The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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    Fun fact: When Marie Antoinette faced the revolutionary tribunal, she was accused, along with the king's sister, Elisabeth de France, of treason, but also of pedophilia and incest. Another fun fact: Elisabeth de France, the king's sister, saved a person from the guillotine! On the way to the guillotine, she convinced a woman to act like if she was pregnant. The ruse worked, and the woman was spared (Anne-Louise de Domangeville)

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    Actualy about the war with Austria that asn't exactly like this actualy Louis delcared war to Austria an gave them secretly all millitary tactics so France will lose and Austria would put Louis back as kings , but once Louis died they continued the war because they didn't wanted that the revolutions idea spread to them and because they didn't realy liked that France remove their king to put something else and that the poor peoples take the power

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    So many of your facts for both part one and part to are extremely inaccurate. Sorry, but I don't like how you did the French revolution

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