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    Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback! The next video is in the works, apologies for the long wait!

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    Germany’s allies are so shit

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    imagine being in the trenches next to the person who would start the biggest and deadliest war in history

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    3:15 H A R A M B E

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    Lusitania was NOT a civilian Ship. It carried AMMO and WEAPONS, when a Ship Carries Ammo and Weapons it seizes to be a Civilian Ship and becomes a Military Target.

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    There is no such thing as the Armenian genocide!

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    This is why almost no one likes turkey

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    Germany: We have Italy Italy: I just flip the switch

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    damn. Part 1 was a lot more historically accurate.

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    I call hacks, some dude fired 1 shot and killed 17M

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    I just have to say that I very much appreciate these oversimplified history videos that you make! ^_^ These mean that I don't have to watch an hour documentary or read a crazy long article in order to complete my history assignments, but these videos still thoroughly educate me on the topics. Thank you for making my research a *lot* easier!

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    Not so fun fact: over a million muslims in british and french colonies were killed by firing squad because they refused to fight the ottoman empire, many even went as far as to fight for the axis powers but not because they liked the axis powers but because they hated the allies

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    This is why I am never going to America or uk

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    Germany carried every war they were in. No wonder they lost

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    Man russia your doing pretty good hope nothing bad happens. Meanwhile in St. Petersburg

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    Germany is great at war. Its just their allies that suck

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    WW 1 and 2 : As soon as America involves, everyone fucked up.

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    Fucking stupid channel.A lot of wrong information.

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    "it's all fun and games until the Americans join" -some German soldier dude

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    6:47 Song name?

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    2:55 - very likely the Luisitania had war supplies for the UK on it and that's why it was sunk. Big discussion on the coverup.

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    Why sound decrease

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    This war would have never happened if the driver didn't take a wrong turn

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    Love that chart about US Opinions on WW1.

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    1:51 this is lie bich go fuck your self

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    @SDJ Don't believe in the genocide you made up out of your stupid ass, if you will believe, Remember the Khojaly genocide. And besides, he's my nickname

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    Your name is swastika and you have the turkish flag as your PFP sit down

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    Okay, let's say we killed the Armenians, but why doesn't anyone question the genocide of East Turkestan or the genocide of Azerbaijan?

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    We not kill Armenia s 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    @GhostlyMeow it didn't it was the opposite. Armenians killed thousands of turks, and then when they fought back, they said it was genocide

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    It did happen

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    Nice video ♥♥♥

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    From Russia with love

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    How much territory did Germany take from Russia everyday during ww1? About as how much distance it takes a tired German solder to walk in a day.

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    Anyone ever notice he never used these same shades of blue and red in his future videos ever again?

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    armenian genocide you shouldnt have said that

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    @GhostlyMeow he denied something that didnt happen

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    Ahmet Enes Tuzlu The irony that you called me ignorant when you denied a genocide

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    Driver: *takes wrong turn* Ferdinand: Oh, looks like you took a wrong turn. Driver: Oh sorry. But hey, its not like 17 million people are gonna die because of it

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    does it make me a bad person to want to see germany win?

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    The city of Verdun Me: Fields of execution turned to wasteland from the grass Thou shall go no further, it was said they shall not pass! In the spirit of resistance and the madness of the war

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    6:31 anyone know what this song is called?

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    great clips, dude! Learned so much history by watching your videos that I've actually started enjoying history (always hated it in school). Also, you have earned my sub, and that's something because I've only subbed to a handful of channels over the last decade. So, well done with these history lessons that are explained so well and in such an entertaining manner. I'm looking forward to seeing more... MANY MORE...

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    Humanity just dosnt learn

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    you should do one about the balkan war

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    Oversimplified & Extra Credit, if only SLthrow existed 30 years ago, there might not B a generation of trolls & online bullies today.

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    Both of the wars summed up in one sentence “Those damned Americans”

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    Have you ever noticed all of the allies had red

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    You have the knowledge to oversimplify and explain the WW1 but still believe Armenian genocide (that has no evidence) It is sad that over 20 million people watched this

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    Literally shit tons of evidence for that genocide but ok.

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    "And never had such a horrible war again. . . For about 20 years." Now DAT'S what I call FORESHADOWING!!

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    Lol I found the exact same comment under yours but it’s older

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    *Ireland tiptoeing up behind england with a wooden mallet* "Excuse us a minute"

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    sweden kinda had a part in WWII coz they exported some iron ore to germany

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    In world wars I and II Germany has like 6 or 7 very strong enemies and have bullshit friends like austria-hungary and italy which are useless. Its like only Germany fighting all of them on its own. After 3 or 4 years of war when all the resources are over for the europeans, that USA enters the war, as it doesnt have the balls to fight from the start. It seems no country have the balls to face Germany one on one even the soviet union, UK and US also can get their ass kicked easily. Britain is luckly to be an island in the WW2 or else Germany would have conquered the way it did to france. Soviet union is lucky because of winter. Anyways the world is lucky that Germany did not win it lol. Thank god country like Nazi Germany which is the most powerful in the world and with such ideology should never win a war.

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    I bet you Germany never send a letter to Mexico asking them to attack America. I bet it was actually the UK who forged that letter and said look what the Germans wrote.

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    Oh they did, the Germans actual admitted to sending it during the war.

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    armenian genocide part is not a fact. like russia funded and armed balkan nations they did same in caucasus and armenians was armed too. after that france invade syria and armed armenians there again. thing is they couldn't win against turkish militas. similar to turkish people banished from balkans, same happened in east anatolia to armenians. its not genocide. its civil war and then ww1. our country had bloody civil war and our multicultural country break apart. thats it. its sad, its painful and unhumanly but same things happened to turks too. in arabia, balkans, crimea and caucasus. when we read and see this kind of things our national thoughts going front and that is why we become defensive about that. cause we had painful years of war, invades and betrayal. we do not deny anything but showing that events like a genocide is not true, its disrespect to killed, raped turkish civilians in anatolia by armenian militas. also british army used chemical weapons in gallipoli and egypt against turks. thats documented. showing germans as bad guys and others good is not true also.

  101. SDJ

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    But the Armenian people in the ottoman empire were not treated equally at all and if I am correct so did the Balkan people because they were Christian and Armenians had to pay higher taxes just because they weren't Muslim and were not Turkish

  102. Flame Swords10

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    Agree. Genocide didnt happen at all

  103. Ozgur D

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    also one more mistake about video is russia-turkish war. turks not attacked caucasus. russia invaded east anatolia and that frozen event happened in turkish mountains. search for sarıkamış on google maps you will see.

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    never attack america or E L S E

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    Thank you for mentioning the Armenian genocide, people usually forget that it ever happened :)

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    I am a "Pesky American"! Sometimes I'm proud of it. Sometimes I'm not.

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    6:04 "This was great news for germany" germany's farthest eastern territory giving a thumbs up

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    Moral of story:Serbia started ww1

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    Cavalery was bad ? Say that to French Cavalery on "Macédoine" who charge on 800 km in some weeks, forced Bulgaria to surrender, and precipited Armistice by passing the Rhin. WITH 20 000 F*CKING MEN... BULGARIA WAS ABOUT 1M!!! French cavalery is... Special...

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    armenian peoples killed the ottomans .

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    The daskneks yeah they did kill maybe 10 thousand maximum but that was nothing compared to the armenian genocide and even before the young turks came into power the sultan mehmed passed laws to kill 355K armenians

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    Do you mean people?

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    The Ottoman Empire was a true New Frontier, or Xinjiang in Chinese.

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    Italy di not switch side in WWI. Italy gas a defensive treaty with the central Empires Who were on the aggressors. Italy 1 year After the beginning of the war entered the war against Austria which has been their National enemy since the foundation. 50years before

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    Meanwhile in Mexico “The USA going to war huh” “Yeah heard it was because Germany wanted us to attack the USA” “He can fuck his self if he thinks we will even stand a chance against them” Meanwhile in Germany “Sir they got the message” “Fuck”

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    The Ottoman Empire (/ˈɒtəmən/; Ottoman Turkish: دولت عليه عثمانيه‎ Devlet-i ʿAlīye-i ʿOsmānīye, literally "The Sublime Ottoman State"; Modern Turkish: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu or Osmanlı Devleti; French: Empire ottoman)[note 5][16] was a state[note 6] that controlled much of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries. It was founded at the end of the 13th century in northwestern Anatolia in the town of Söğüt (modern-day Bilecik Province) by the Turkoman[17][18] tribal leader Osman I.[19] After 1354, the Ottomans crossed into Europe and with the conquest of the Balkans, the Ottoman beylik was transformed into a transcontinental empire. The Ottomans ended the Byzantine Empire with the 1453 conquest of Constantinople by Mehmed the Conqueror.[20]

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    Hey guys here some food for thought, if Germany won World War I the world would be completely different! Rober to probably wouldn't have happened the cold war would have been a completely different story The next also fistful of other things That would be completely different.

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