?

  16. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    yeah falklands means malvinas in spanish

  17. North Sider

    North SiderPred dnevom

    What do you mean?

  18. Pranav Joshi

    Pranav JoshiPred 2 dnevi

    What if Argentina attacked when Chamberlain was in-charge .

  19. Phan Lucy

    Phan LucyPred 2 dnevi

    POV: You are a unknown dictator in a South American country tried to save your face by touching UK rock collection.

  20. Sergio Batallan

    Sergio BatallanPred 2 dnevi

    Viva argertina papá 😎👊

  21. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    @North Sider idk remember how britain used to own large part of the world but now it doesnt

  22. North Sider

    North SiderPred 12 urami

    @Sergio Batallan we speak english in the falklands kid, remember 1982? 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🖕🏻

  23. Sergio Batallan

    Sergio BatallanPred 14 urami

    @North Sider pinche ingléses nos quitaron nuestro hogar ratero pero ay un dios q lo ve todos y ojalá q le pase lo peor a Inglaterra 😔😂🇦🇷

  24. North Sider

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  25. Mobius One

    Mobius OnePred dnevom

    as malvinas são brasileiras 🇧🇷

  26. Mouse Eater 27

    Mouse Eater 27Pred 2 dnevi

    Imagine a red dead style game about the gauchos

  27. JT Tekton

    JT TektonPred 3 dnevi

    what falkland islands are you talking about?

  28. blandalf thebeige

    blandalf thebeigePred 3 dnevi

    Thatcher thatcher milk snatcher

  29. Adam Titterington

    Adam TitteringtonPred 4 dnevi

    Difference between the Falklands and Argentina, is that when Europeans (the french, then the British) first arrived on the Falklands there were no indigenous populations there, whereas when the Spanish first arrived in Argentina it was occupied by Indigenous cultures, from Guarani, Tupí, Colla etc in the forests of the north, Aymaras, Quechuas, etc in the altiplano and deserts, Mapuches, tehuelches, etc in northern Patagonia, and the Selk’nam, Yaghan, etc in the very South, the Spanish conquered, exploited, massacred and enslaved these people. The descendentes of those oppressors, along with many immigrants from other parts of Europe became Argentinians, whilst many indigenous cultures went extinct, and those who remained’s descendants are now still exploited, and still fighting for basic human rights, access to healthcare, clean water, and ancestral land rights. I totally agree that the British Empire was a thing of vast greed, and evil, which committed heinous crimes against humanity, but so too was the Spanish Empire, and then Argentina after that. I’m sure the indigenous people of Argentina would appreciate European Argentinians all fking off to the Falklands, so they can regain their ancestral lands.

  30. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    @North Sider i mean the only reason they wanted them (argentina) in the first place were the resources, until it was discovered they werent doing much about it, honestly pretty sad because if it was actually treated carefully things could have gone way more different.

  31. North Sider

    North SiderPred 4 dnevi

    Thing is, the Argentinians don’t seem to think there was anything wrong with that mass exploitation and slaughter of the indigenous population, they seem hung up on how the falklands are “an illegal colony” indicating that they see nothing wrong with their own past colonial actions, it’s quite ironic their thought process on the matter, i think. That if you have to explain this to an argentinian who is adamant the brits are evil piratas, and that they are saints, then they will never get it.

  32. Shaurya Chopra

    Shaurya ChopraPred 4 dnevi

    Everyone Gangsta till the SAS shows up with their Fookin lasah soights

  33. APlife

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  34. Summer Gamer

    Summer GamerPred 5 dnevi

    “Professor, what fa(l)kan(d) islands u talkin’ about?”

  35. thestormofwar

    thestormofwarPred 5 dnevi

    "Plus oil was recently found near the island." US: Sounds like someone's about to get liberated..." UK: *No, bad Yanks!* ^whacks with newspaper^

  36. Mateo CARVAJAL

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  37. North Sider

    North SiderPred 15 urami

    @Theojanas the one they just make it so damn easy lol, their typical response is “bla bla bla brits are piratas bla bla bla” 😂😂

  38. Dylan Howard

    Dylan HowardPred 3 dnevi

    Argentina is weak and broken. The Falklands are British.

  39. Theojanas the one

    Theojanas the onePred 5 dnevi

    @North Sider I see you've been roasting argies in the comments a lot

  40. North Sider

    North SiderPred 5 dnevi

    Why is there a british flag flying over them, why do they speak english, why are they garrisoned by british soldiers, if they’re Argentina’s islands lol?

  41. R_Dcruz1

    R_Dcruz1Pred 5 dnevi

    USA during the Falklands war: Um, he’s my dad. I want to help Argentina but I can’t. Sorry Argentina.

  42. R_Dcruz1

    R_Dcruz1Pred 5 dnevi

    Margaret Thatcher would be like: Sicko mode.

  43. m i au

    m i auPred 5 dnevi

    i'm just can say one thing: Las Malvina son Argentinas.

  44. Dylan Howard

    Dylan HowardPred 2 dnevi

    @m i au why claiming it if you can't take it?

  45. m i au

    m i auPred 2 dnevi

    ​@Dylan Howard can you even look at a map? literally this sorrounded of the Argentine sea and with natives I meant the English who were born on that land. Found first France, then England and Spain threw them both out and when the English returned it was literally occupied by gauchos and criollos in Argentine sovereignty so they have for a week don't care, England invaded them. And exactly what you should never do is forget so that injustices do not repeat themselves. If the land are British for you, it's fine is your thought but for me Las Malvinas fueron, son y van a ser Argentinas. Stay healthy and safe, bye. :)

  46. Dylan Howard

    Dylan HowardPred 2 dnevi

    @m i au its not "Argentine sea", its British sea. And there are no natives on the island, it was uninhabited when Britain first discovered it. You owned these islands for a month, Britain ruled over them for more than a century. Besides that, historical borders are useless when claiming land. Get over the past, the Falklands are British.

  47. m i au

    m i auPred 2 dnevi

    @Dylan Howard the geographical location is actually important bc england can fish in the Argentine sea, move boats and planes completely free, to say nothing of that occupies a space in the artantica that does not correspond but okay is not importat . "And its true, the Falklands were, in the 19th century, part of Argentina" literally was invaded bc when you get into a private territory you invaded. you do not think is a little injustice ask the people england implanted ? the population that is native to there is less than 30% and nobody is going to take away the right to live on the Malvinas, they be being English but live in argentina territory, but they will not do it illegally like actually they do :) and sorry my english is not good its hard for me express myself

  48. Dylan Howard

    Dylan HowardPred 2 dnevi

    @m i au the geographical location of the islands has nothing to do with ownership. By your logic, St Pierre and Miquelon should be claimed by Canada, as the islands sit off the coast of Newfoundland. And its true, the Falklands were, in the 19th century, part of Argentina... for barely a month. Again, by your logic (right to ownership based on historical borders), Mongolia could claim lands as far as eastern Germany or the far east of Russia. Or Spain could claim the Netherlands. The only thing that would allow Argentinian claims over the islands would be the Falklands population voting to join you. Again, this is not on your side as only 3 people on the whole land voted to join you.

  49. Dexter cochran

    Dexter cochranPred 6 dnevi

    The Falklands War: exists Sabaton: *COWABUNGA IT IS*

  50. loloisBOB

    loloisBOBPred 6 dnevi

    viva la patria!

  51. María Marta Vlcek

    María Marta VlcekPred 6 dnevi

    As an Argentinian, I feel some sadness for the point that I remember being a kid singing every April 2 that the Malvinas are still from Argentina in this form of patriotism, but then you grow up and understand that the war was not for the love of our country, just a dictator’s desperate tactic to remain in power after destroy the national economy, all the lives that were lost, and for what?

  52. Volodymyrr Hapon

    Volodymyrr HaponPred 6 dnevi

    Коли я був школярки В думав що один стрів це є Мальвіни . А другий острів це ж фолкленди.

  53. ItZ Squill

    ItZ SquillPred 6 dnevi

    Fun Fact: My Great Great Uncle discovered the Falklands

  54. Manit Joshi

    Manit JoshiPred 6 dnevi

    GO UK

  55. Christianto Sumbung

    Christianto SumbungPred 6 dnevi

    Hmmm, should we be part of a country that just invaded us, can’t even keep their own economy above water and has crappy living standards? Or go with one that supports the islands, provides for stable governance and decent living standards. Tough choice that. Wonder who the 3 persons who voted for Argentina were?

  56. Rebelraptor426

    Rebelraptor426Pred 6 dnevi

    My dad was young when Thatcher was prime minister some said she was tougher than Churchill

  57. Declan Johnston

    Declan JohnstonPred 7 dnevi

    Isnt argentinas claim of being close to the falklands like britain saying I'm close to France so its now mine I dont get the logic

  58. DoPaLa

    DoPaLaPred 7 dnevi

    well its more to do with britian being far away i think. I dont think it should be part of argentina, but argentina saying the islands are theirs is more like britian saying 'china owns france, and france is close to me so its now mine'

  59. just a random nerd

    just a random nerdPred 7 dnevi


  60. Raven11

    Raven11Pred 7 dnevi

    Don't get England and Britain mixed's really annoying

  61. Bailey Sims

    Bailey SimsPred 7 dnevi

    2:15 *ahem* I think you meant a, cash cow *badum ching*

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  63. ComicSans

    ComicSansPred 7 dnevi

    Probably the dumbest war ever

  64. CherryMan

    CherryManPred uro

    @North Sider not trying to make you feel bad, just saying that both sides had heavy casualties, one more than the other.

  65. North Sider

    North SiderPred uro

    @CherryMan behave yourself with that pathetic moral compass bolllox, when did I disrespect the dead, I’m using statistics to highlight why the end result is as it stands, if you’re trying to make me feel bad, what can i say, you’re barking up the wrong tree

  66. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    @North Sider you're talking about 200 casualties as if those 200 people didnt have families.

  67. ευθυμηξερωπουμενεις καισεγαμω

    ευθυμηξερωπουμενεις καισεγαμωPred 6 dnevi

    @North Sider 250 British deaths compared to Argentina's 650. That's comparable. The United States intervention in Iraq (the ones in the 90s) had like 100 time fewer american casualties than iraqi casualties. That was a clapping. Also im not cypriot, but in the 1974 invasion turkey had more casualties than Greece and cyprus, sure they won, but it wasn't a domination, it was a conflict in which they simply had more soldiers and won. I support the British claim on the Falklands btw, I just thought your initial description of the conflict was inaccurate

  68. North Sider

    North SiderPred 6 dnevi

    @ευθυμηξερωπουμενεις καισεγαμω that’s like saying cyprus had “comparable” casualties to turkey when they stomped the northern half of your island into an eternal occupation lol.

  69. Ye' YintThway

    Ye' YintThwayPred 7 dnevi

    How about Hong Kong,UK?

  70. Sari fensterheim

    Sari fensterheimPred 7 dnevi

    Finds island: “there’s a tax for that”

  71. lee harvy olswald

    lee harvy olswaldPred 8 dnevi

    I dont know if you did or not but if you did not can you do the zulu war

  72. Minty

    MintyPred 8 dnevi

    I love your animations

  73. Enchanted Cookie

    Enchanted CookiePred 8 dnevi

    “Some colonists got a bit rowdy”

  74. A Big Rat I Am

    A Big Rat I AmPred 8 dnevi

    Whoever this Margaret person is, I like her.

  75. An average YouTube user

    An average YouTube userPred 8 dnevi

    Mini d-day

  76. Panzerkampfwagen Vi ausf b tiger

    Panzerkampfwagen Vi ausf b tigerPred 8 dnevi

    The trouble resolution is like: ok we have more weapons

  77. Chomping Rexy

    Chomping RexyPred 8 dnevi

    I love chile just look at 4:35 🇬🇧 ❤️ 🇨🇱

  78. Mahesh Katwal

    Mahesh KatwalPred 8 dnevi

    *Wow no mention of Gurkhas....*

  79. Jack C.

    Jack C.Pred 9 dnevi

    Half-ass war in the modern era, should've done it WWII style. I would've bomb Argentina itself. Ground and pound till they scream for mercy and show them action has consequence.

  80. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    @North Sider "threats" ah yes some argentinian guy in his 40's that never has exercised in his entire life, you have to take them with a grain of salt, coming from an argentinian they dont even see the fact that the real problem was the goverment instead of the british, also I dont think bombing a place would have resolved anything it would have created more problems to be honest.

  81. North Sider

    North SiderPred 7 dnevi

    @ComicSans it might be edgy, but he is right, if the brits had reduced Argentina to rubble, in a war argentina started, they wouldn’t be constantly making threats about trying to conquer the islands again now.

  82. ComicSans

    ComicSansPred 7 dnevi


  83. Jack C.

    Jack C.Pred 7 dnevi

    @North Sider Vietnam was the perfect example of a Half-Ass War, the soldiers were too busy getting high and getting pussies. Most Chinese during the 60s and 70s wishes US would've invaded China during the Korean War, and that was another Half-Ass War, should've finish the job. If US finished the job in Korea, the Vietnam mess might not of happen.

  84. North Sider

    North SiderPred 8 dnevi

    That didn’t work so well in vietnam though did it lol

  85. I will Always exist

    I will Always existPred 9 dnevi

    USA: oil? *proceeds to end their alliance with Britain and invades*

  86. autorobber2290

    autorobber2290Pred 9 dnevi

    "the british probably didnt discover the falklands first" *precedes to show that the french discovered it a year earlier*

  87. Pink, EdgyMcEdgelord jr.

    Pink, EdgyMcEdgelord jr.Pred 9 dnevi

    Me: ughhhhh I have no more oversimplified videos to watch The Falklands: Me: no.

  88. Chris

    ChrisPred 9 dnevi

    The royal marines never surrenders they came out under a cease fire after they were low on ammo They also fought the argies a lot and locals found body's every where for days

  89. 19 EE17 Apoorv Saxena

    19 EE17 Apoorv SaxenaPred 9 dnevi

    4:46 I died laughing!

  90. Irex

    IrexPred 9 dnevi

    *sabaton intensifies*

  91. Jojo Smith

    Jojo SmithPred 10 dnevi

    Argentina: Invades Falkland Islands Britain: and I took they personally.

  92. Taliya Roshani

    Taliya RoshaniPred 10 dnevi

    USA TO UK 1776 : im not gonna give you my weapons Every other year after it : here have some weapon

  93. NCR Trooper

    NCR TrooperPred 10 dnevi

    As an argentine i can say, without a doubt, that this is fucking accurate and I love it Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  94. nahuel

    nahuelPred 4 dnevi

    no te entendi un pito pero las mavinas son argentinas

  95. Kaiden Cline

    Kaiden ClinePred 10 dnevi

    How could the british be the first to right it down if france put up a settlement a year earlier

  96. Kaiden Cline

    Kaiden ClinePred 2 dnevi


  97. North Sider

    North SiderPred 9 dnevi

    No one cares about the french lol

  98. Liberation

    LiberationPred 10 dnevi

    what's the outro music?

  99. RaZeD _

    RaZeD _Pred 11 dnevi

    “Plus oil was recently found near the Falklands” USA: I’m just gonna slide over here....

  100. Shaswat Kumar

    Shaswat KumarPred 2 urami

    @RaZeD _ Upar Se tune mera username dekhke bhi Hindi bolna shuru nahi kiya to Mujhe laga ki tum koi foreigner hi hai...

  101. Shaswat Kumar

    Shaswat KumarPred 2 urami

    @RaZeD _ Abe yaar, naam dekhke to laga hi Nahi ki tu bhi Indian hai

  102. RaZeD _

    RaZeD _Pred 2 urami

    @Shaswat Kumar tumhen pata hai ki main bhee hindee bol sakata hoon?

  103. Shaswat Kumar

    Shaswat KumarPred 6 urami

    @Sushant Sharma Bola to ki mujhe mazak nahi samajh aaya isliye aisa bol diya....

  104. Sushant Sharma

    Sushant SharmaPred 6 urami

    @Shaswat Kumar Bhai kyun faltu mein ungli Kar Raha hai.... Thand Rakh 😂

  105. M4 EnthUZIast

    M4 EnthUZIastPred 11 dnevi

    4:35 "All South American nations apart from Chile backed Argentina." Ironic considering Chile is quite literally the back of Argentina.

  106. pecado de orgullo

    pecado de orgulloPred dnevom

    I thought that Guyana, French guiana, surname and trinidad and tobago supported the UK as well.

  107. cheap carbon

    cheap carbonPred 9 dnevi

    They had some territorial disputes with Argentine themselves in Beagle Channel. Surely they weren't too exited to hear about the fact that Argentine was planning to invade Falklands. Could be theirs next.

  108. British-Romanian owl

    British-Romanian owlPred 11 dnevi

    Falklands are British forever

  109. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 10 urami

    @UCMPVWnBIFQ0L69wuE7g94aw well i am argentinian, thats just because its an open wound probably due to the fact that it was a big thing here, even if we didnt own it, the first atempt at taking them hurt to much and its not even the fault of the british but the shitty goverment we had at the time

  110. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    @British-Romanian owl yeah thats pretty clear at this point

  111. British-Romanian owl

    British-Romanian owlPred 11 urami

    @CherryMan what I'm trying to point out is that they belong to Britain

  112. CherryMan

    CherryManPred 11 urami

    both mean the same though

  113. Daniel Salley

    Daniel SalleyPred 8 dnevi


  114. Anthony Katsivalis

    Anthony KatsivalisPred 11 dnevi

    Clearly the falklands belong to the great Bhutanese empire

  115. Joaquin BALDUZZI

    Joaquin BALDUZZIPred 12 dnevi

    son argentinas las malvinas forritos

  116. North Sider

    North SiderPred 11 dnevi


  117. British-Romanian owl

    British-Romanian owlPred 11 dnevi


  118. Jack Paton

    Jack PatonPred 12 dnevi

    3:39 accurate, extremely accurate

  119. Félix REYNAL

    Félix REYNALPred 12 dnevi


  120. North Sider

    North SiderPred 11 dnevi

    @Joaquin Miguel 😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🏻🇬🇧

  121. British-Romanian owl

    British-Romanian owlPred 11 dnevi

    @Joaquin Miguel no

  122. Joaquin Miguel

    Joaquin MiguelPred 12 dnevi

    Son argentinas!!!!

  123. Falkrim

    FalkrimPred 12 dnevi


  124. Herr indominus

    Herr indominusPred 12 dnevi

    Aguanté Argentina papa les rompimos lindos barcos

  125. Thrilled Dany270

    Thrilled Dany270Pred 12 dnevi

    I am not the only one that thought this was fockland right?

  126. azzaoui anas

    azzaoui anasPred 12 dnevi

    The audacity of britain its obviously argentinian land

  127. North Sider

    North SiderPred 12 dnevi

    The audacity of argentina it’s obviously native american land..............we can play this game all day lol.

  128. Joseph Olido

    Joseph OlidoPred 12 dnevi


  129. Shahmir Mir

    Shahmir MirPred 13 dnevi

    Guys vote in the replies that does the Falklands belong to the uk or Argentina

  130. North Sider

    North SiderPred 9 dnevi

    @You daily Kangaroo dr. “Go away and stop commenting” 😂😂😂😂 or what? What exactly are you going to do? Nothing lol, so sit down and hush, you came here with your anti british narrative and got served with facts you could not refute, let’s not get it twisted about what happened here lol.

  131. You daily Kangaroo dr.

    You daily Kangaroo dr.Pred 9 dnevi

    @North Sider bruh I stopped talking because I don’t want this to keep going because I’ve seen this stuff happen, so go away and stop commenting

  132. North Sider

    North SiderPred 9 dnevi

    @You daily Kangaroo dr. No comment on any of those facts i dropped on you 😂😂 i guess it doesn’t fit with your anti british narrative so staying quiet is probably the best option lol.

  133. North Sider

    North SiderPred 10 dnevi

    @You daily Kangaroo dr. We’re talking about your initial comment regarding the falklands, ya know, on the video that’s guessed it, the falklands 😂😂

  134. You daily Kangaroo dr.

    You daily Kangaroo dr.Pred 10 dnevi

    @North Sider when did I mention the falklands in the lastest comment?

  135. maaax

    maaaxPred 13 dnevi

    Wtf just give them their island

  136. CProw09

    CProw09Pred 9 dnevi

    It was never their islands. It was always British and it’s always gonna be like that.

  137. North Sider

    North SiderPred 12 dnevi

    😂😂😂😂 someone needs to learn the history before commenting, saves the embarrassment that comes with having no historical knowledge lmao.

  138. Joseph Olido

    Joseph OlidoPred 12 dnevi

    Why would they give their island?

  139. Zach A

    Zach APred 13 dnevi

    Why would they do that it’s not Argentina’s island

  140. Richard

    RichardPred 13 dnevi

    The Cruiser was in and out of the zone according to the Captain of the Cruiser recently released. Was a valid target.

  141. KKPz Playz

    KKPz PlayzPred 13 dnevi

    Let’s do one on the northern islands of Canada

  142. iiGalacticDoge

    iiGalacticDogePred 13 dnevi

    My grandpa fought in the war being a pilot

  143. Joseph Olido

    Joseph OlidoPred 12 dnevi

    Of a Sea Harrier?

  144. Ahtbury54

    Ahtbury54Pred 13 dnevi

    well, I didn't win the war, but I'm going to organize a barbecue, who do you want? 👋😀 🥩🔥

  145. You daily Kangaroo dr.

    You daily Kangaroo dr.Pred 10 dnevi

    @Ahtbury54 ;((((

  146. Ahtbury54

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    I came to see all the freaked out comments from indignant Argentines who have been fed BS in their history classes and don't know the true story of the islands. I'm a little disappointed; I'm not hearing any rabid howling in Spanish.

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    I Think ITS Free Islands NO One lN So We Can Have Falkland Islands

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    @CProw09 because the british has stole us

  154. CProw09

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    @lobii chan Then why is everyone their English speaking settlers? 🤔 and why doesn’t the Argentine government control the islands?

  155. lobii chan

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    The problem its , the malvinas or the Falkland are in argentinian teritory

  156. samy alaz

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    the british kicked out the argentinian people in 1833, that means that they stole those islands ,that is the reason why Argentina reclaimed it since 1833 but the mistake was to made war in 1982

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    The Falklands Campaign was the last hurrah for the vestige British Empire. The U.K.s token contributions since 9/11 pail in comparison with the effort they made to maintain sovereignty over a small chain of islands in the south Pacific. Hail Britannia, you be the judge if it was worth it.

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    It was such a needless war that took so many lives from young Argetinian soldiers and British soldiers as well, its a shame that it had to come to that for so little in return, i hope both of our countries never have to go through such thing again...

  172. Lux

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    @Jason Taylor Champ i dont think you know what the "tratado de tordesillas" was considering that you dont know much about the history of south america, the pope designated the territories for both Spain and Portugal, Ingland was never included, there for the territory was already spanish in legal terms, second of the french were the first to stablish in the islands, and they gave the territory to the spanish crown so the territory was always ours or at least it was always spanish untill we had our independence, finally you said that the ppl who live there want to stay, im not saying that they dont, of course considering that they are british, but we dont want the territory back, we never wanted it back, we were sent to a war we didnt have to fight, even tho the islands did belong to us.

  173. Jason Taylor

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    @Lux Like I said Argentina has and never owned the Falklands weather you like it or not. British found them and the people of the Falklands wants to remain British. Argentina should own the Falklands because it's closer to Argentina haha what a stupid logic.

  174. Lux

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    @Jason Taylor Mate any kind of land thats inside of a country's nautic territory belongs to that country... same as all the territories of a colony belong to the new independent country after a revolution. The actual owners of the Malvinas or Faklands were the spanish due to the fact that it was in the territory of their colony.

  175. Jason Taylor

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    @Lux Argentina has never owned the Falklands. Heck Argentina was not even a country yet when the Falklands was discovered.

  176. Lux

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    @Costas Epsicou Technically the territory was Arrgentinian in the first place, we were just taking what was ours back, the thing is that we didnt have the men or the guns to do so, but our dictator still sent us there knowing that we would die for a lost cause

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    Galtieri invaded the islands. This angered Thatcher, so she punished him severely.

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