The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    I just realised that the whole “fear of communism collided with freedom of thought and expression” thing is similar to how “hatred towards fascism” has collided with “political freedom of thought and expression” and “Fascist” has (in a way) become its own buzzword thrown around to describe anything political that people really, really despise.

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    I like how Switzerland was like: "Nah, not my problems" the whole time

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    Communism is so popular unfortunately, every time I criticize Hollywood in this comment section for being communist, I have to delete someones comment supporting these selfish people to destroy their voice and make a new one.

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    Woah call of duty Cold War was so good they named a crisis over half a century after it.

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    Kennedy: Democratic is not perfect but we never had to put a wall up to keep our people in. Trump: Bing bing bong bong build the wall!

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    This is too funny. More! More please!😂

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    Hey uh.... you know that tne Baltic states isn't Russia right...?

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    it was at the time

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    Love the U2 Bono jets 😂👌🏻

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    hitler was small but franco was a ant

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    where's Andorra???

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    As a Mexican American that part about the Mexicans made me laugh so loud everyone looked at me...great stuff

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    You skip the part of the US plan to control and ejecuted dictatorships in southamerica, the plan Condor, but okai, America it's alway great for the "Americans"... :/

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    6:43 I DIED laughing here Stalin: You're home late Man: oh stalin I was just out with my friends Stalin: FRIENDS? YOU STINK OF CAPITALISM! YOU WERE OUT ENGAGING IN IMPERIALIST DEBAUCHERY AGAIN! I SWEAR IVAN! I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS!

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    Bro you videos is Good. Sorry for the mistakes I'm not an English speaker. I'm Russian

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    "Is the 'A' supposed to stand for "Atomic" or "Ass" - Stalin

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    It's not true that The USSR was banning everything My mom did a lot of pop western cluture and she was born in 1970 btw she liked that stuff and was never taken away for doing it tho there were and is still a lot of factory's here in Lithuania tho most are abandoned

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    0:57 nether thought I'd see this on this channel :/

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    the people who disliked this video are all a bunch of commies.

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    I'm a commie tho

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    Why is Belgium yellow and orange

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    The VPN segue was outstanding.

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    You know what. You did your best in drawing eisenhower and that what really matters

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    One thing, the soviets didn't really occupy Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia drove them out, and they had their own little cold war. Yugoslavia was more isolationist.

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    it was so funny when he said nauty

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    9:43 is a face only a mother could love

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    0:06 What if that's actually him irl

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    1:04 where did you get that version? I like it

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    Why the h*** would you imprison all of your best doctors? They're doctors!

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    as an american, I can confirm that the "A" in A-bomb stands for Ass.

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    1:52 Right as Stalin turned the agriculture based economy to an industrial one, I got an ad that said get industrial grade machines.

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    I watch your videos so many times for my history class so Thanks ^¬^



    dude where is the full version of the soviet anthem?



    @lol? • 1 year ago cyka blyat ok

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    It's Russia national anthem

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    My family doesn't understand your jokes while I laugh to this is sad but I just think I know more

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    Good video, but kinda glosses over americas failures and kinda makes the ussr look like the evil one more than it was. Both america and ussr were bad in their own ways

  89. Kincade

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    @George Skanderbeg both did mostly bad things. Stalin turned lenin's socialism into authoritarianism and oppressed people. The United States attacked innocent countries because of "communism" and killed people for even not liking the united States and calling them communist.

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    Ussr was evil

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    There was an Indian prime minister who was killed because of this war because both USA and USSR don't want India to go the other side but India was neutral

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    @George Skanderbeg Lal Bahadur Shastri the second prine minister

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    When your soldier is so stupid that he brings a Beatle instead of a Russian Communist even though the name was written on a paper

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