The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  1. Nolan Boles

    Nolan BolesPred 44 minutami

    This is significantly more detailed than anything taught in high school survey classes.

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    Ah i see quarantine have brought all of us here

  5. Babababoi

    BabababoiPred 16 urami

    Dear Americans You say you hate taxes but the IRS and the income tax exist Curious

  6. Ezyanimation

    EzyanimationPred 16 urami

    9:00 my gramps kicked butt

  7. Yuthe Vong

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  8. Britain Mapping

    Britain MappingPred 19 urami

    If any of the founding fathers looked at America today I think they'd be both impressed and angry lol

  9. Paschal Nwokocha

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  10. Paschal Nwokocha

    Paschal NwokochaPred 21 uro

    cool I can,t belive this

  11. hecc mcgee

    hecc mcgeePred dnevom

    God old school war tactics were just. Plain causality heavy

  12. Srinija Chukkapalli

    Srinija ChukkapalliPred dnevom

    When your teacher is cool and assigns this video to watch 😎

  13. Evan Centauri

    Evan CentauriPred dnevom

    I love how he introduces his sponsors its so smooth it makes me wanna play the games.

  14. Wisdom Mapping

    Wisdom MappingPred dnevom

    I’m pretty sure it was Washington and his men who were nearly wiped at Fort Necessity by a combined force of French and Native American forces

  15. Daniel P

    Daniel PPred dnevom

    Call me a traitor but I would much rather be an American than an Englishman

  16. Jackson Rupp

    Jackson RuppPred dnevom

    You wanna breathe? *theres a tax for that.*

  17. Andre Lintner

    Andre LintnerPred dnevom

    At 13:25, i see what you did there... the senate will decide your fate.

  18. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezPred dnevom

    The obtainable disease postauricularly pop because haircut fascinatingly communicate without a raspy drake. feeble feigned, five puppy

  19. Eve

    EvePred dnevom

    OK so if we learned about the revolution this way in school I would of understood and paid attention much more. 😂

  20. hi ho silver n

    hi ho silver nPred dnevom

    6:10 as a British citizen this makes me feel sick

  21. Asjad Rizvi

    Asjad RizviPred dnevom

    If you ever wanted to make this chapter easy JUST PLAY ASSASSIN'S CREED 3

  22. Asjad Rizvi

    Asjad RizviPred dnevom

    2:18 why did it look like that we are studying assassin creed 3 story lol

  23. Max Jahns

    Max JahnsPred dnevom

    And then... somebody shot first. ...Must have been Han!

  24. Walter Prescott

    Walter PrescottPred dnevom

    Why did you say they burnt down Falmouth Massachusetts and then pointed to Falmouth main

  25. joe claridy

    joe claridyPred dnevom

    King George: "I'm gonna kick your ass! Send that to the Colonies" Aide: Your majesty your hand writing is terrible. King George: Just do it!!!!! Adams: What's it say........... Jefferson: I'm.....gonna....lick .....your.......Gross!

  26. Tsf Nope

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    Do it

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  28. J. K

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    not me at 2:07 screaming "GEORGE WASHINGTON!" in Hamilton style

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    im watching this for school ;-----;

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  31. bot1234

    bot1234Pred 2 dnevi

    Jon Adams should have been the first president he was the better leader

  32. takeru franco

    takeru francoPred 2 dnevi

    the 11k dislikes are the flat earthers when they heard that the earth is round

  33. A hyper Snorlax

    A hyper SnorlaxPred 2 dnevi

    The fact that a social studies video is sponsored lmao

  34. Braiden Simmons

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  35. Julie Farrell

    Julie FarrellPred 2 dnevi

    Me: breaths My mom: there's a tax for that

  36. C G

    C GPred 2 dnevi

    Chris Columbus to the Catholic Monarchs : "OK that's the thing; I am related to the Portuguese nobility, I need a land to reign over. Goes without saying. Tell you what; we need to sail to India *now* , I have a few contacts in China here and there, they'll let me reign. ( After arriving ) Hmm.. This doesn't look like India anymore.. Perhaps we should have sailed East. Oh well, the only possible explanation is that it's India but just a part of the land I've never seen before". I don't think the Vikings discovered America. Because it had already been discovered by its inhabitants :).

  37. Big Johnson

    Big JohnsonPred 2 dnevi

    Ooof all of the houses we should burn down today

  38. The 808

    The 808Pred 2 dnevi

    to be fair britain was in the right at the start and then in the wrong

  39. andy marius

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  40. Yair Yint Aung

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  41. Memetronic

    MemetronicPred 2 dnevi

    So George Washington was a traitor

  42. Jason Best

    Jason BestPred 2 dnevi

    When he said "'the high ground on bunker hill'' I just thought It's over british I have the high ground

  43. CHONK Toni U mess with me u die

    CHONK Toni U mess with me u diePred 2 dnevi

    This gonna help me in history test and but the dog biscuits in the bag or get stabbed

  44. Elvis nagash

    Elvis nagashPred 2 dnevi

    If George 111 wasnt mad then Britain probably would have avoided the entire thing.

  45. Drew Rice

    Drew RicePred 2 dnevi

    Some art similar to GradeAUnder, narration like Bill Wurtz and History all combined for a very entertaining video.

  46. Vu Thuc Trang

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  47. presley wallace

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    my teacher showed us this video i’m in 4th grade and it said pissed” she was annoyed but i saw the title so i’m watching it hehehe

  48. Joseph Andrade

    Joseph AndradePred 3 dnevi

    13:25 "It's treason, then..."

  49. Si-Los News

    Si-Los NewsPred 3 dnevi

    11k dislikes are from Britain

  50. Rayan Boutrig

    Rayan BoutrigPred 3 dnevi

    I am actually from the town of concord and you prounonce it completely incorectly

  51. Charlene Black

    Charlene BlackPred 3 dnevi

    I'm totally implementing your videos into my homeschool curriculum. Not only will my 7 and 8 yr olds enjoy it, I also sent a link to my 18 yr old. I wish either you'd upload more often or someone would make similarly enjoyable, informative, and funny videos. Thanks, Dude!

  52. David Wang

    David WangPred 3 dnevi

    I think the vikings discovered the moon

  53. Zem Khan

    Zem KhanPred 3 dnevi

    The nappy swamp minimally rhyme because turret coincidentally fear of a tricky badge. discreet, careless act

  54. charred gaming

    charred gamingPred 3 dnevi

    as a member of Britain i do want to say this to our men who fought this battle but WHAT THE FUCK GUYS U KINDA SUCK.I MEAN HOW COULD U LOSE TO A BUNCH OF MINUTE MEN YOUR FULLY TRAINED I MEAN JESUS CHRIST.WE EVEN HAD TACTICS MY GUY.

  55. NorAisah Abdul Samad

    NorAisah Abdul SamadPred 3 dnevi

    Forum Weapon: 10:45-10:51

  56. Aiden Carmean

    Aiden CarmeanPred 3 dnevi

    Teacher: Why are you not studying your notes Me watching Oversimplified: I am studying

  57. Seamus McKee

    Seamus McKeePred 3 dnevi

    This guys sponsor transitions are smoother than a marble counter.


    Sam WOODHOUSEPred 3 dnevi

    Please stop using English and British interchangeably... otherwise great video

  59. I

    IPred 3 dnevi

    Thanks to the French we could not have won the war without them and many people haven’t been taught this

  60. Redundant Ideas

    Redundant IdeasPred 4 dnevi

    It's a little ironic that the British could saved themselves some money and left the colonies to the French. But I suppose the nature of man (i.e. we are in it for ourselves) eventually beats any organised structure.

  61. kix land

    kix landPred 4 dnevi

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  62. JOHN G

    JOHN GPred 4 dnevi

    Now people are voting for higher taxes...

  63. Rebel Gamer

    Rebel GamerPred 4 dnevi

    4:34 I knew the Fidget spinner was invented is 1764

  64. Clarissa Gafoor

    Clarissa GafoorPred 4 dnevi

    It would have been better if the British had simply allowed the French what they wanted.

  65. Clays Animation

    Clays AnimationPred 4 dnevi

    8:45 No you hang up No you Hang Up No you Hang Up No you hang up

  66. Officer Condog

    Officer CondogPred 4 dnevi

    This is the first video I watched being 13.

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    @Perso Perso thanks

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    Late happy birthday!

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    George Washington is a traitor to the British

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    I am probably mysterious ¿?¿?

  71. bhremantyo ganendra

    bhremantyo ganendraPred 4 dnevi

    The guy that first comment like this: Do you want a copy of any comment? Me: Yea... The guy that first commented like this: There's a tax for that. Me: dude so uncool. Lol Dude

  72. Colgate The Hedgehog

    Colgate The HedgehogPred 4 dnevi

    10:59 "lick my-" "gross" well someone just started a fetish out of american history

  73. Colgate The Hedgehog

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    i used this vid for homework last-minute

  74. Third nino

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    WhAt I sAw ThE PhIIPpines

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  76. iris hamlin

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  77. enrique perez

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    I’m actually went to Fort Washington Park And Fort McHenry national park a.k.a. when Francis cot key made the paom that became our US national anthem

  78. Dianne Mason

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  81. superepicHarryboy

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    didnt the bostons start it so its kinda there fault but we learnt if you throw a rock at a british person dont think your safe

  82. Shadimo

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  83. Clone Commander EN-08

    Clone Commander EN-08Pred 5 dnevi

    Me, a Brit watching this: *earl grey flavored angery noises*

  84. Justin Hubbard

    Justin HubbardPred 5 dnevi

    One thing I think that every race, nation, and religious group can agree on. Cereal is NOT a soup.

  85. Clan Brotagne

    Clan BrotagnePred 5 dnevi

    at 2:20 the battle was called the battle of jumonville glen. the guy the indian killed was actually killed in the initial ambush not by the indian.

  86. Mairead Collett

    Mairead CollettPred 5 dnevi

    I did the most british thing you could do while watching this video:I drank tea.

  87. Rick Fredrick

    Rick FredrickPred 5 dnevi

    You lazy bum why the king has the same face as the queen of France with the “feed then with cake” face

  88. nieyier animates

    nieyier animatesPred 5 dnevi

    Why u gotta complain? Huh? Do you do this hard work??? Try and do this for a living. And then start complaining.

  89. Jan Albrecht

    Jan AlbrechtPred 5 dnevi

    Could you not (like the video)? Sorry, but no i could not not

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  91. Laybot_Simbot

    Laybot_SimbotPred 5 dnevi

    Some people don’t understand why people hate the brits and I kinda agree because you know we don’t all want to take your money and tax you for tea, but at the same time, the British really did America dirty

  92. Janus

    JanusPred 5 dnevi

    Nothing says America like taking down King George' statue, melting it down and making bullets to take on his own military.

  93. Chavez David

    Chavez DavidPred 5 dnevi

    The tidy deadline thankfully reject because tray concordantly overflow via a fascinated plasterboard. alleged, disastrous drive

  94. Sheepyboy

    SheepyboyPred 5 dnevi

    "And the earth is round right?" "Right" "WRONG!!!"

  95. Stille #24

    Stille #24Pred 5 dnevi

    Learned alot of this from assasins creed 3

  96. Abraham Lincoln

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  97. Agnes Hunter

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    The dirty crush individually obey because kettle pathogenetically bat besides a parsimonious fedelini. erratic, fascinated shelf

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    When a SLthrow video is more interesting than a regular history class

  99. Sheepyboy

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    They always are

  100. CK's channel.

    CK's channel.Pred 5 dnevi

    So I wore my Gen. Washington pin today, for the good General's birthday. :D

  101. Iruuan207

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    I dare you to do a face reveal.

  103. Callum Sherratt

    Callum SherrattPred 5 dnevi

    To all the Americans saying we lost to farmers: Firstly you beat a small fraction of our military whilst having help from 3 of the biggest empires in the world, when we were on our own. Secondly you lost to starving rice farmers in Vietnam, and surprise surprise you were on your own with no allies and lost

  104. Skyler Muse

    Skyler MusePred 6 dnevi

    The shot heard throughout the world was the meaning of what caused ww1