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    Michael Jackson = good music. Kevin Spacey = good movies. Bill Cisby = good comedy.. Hitler really figured out a way to break the wall between his actions and his art.. so unique

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    So we just forgot they last parts of the Nazi name…. Okay then

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    It always bothered me ever since I learned about it, that even when people say "We must remember history or we are doomed to repeat it" no one is really thinking about what actually started all this crap. Treating Germany like fucking shit. Nothing of this would have happened if not for the really unjustified way that, pretty much the world, punished Germany after the WW1 and if we don't remember That part, it doesn't matter how much we remember anything after that, it's still bound to happen again

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    Little story, my great-grandfather who was Polish survived his concentration camp for one reason only : His wood working skills. He was just forced by n@zis to make wooden things for them until his camp got liberated by the allies, and is the only reason he survived. Rest in peace to everybody who was murdered during WW2

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    just one point, the government started printing money after the occupation of Ruhr and they couldnt pay the reparations due to the crushed economy by the war. great video though

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    “Right wing” “extreme right” no lmfaoooo hitler was a fucking leftist socialist. I know this is old but this is right around the beginning of trumps presidency so I clearly see what you were trying to do by saying that.

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    hitler was distinctly right wing, is north korea democratic?

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    I hate how so many people thought of Germany as a terrible country and blame it for both world wars just because the were the enemy, despite how the allies treated the Germans. By the way, I still think that the holocaust was a terrible thing, and aside from that, I love how oversimplified talks about both sides. :)

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    The weird thing is that hitler wasn't a very bad person but people hate him, while stalin and zedong we're terrible people but even now some people like them 🙄

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    @sahir de plus hitler was broken hearted, and he killed Jews because they were traitors to german empire in WW1, everything he did was for a reason, no matter was it enough or too much, was stalin or zedong crazy or broken hearted?

  94. Aria Rezazad

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    @sahir de hitler killed less than 17 million people while stalin killed more than 20 million, and at last mao zedong killed more than 100million people! Now do you hate hitler more or zedong and stalin?

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    @sahir de whatever he was he wasn't worse than mao zedong or joseph stalin, i mean that 30 percent of people like stalin but nobody likes hitler, both were evil but this is unfair that people will hate the bad guy and love the terrible guy! I mean that

  96. sahir de

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    Hitler wasn't a very bad person? Are you aware of the number of people that died in concentration camps directly because of him?

  97. James Richards

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    This "history" has been given through the distorted lens of and propaganda of the bolshevik communists and zionist english who conquered germany. It is not accurate on Hitler's true character.

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    This is just but a small hint of truth... Not the whole truth. But I guess it has to be like this in modern society or it will get suppressed.

  99. Grace Carol

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    Hard right =/= fascist, just so we're clear...Those are not the same thing. The Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Socialism is a far-left ideology.

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    search up north koreas name

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    An excellent presentation of this very " important human being" in the History of mankind....we must learn to know this type of Human being so that we are able to identify them early in order to prevent history repeat again....too bad Satan did not write a book for us human being to read but Hitler did...

  103. Yaroslav

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    You got one thing wrong buddy, Hitler was not "right wing". He has always represented a "left wing" socialist party and that's how he came to power. He may have always had anti-Semitic views, but those were never considered "right wing". In fact, the Jews were very much pro "right wing" establishment and were the backbone of what made Germany prosperous at the time. Hitler may have been a two-faced bastard, who gladly took money from "capitalist" industry partners, but he always maintained a very strong left wing agenda. His promises to the people were all about utopian socialism and fairness for all, while victorious Germany rained supreme. Calling Hitler "right wing" is an ignorant historical fallacy on the same level as calling Stalin "right wing". Both came to power and rained unimaginable evil on the continent on the back of a very "left wing" revolution. You said it yourself - NAZI = National Socialist Workers Party. He may have disliked the Marxists towards the end, but only because they crowded and threatened his imaginary throne...

  104. Daniel Salley

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    oh my god he literally killed communists first

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    Hitler was such a duochebag.

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    1:57 Didnt they print money because of the Reihnland occupation. In order to pay the workers

  107. Rational Female

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    Nazi’s were NOT far right or on the right at all. They were squarely on the left just like Russia. Russia and German Nazi’s were two socialist dictators fighting for their brand of socialism. Mein Kampf was Hitler differentiating his type of socialism from Stalin’s brand.

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    @Lord Polish2 idk, the capital riot could’ve went way worse than it did. Republicans worship trump like a dictator. If you cant see the blatantly obvious similarities, youre in denial

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    It's shocking how much Trumps rise and spread mirrors Hitler's. I mean the underestimating of a megalomaniac, the complacency of those in power and the role of media in doing the devil's work for him. The last 05 minutes literally seem like the Republican plan for the past years. Scary.

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