The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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    Join me in Rise of Kingdoms today: Use code ConquerROK to treat yourself with 500 Gems Thanks to Lilith Games for making this video happen!

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    0:12 my town

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    Basically, Lenin hated fun, good things and ANYTHING that was remotely good for the people😭😂

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    It's the best explanation to this chapter

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    Do they have bananas in old Russia? If not I'm not timetravling


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    Fun fact:Lwow Was the prime minster but after the Revolution between 16. July and 20. July Lwow ablicated and on 21. July Kerenski became Prime Minster

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    "Those don't count!" -Trump after losing the election

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    I don't know, maybe try looking into it? That might help all of us more than trying to meme. Going to hereistheevidence dot com. Sorry I can't just drop the link, SLthrow doesn't like information spreading they don't approve of.

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    It’s scary how similar recent events such as the capitol riots and whatnot is so similar to this.

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    The Regent Endures, Alexei Lives, There is much to be done

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    i want a comedy film about the tzar

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    I just shat my pants when not to spoil or anything Rasputin started doing that thing

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    The next video you should do is something about the holocaust

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    Me: I promise I won’t get political Me 3 drinks later: FEAR MY REVOLUTIONARY MIGHT

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    Why there are no sources in the description? When you do such videos you should always name what sources do you use.

  38. Marý

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    @The mortician The fact that this is taught in school doesn’t change anything about the thing that you need sources for history. Even history books get the information from somewhere. Was the person who made this video present during the revolution? Have he met the people he’s talking about? No, so he used some source to find out what happened. I don’t say the video is wrong but you still have to find the information somewhere. Even how he portrays Lenin. I didn’t meet him, I don’t know how he behaved. However, a lot of people knew him and his personality and they may have written memoirs. Do you get what I mean?

  39. The mortician

    The morticianPred 2 dnevi

    @Marý yeah but, this stuff is taught in schools. It's common knowledge. What would he cite? History books. Sure, maybe some minor details are incorrect, but the majority of the video is accurate.

  40. Marý

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    @The mortician Of course you need sources. Especially when talking about as controversial and questionable figures as Lenin or Stalin.

  41. The mortician

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    Dude this shit is taught in schools. You don't need sources for this. It's actual recent history.

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    @15:40 Oh hey it's Jan 2021 in the USA, when a certain crybaby had a meltdown tantrum that he lost the election

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    22:47 Absolute bs lol, Trotsky even said Lenin's "Last Testament" was faked. Supposedly Lenin's testament was to put Trotsky in charge lol A paranoid man who distrusted the West? Yeah big surprise he's "paranoid" after the West was constantly trying to overthrow the Soviets! The genocidal Nazis were trying to massacre whole Slavic villages for their Lebensraum ideas... And guess which countries funded the Nazis? UK and US. Henry Ford for example. Massive investment into Nazi Germany.

  50. W Abc

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    Yes the elections beat out the Bolsheviks but that was an election of the legislative assembly not the people. The Soviet elections had actual elections of the people

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    Not everybody assumed Trotsky lol you're just reciting typical CIA propaganda

  52. W Abc

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    Lenin advocated for Russia to fail in WWI so the Bolsheviks could overthrow Russia. He also said Germans should advocate for Germany to fail, to weaken their govt. In a war of imperialist powers it doesnt matter much which one rules, moreso it matters whether you have a real revolution or not. "No one was safe from the violence not even Nicholas himself" Lol average counter-revolutionary

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    Does everyone in Russia have Mickey Mouse voice when they cry

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    For all the people who wanted to find staling in the background he is in 15:22

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    Nicholas and his family didn't deserve to die like that

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    We started with an unindustrialised, starving, retrogressive nation of poor peasants And boys, in 30 years, we have a Superpower

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    Silly woke liberals loving Lenin and communism. Lenin was evil and Communism ALWAYS fails

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    Socialism worked in the USSR for decades

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    Since when liberals love Lenin?

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    The fuck is Stalin at fault as rising stakes to possilbe nuclear war? Are you brain-dead? The USA threatened Soviets to leave Middle East or be nuclear bombed right after WW2 was finishing.

  66. W Abc

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    Not only Middle East but Korea. After Soviets help Korea get liberated, USA nukes Japan as a warning then takes the south, overthrows the govt run by workers, and creates a fascist dictatorship (ROK)

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    Какое неполживое видео , видите ли, мы Запад хорошие , а Россия плохая, а люди ведь верят в эту чушь ,сказанную в этом видео. Автор недалекий человек,но к сожалению под этим видео никто это не поймет

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    If this was how Lenin's reign of the USSR went why is he and his theory so glorified by social media and college leftists?? I thought it was a great success or something.

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    It was

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    The oversimplified history of socialism. It never works. The end.

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    @Hugh J'Cawk No, it isn't, and what does that have to do with the failures of socialism?

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    @W Abc Not a scholar of history or economics huh?

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    It does tho

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    My favorite part of this is that he calls them “Lenin and the boys”

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    It took me a long time to get the “Trotsky is finger licking good at organizing” joke, cause Trotsky is a copy of Colonel Sanders

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    Isn't it just like a communist regime. "Of course we'll give free and fair elections- wait, we lost? Those don't count. We'll have to take over and become authoritarian. You know. For your own good."

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    You should mention in the Russian civil war, that in 1918, Kornilov tried taking Krasnodar (capital of Kuban SR), but got exploded by artillery, (his army was outnumbered too)

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    We still have a famine!

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    Lenin: the plan from the start was to make the Soviets replace the assembly, but I guess we can hold elections for the assembly to legitimise the October rev SRs: *splits into to and no one realises until it was too late* Lenin: well obviously the results wouldn't be true to popular opinion, seeing how the Left SRs and Bolsheviks have a democratic mandate in the Soviets Everyone: omg he wants to seize power

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    “Hey buddy....Daddy couldn’t handle the complex socio-economic problems of a giant multinational multi ethnic empire that’s engaged in total war with all of Europe. You think you can give it a shot?” I would be having a panic attack if my dad told me that.

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