The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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  1. Oompity Loomps

    Oompity LoompsPred uro

    *"I have a tank. Your argument is invalid."*

  2. Nathaniel Hayden T

    Nathaniel Hayden TPred uro

    7:04 reference to the movie: Forrest Gump If you look closely then you’ll see a person saying “Jenny!!” This is a reference to the movie Forrest Gump.

  3. Osama Al-Kurdi

    Osama Al-KurdiPred 2 urami

    i like the idea of how he keeps pointing out that the world was ruled by a punch of idiots 😂😂😂

  4. Nuclear Nick

    Nuclear NickPred 4 urami

    5:24 I saw him

  5. Aurum

    AurumPred 7 urami

    Hmmmmm right guys :") seemed not that funny in 2021th year:"D +China bullying small countries (America replied stop or war small fry ) + Israel got bombed and replied with also a bomb :D (alot died) -philippines president is going senile (Upcoming more)

  6. Jacob Kim

    Jacob KimPred 8 urami

    Russia and the U.S: Almost starting WW3 [Insert Country's name here] be like: *"Aw sh*t, here we go again-"*


    KZTR PARKERPred 8 urami

    I am a german born korean and when i saw germany reunite i had to cry. I think deep inside i have a desire for the unification of korea

  8. Aka Sykario

    Aka SykarioPred 8 urami

    7:03 forest gump reference ?

  9. Phúc Vĩnh

    Phúc VĩnhPred 9 urami

    4:29 Ho Chi Minh is old but he still has very strong will to fight

  10. Soviet Union

    Soviet UnionPred 11 urami

    I died. can we have a F in chat

  11. Nivedita Sreejith

    Nivedita SreejithPred 12 urami

    Can we have Vietnam war video please?

  12. androwin King

    androwin KingPred 13 urami

    15:55 The ending was golden 🤣

  13. Nickolas Watts

    Nickolas WattsPred 13 urami

    if only my history teachers were as interesting as this

  14. Avinash TV

    Avinash TVPred 14 urami

    Vietnam war please

  15. william doing stuff ._. 2

    william doing stuff ._. 2Pred 14 urami

    World war 8999939373838488383 Is in the year 0

  16. 7 Cori

    7 CoriPred 15 urami

    you completely missed Chernobyl, but great overview

  17. Payton Axtell

    Payton AxtellPred 17 urami

    Fun fact Gorbechav is still alive(as of may 2021)

  18. Rayyaan Bajrami

    Rayyaan BajramiPred dnevom

    When you said "We don't know how many nuclear bomb the soviet union lost" I'm just scared now

  19. emmanuel prieto

    emmanuel prietoPred dnevom

    Half human history has been communist nations trying to destroy everything vs the USA

  20. Adhishree Singh

    Adhishree SinghPred dnevom

    Why do Ronald Reagan looks like Stalin without moustache here?

  21. S Bmann

    S BmannPred dnevom

    ....and Reagen and his policies subsequently began the destruction of the US as well.

  22. TheDiamondBoi12

    TheDiamondBoi12Pred dnevom

    Non block belike: Yeah No Suffer For Me

  23. Absatron 007

    Absatron 007Pred dnevom

    Oversimplfied? Pfff, let me show you. Yayyy. Oh no Ohno Oh shitttt Yay Oh shit Victory

  24. The Golden Dove

    The Golden DovePred dnevom

    You make history fun

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  27. The Me

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  28. The Me

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  29. Gema Studio

    Gema StudioPred dnevom

    Dingin -> Dinging Can you translate it right?

  30. Rizky Haykal

    Rizky HaykalPred dnevom

    i kid you not, i watched this with my grandpa and he said "That shrubs looked kinda funny" when the video do "Lets Spot The Vietcong Soldier"

  31. Fawzi Gramajo

    Fawzi GramajoPred dnevom

    Can you please do Israel ?

  32. Copper taste like Chocolate

    Copper taste like ChocolatePred dnevom

    Jeez I thought me losing my headphones in my room was bad but the USA over losing literal nuclear weapons

  33. 13 Legends

    13 LegendsPred dnevom

    The bay of Pigs invasion would have been a success, but someone squealed.

  34. SteelFrost677

    SteelFrost677Pred dnevom

    "And Lazers" *Pew Pew Pew*

  35. Awesomeguy2997

    Awesomeguy2997Pred dnevom

    8:57 isnt this what king George said in hamilton

  36. Siena Shawver

    Siena ShawverPred dnevom

    I love that my history teacher made these videos assignments

  37. Not Even Random ROBLOX

    Not Even Random ROBLOXPred dnevom

    Cold war be like: Allies Enemies Nukes Nukes Nukes Space Race Nukes USA claim moon Nukes Voyageur 1 & 2 launch Nukes Nukes Ban of Nukes McDonalds in USSR USSR Collapse

  38. Koda La Force

    Koda La ForcePred dnevom

    LBJ = Lebron James

  39. FourthTundra683

    FourthTundra683Pred 2 dnevi

    7:04 Forrest Gump reference in the background

  40. Juan Felipe C

    Juan Felipe CPred 2 dnevi

    Gorbachov is a traitor

  41. Piggy the Pig

    Piggy the PigPred 2 dnevi

    Good to know nice guy Carter is still alive. Bless him.

  42. Timor

    TimorPred 2 dnevi

    Did you know that usa worked agents israel in the war usa is a stupid country

  43. Shalmal Soni

    Shalmal SoniPred 2 dnevi

    Vietnam war please!!!

  44. Silver Wind

    Silver WindPred 2 dnevi

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    The jenny reference..

  48. Samuel Tindall

    Samuel TindallPred 2 dnevi

    Hmmmmmmm… the bay of pigs was called off, I don’t think we actually lost for that-

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    B 888Pred 2 dnevi

    I would like you to cover the Israel/Palestine conflict

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    Dair EllenbeckerPred 2 dnevi

    Germany Starts World War 1 Than 2 And In The Future 3

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    Sakusa KiyoomiPred 2 dnevi

    5:44 weebs are you seeing this

  52. Stephen Ludlum

    Stephen LudlumPred 3 dnevi

    6:08-6:14 Did... did you seriously put the Buster Sword and Masamune in a video about US vs Russia? You are now my favorite SLthrowr.

  53. vatreni gamer

    vatreni gamerPred 3 dnevi

    People who saw the vietcong soldier: 😑

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    XAhmedRabieXPred 3 dnevi

    You never made a ww3 video

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    bashy61988Pred 3 dnevi

    wasn’t reagan the president at the time?

  56. dark shadowz

    dark shadowzPred 3 dnevi

    at 15:56 was hilarious

  57. Rick

    RickPred 3 dnevi

    didn't you guys notice the sovietunion flag had a hammer and *pickle* instead of sickle? great easteregg!

  58. IjeskrewRB MC

    IjeskrewRB MCPred 3 dnevi

    "My grandpa saved a womans purse" 2:25 "My grandpa saved the world"

  59. kpatelv

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    More like overly one sided

  60. MR. FUN

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    WW3…. Coming soon to your closest countrys soon

  61. Jacob Tanner

    Jacob TannerPred 3 dnevi

    “A lot of people thought Star Wars (SDI) was a stupid idea” mfw on may 11th, 2021 I watched Israel stop 600 rockets with the same technology😐


    GOLDEN GAMERV8Pred 3 dnevi

    15:55 oh lord no

  63. Austin Perry

    Austin PerryPred 3 dnevi

    Anyone see Forrest Gump 😂

  64. Csaba Bánki

    Csaba BánkiPred 3 dnevi

    These videos are amazingly well done! Humorous but very informative, it's incredible how much you can learn while having fun with these. Thank you for doing these man!

  65. -El-

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  66. Nguyen Khanh Linh

    Nguyen Khanh LinhPred 3 dnevi

    i cant believe id be interested in history one day thanks so much pal ur so cool

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    SoundIcePred 4 dnevi

    6:07 is that the buster sword and the masamune?

  68. Hosino New

    Hosino NewPred 4 dnevi

    4:34 Ho Chi Minh rude??? no way he was kind and good with children

  69. Poperyan Escriba

    Poperyan EscribaPred 4 dnevi

    9:22 Literally no one: President Brezhnev: Kisses Carter Carter: Please for the love of god don't do that

  70. ̇

    ̇Pred 4 dnevi

    Whole world suffered because of these foolish communists and anti-communist

  71. Ness DTemplar

    Ness DTemplarPred 4 dnevi

    americans 2021: the falling debris of the chinese rocket was irresponsible... americans 1950: 4:05 👁👄👁

  72. JoJo reference checker

    JoJo reference checkerPred 2 dnevi

    it wasn't irresponsible, it was an accident, but I still laugh at your joke

  73. Sasha Reznichenko

    Sasha ReznichenkoPred 4 dnevi

    “ so sleep well tonight” me who is in bed watching this video at night: 😳 ( but without the blush)

  74. Polly g

    Polly gPred 4 dnevi

    why is Vassili not a world hero, he's the only a to of truly saved the world by himself

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    3 yrs later still no nam war

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    Fun fact: My grandpa actually visited the wall and he may be one of the people that are protesting

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  99. JoJo reference checker

    JoJo reference checkerPred 2 dnevi

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