WW1 - Oversimplified (Part 2)

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    So many things missing or wrong in both parts, okay it's oversimplified, but simplifying things doesn't mean adding things that are wrong. Austria didn't ask before declaring war, wilhelm 2nd (the idiot who forgot to sign some treaties again, broke the promise of germany not being hungry for more land and was in some quarrel with his english relatives) realised austria is germanys last ally and therefore entering the war. Austria knew vey well that former german chancellor bismarck made treaties and secret treaties between the major powers in europe before to ensure nobody could declare war on anybody without getting targeted by everybody, but they declared war on serbia and russia none the less. The german submarines attacked civilian ships after these were used to transport troops and weapons to their enemies.

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    Romania did not decide it was a great time to join the war, france and russia encouraged romania to join with ‘promises’ of help to disturb the ottoman-german supply chain . When Romania got pounded the british decided its a good time to burn romanias food supplies and oil so the germans wont have them at least. Thanks for the help allies.

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    wait wait wait.... I think you forgot a huge part of this war. Canada. While world war 2 was a clear win because of the US, Canada played a HUGE role in ww1.

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    It’s crazy how it’s never mentioned or covered in media that the Middle East was also in WW1 and basically only Eastern Europe is ever focused upon primarily the French trenches. It’s always portrayed as British/French versus Germans which always confuses me and causes me to need a refresher as I know that the war started because of the Franz Ferdinand assassination but I always forget about the whole Austro-Hungarian beef with Bosnia.

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    So everyone attacks everyone. 40 million casualties. From Russia to Middle East. From Africa to Australia. From the very heart of Europe to the remotest island in the Pacific. People kill or die. Well, it's "World War" isn't it? But miraculously it's genocide for Armenians. Like they didn't do anything. Like they didn't help Russians on the Russian front when Ottomans were fighting 3 different campaigns simultaneously. When other nations systematically kill people even if there's a rebellion or not, it's called war. When Ottomans kill attacking Armenians and relocate the rest it's genocide.

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    @Freddy Krueger since when we call fighting back the guerrillas as genocide? Do you honestly believe Ottomans killed and relocated Armenians in the middle of a ww for ethnic cleansing?

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    Cannon, Brendon J. Legislating Reality and Politicizing History: Contextualizing Armenian Claims of Genocide. Offenbach: Manzara Verlag, 2016. Erickson, Edward J. Ordered to Die: A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War. London: Greenwood Press, 2001. McCarthy, Justin. The Ottoman Peoples and the End of Empire. London: Hodder Arnold, 2001. if you want more I can text here goodnight you ignorant moron

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    The story why the Ottoman Empire joined the war is a pretty funny one. Two German warships were fleeing from English Warships and entered Constantinopolis. Than the English Navy demanded that the German warships were to be handed out or they would declare war on the Ottoman Empire. Than the Ottomen had the idea to just tell the Englishmen that they bought two warships from Germany. Than the warships were given the Ottoman logos and all the soldiers were given Ottoman uniforms. The German warships than left Constantinopolis and attacked Russia and because the ships looked like they belonged to the Ottomen, Russia declared war to the Ottoman Empire.

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    Feels like the entirety of this war was kinda pointless. They weren't really fighting for anything after a while, other than for the sake of fighting. The Austro-Hungarians kind of blamed the wrong people.

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    There was never a genocide in the Ottoman empire. There was war and both sides had casualties but never a genocide. The history is clear but noone is interested to read and see. Why looking into the archives about the truth while you can Just watch youtube and learn history.

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    while ottoman was fighting against russians at caucasus mountains armenians, kurdish and turkish tribes rebelled to the ottomans. ottomans didnt want to fight against russians and rebels at the same time so they decided to deport the rebels to the south side of the country. because of the diseases and probably some of the soldiers personal hate towards these rebels, most of them died in the process but there are no evidence to a genocide towards armenians. people claim 1,5 million armenians were killed but in that time armenian population in the whole country was 800k and there are no 1,5 million human bodies in the field that found after the war. if you really want to search about this topic, turkish archives are open but armenian archives dont. to my knowledge british archives claim 1,5 mil people lived in that area. it is probably exaggeration because armenians want independence and to do that you must prove you have the most population in that area but just 10% in that area were armenian and probably they were given high numbers to the church.

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    i forgot to mention, todays armenia population is 3 mil. it is impossible they have 1,5 mil people back then

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    one thing tough: in 1915 all Armenian population in the ottoman empire was 1 million by official documents so it is technically imposible 1.5 million people die and call it genocide. BTW while you are at it you could have mention why armenian started attacking turkish people in the empire in first place

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