The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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  1. fagiolification

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    Yeah, no wonder americans are craaaazy

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    I died laughing when Krustschow farted in the phone

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    America sucks


    TURKISH ASSASSINPred 8 urami

    7:04 Notice who is in the background.

  5. Victor Buturoagă

    Victor ButuroagăPred 9 urami

    Fun fact: Romania was the first communist sate wich an american president visited(P.S. if you dont trust me search on google)

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    Me: sees funny joke Also me:(Laughs like school girl eating cake)

  9. Treyson

    TreysonPred 18 urami

    If you guys didn't know what happened to Kennedy, on November 22nd, 1963, he was assassinated while driving out in his motorcade in Dallas Texas

  10. Kocheng Oren

    Kocheng OrenPred 19 urami

    bruh..WW3 coming sooner or later might be u Will nuked earlier before u upload the WW3 oversimplified video xD



    oh and here in croatia we whooped jugoslavia in the early 90's (by the way vukovar has been tortured)

  12. DJ Mutt

    DJ MuttPred 21 uro

    You had the perfect opportunity for JFK to say “I like your funny words magic man”

  13. Kincade

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    It wasn't a popular meme at the time when this was posted

  14. A0_ DaVIP

    A0_ DaVIPPred 22 urami

    My teacher was one of the refugees in the prager ambasy

  15. Eusebia machado

    Eusebia machadoPred 23 urami

    You better release Vietnam ear it’s 2021

  16. Food Bar CJ

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    Right guys??

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    7:02 There's someone swiming in the water in the background shouting: "Jenny!"

  18. Nguyễn Mạnh Duy

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    oh so now our leader is ruthless huh :D

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    7:29 Hey Its 1922-1938 Ussr

  22. Lorenzo Eugene Zamora

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    Man ur summary so good I finally understood what happened!

  23. Daniel Black

    Daniel BlackPred dnevom

    Why didn't the US burn the Vietnamese forests? Would've made the war a lot easier and the environmentalists weren't so big of a force at the time.

  24. Xavier Johnson

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    I like the buster sword and masume at 6.07

  25. Arthur Thompson

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    3:42 me in cod

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    B83 vs tsar bomba

  27. Zeina Mostafa

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    u did not just act as if israel won the yom kipur war...

  28. Mr. Assassin

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    Damn, we never got the vietnam video😔

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    I'm afraid it's time to make the WW3 piece now.

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    11:19 Пицца Шляпа means Pizza Hat

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    The fluffy south africa physiologically joke because form supply squeak towards a spectacular hamster. dirty, forgetful block

  32. Mike

    MikePred 2 dnevi

    This video is a bit pro USA biased. I mean this video says like things are better under Gorbachev but not really, because economy of the USSR is getting worse under his administration and in Russia under Boris Yeltsin the economy declined by 70 percent

  33. RazerWolf

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    Oversimplified is so smart making two parts because he practically gets twice the views. You Rockstar

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    5:16 behind the grass below the left coconut tree

  35. The Tsar Tank

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    Gib me more vids, comrade!

  36. Question why.

    Question why.Pred 2 dnevi

    You should have talked more about the Afghanistan war and how the US sported Osama bin laden to fight against the Soviet Union. and helped in creating the terrorist group (al qeada) which is the same group that did the 9/11 attacks.

  37. Lara Kamel

    Lara KamelPred 2 dnevi

    what are you trying to say when you put isreal falg ! it's palestine and gonna be that always and for ever ,your not influnce in History

  38. John Samuel

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    Welcome to an episode of Forrest Gump

  39. Harinath Nr

    Harinath NrPred 3 dnevi

    when u realise he said "the us public needed a president who was tough on communism, so they elected a new president" more than 3 times

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    15:44 NOOooOooOo *laughs nervously* hehaha :(

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    Who knew that SLthrow could be used for something other than memes

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  44. Thomas Williams

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    That part where he says nobody knows how many nukes Russia lost... that's scary

  45. wolf mark1155

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    rice farmers

  46. Infernius TF2

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    “The closest the world has ever been to nuclear apocalypse” *laughing*

  47. Aiden Carmean

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    I paused spot the Vietcong soldier there is no soldier

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    I love the cold war. It's so fucking ridiculous

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    Who's that guy in the bottom right?

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    2:26 Thank you, Vasily Arkhipov. You saved us. If you weren't there and stop from launching the missiles, we could have been dead right now.

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    The COVID 19

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    Funnily enough, Honecker himself voted himself out as well, because communist party decision had to be unanimously.

  68. Regan's Productions

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    Oversimplified: "Let's play, spot the vietcong soldier! Can you see them?" Me: of course Oversimplified: "Of course not!" Me: Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?

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    7:40 In addition, the United States could not do anything, they even had to take Soviet technology so that their missiles could fly

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