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    Fascism isn't far right. It's far left just like Socialism with a few, very few minor differences. But Fascism is a radical leftist ideology.

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    @mac thapinkstink You are on the right path, but you are confusing two things. First, what you described is not "leftism", it's totalitarianism, and it is a characteristic of both far-right and far-left. The key difference between the far-left and far-right is not totalitarianism, but what the focus of the government is: for the far-left, it is economic equality and planned economy (communism), while for the far-right it is extreme social order, racial supremacy, social purity, and ultra-nationalism - a "planned society" (fascism). Second, you are confusing what the left-right spectrum represents. The far-right does not represent the total opposite of far-left, as intuition suggests. It is impossible to fit the whole political spectrum in a uni-dimensional space. It is merely a group of ideas, typically this: - Far-left: authoritarianism + planned economy (Communism) - Left: Moderate government + welfare (Democrats are here) - Center: Libertarianism - Right: Moderate government + social conservatism (Republicans are here) - Far-right: Authoritarianism + chauvinism (Fascism)

  54. mac thapinkstink

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    @TailExchange fascism is definitely leftist not far right socialism is far left everything about the nazis were leftist taking away guns taking away the freedom of the press freedom of speech those are leftist idealism, and hitler literally wanted to change the diet of German people to vegetarian what does that remind anyone of🤦🏻 most liberal ideologies have very similar views with hitler and yet do not know it, that’s why there are a lot of sympathizers with the nazis the kkk and the new nazi nation has no idea on what the real ideology was in hitlers time

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    @Nick Look for "Economy of Nazi Germany" on Wikipedia; there's literally an entire section there showing the industries they privatized.

  58. Nick

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    @TailExchange see I know you don't know what you're talking about once you said they performed a lot of privatization. You really went off the deep end with this comment, almost cult like behavior.

  59. TailExchange

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    @Nick Because the ideology of the party was not economic equality or a planned economy (what you usually associate with the left). Their economic policy saw a lot of privatizations and limited government interference; it was more akin to Keynesian economics. Their focus was on extreme social stratification, racial supremacy, social purity, and ultranationalism, which are characteristics of the far-right. The early version of the party did have some socialist ideas, and they used the name to attract the working class. But as the video explained, it all vhanged after the Night of the Long Knives. Yes, the far-left and the far-right have authoritarianism in common. But the focus of the government is different. For one, it is planned economy; for the other it is a planned society. The "left-right" is not a good representation of the political spectrum, since it tries to fit a multidimensional spectrum in a two-dimensional one. But basically: - Far-left: authoritarianism + planned economy - Left: Moderate government + welfare - Center: Libertarianism - Right: Moderate government + social conservatism - Far-right: Authoritarianism + chauvinism So yes, it is a far-right ideology. Now ask yourself why some people are trying to convince you otherwise. What are their motivations? Why do they want you to see the far-right in a better light and dissociate them from its past horrors? Ask yourself who has to gain from this, and don't be their "useful idiot".

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