WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    If Britain had surrendered at the Battle of Britain god knows what Europe would be like today 😂

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    There are way too many people posting here saying they didn't know squat about WW2 till they saw this video... disappointing.

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    I agree it's shocking

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    How can you be a "nationalist socialist" and be anti-socialist?

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    Ww2 Sucks

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    Churchill was a globalist puppet and war criminal. Germany could have slaughtered 200k plus British soldiers but hitler delayed the assault allowing the British to escape. Hitler tried to make peace with britisn many times.

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  33. Battle For The Continent - Official

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    Any kind of dictators number of power and year: 1. Benito Mussolini (1922) 2. Joseph Stalin (1924l 3. Adolf Hitler (1933) 4. Francisco Franco (1936)

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    Too much misinformation, not enough substance.

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    Hold on so Germany were asked to pay money which it didn’t have which is quite similar to a loan which means the Germans would have also had to pay in interest meaning they pretty much monetised the war right?


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    WW2 is prime example of how bad situations can be

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    In the video it is said that France still used horses, but Germany also still used them a lot. There was approximately the same rate of motorization in both armies.

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    Not really. Just the person who created fascism was once a socialist. But he completely abandoned socialism. Fascism has nothing to do with socialism.

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    this is the most insane load of historical revisionism and absolute coddling to the leftest narrative and clearly shows you watch too many hollywood movies. it's a master class in creating your own context to build a story line. This isn't history, this is D&D levels of fantasy , down vote for being too stupid to breathe without flash cards.

  87. MISSION101

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    @Nikki Holdmeier they weren’t though. Their supply lines were already ridiculously overstretched and poorly supported, and they were having shortages. The winter helped, but they were never going to be able to beat the Soviet Union

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    @MISSION101 because they were

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    Interesting you say this, as I agree it has many inaccuracies but rather in favour of the Nazis. The entirety of the eastern front as portrayed in this makes it seem like the Nazis were about to win if not for the winter

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    1945: ww2 2020: CORONAWAR 2

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