The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  1. Chris George

    Chris GeorgePred 57 minutami

    The questionable comic histologically offer because tomato nouzilly kneel down a abounding crime. silky, juvenile swiss

  2. Krinkov Kraken

    Krinkov KrakenPred 2 urami

    13:27 I think OverSimplfied is a prequel memer.


    SOUP CANPred 3 urami

    “Oh your making a comment about taxing?” “There’s a tax for that.”

  4. Turkey Cheese

    Turkey CheesePred 5 urami

    I think it's very good that the Americans developed independence. But the fact that the Americans still to this day tell me on xbox (I'm British) that I suck because we lost the war is a joke.

  5. Thomas Cossette

    Thomas CossettePred 8 urami

    5:58 OverSimplified: "...set their sights on the remaining tax on tea" Me: wait a minute isnt that *hot chocolate* ?

  6. Leo.D Ace

    Leo.D AcePred 9 urami

    Me who played all of assassins creed 3 *Sometime my genius is frightening*

  7. Erik Urizita

    Erik UrizitaPred 15 urami

    “Some white guys disguised themselves as Native Americans” Americans when they were found out: *Hol up….. RACISTS* That’s how it’d go down today, sadly.

  8. King Cool Geony !

    King Cool Geony !Pred 16 urami

    it is actually 2nd of july. not the fourth. the second of july is my teacher’s birthday

  9. Weeb Sensei

    Weeb SenseiPred 17 urami

    Jefferson: All men are created equal. Like all MEN and they have to be white.

  10. apple apple

    apple applePred 19 urami

    French lieutenant colonel is George Washington United States general is George Washington

  11. al dusty plays

    al dusty playsPred 21 uro

    I learned this in social studies

  12. This Gurl

    This GurlPred dnevom

    13:03 life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we fought for these ideals we shouldn't settle for less, these are wise words, enterprising men quote them, don't be surprised you guy cause I wrote them

  13. Julie Lovell

    Julie LovellPred dnevom

    I may be American but...FUCK THE COLENIES!!!

  14. Portable hole from the future

    Portable hole from the futurePred dnevom

    We spent weeks learning about this at school! I wish they showed these instead

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    I will of course like this video

  17. Parnashri Koley

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    It's like cartoon I like this video



    The British did nothing wrong

  19. Vos Aerospace

    Vos AerospacePred dnevom

    Am I the only one who noticed the little note in the subtitles?

  20. Swiss Country ball

    Swiss Country ballPred dnevom

    U forgot to add Vermont in the thumbnail

  21. Chris Sanderson

    Chris SandersonPred dnevom

    I have whiplash from that ad segue.

  22. Luke Shure

    Luke ShurePred dnevom

    Great video, but the detail that washington wanted to be the leader is false. He tried to back down from the position but was too well liked for him to get his way.

  23. Sunny

    SunnyPred dnevom

    This says a lot that americans started a war over taxes

  24. Certainly a Super Villain

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    I live in NH and please for the love of my dogs call it con-curd

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  26. fusionboom

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    11:18 the crates wave the french and spanish flags on them (their flags at the time)

  27. Dimitrije Blagojević

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    Just play Assassin's Creed 3

  28. ETCFE God

    ETCFE GodPred dnevom

    Vikings show proof that’s far from correct

  29. Cherlyn Marceline

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    I came here and subscribed thanks to Gen Dit Commando.

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    guys fight in the replies of this comment

  32. Moroccan American Teacher أستاذ مغربي في أمريكا

    Moroccan American Teacher أستاذ مغربي في أمريكاPred 2 dnevi

    I loved this video. Do you mind sharing the software you've used?

  33. Stormfalcon 123

    Stormfalcon 123Pred 2 dnevi

    Correction: Maine wasn't one of the OG 13.

  34. Wezz Stuff

    Wezz StuffPred 2 dnevi

    America: throws rock and hurt British troops. British: did self defense. America: MASSACRE

  35. Anonymous fingers

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    2:54 CC British English. Holy shi…

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    9:16 wtf

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    When can you be a history teacher?

  39. DFekt Dysfunkshun

    DFekt DysfunkshunPred 2 dnevi

    I absolutely love this dudes videos. I literally lol at least once every one I've seen so far. But there's absolutely zero evidence that Colombus was a blood thirsty murdering thief. Go ahead, look it up 👍

  40. Sevi No

    Sevi NoPred 2 dnevi

    Natives were here first nobody discovered America native almost wiped the Vikings out but they left

  41. Robbie Raggs

    Robbie RaggsPred 2 dnevi

    “local patriots in Boston” me: dont you mean drunken colonists

  42. FaerieFall

    FaerieFallPred 2 dnevi

    I had a test on the American Revolution and I was stumped on a question but then I remembered what you said on this video and I got the question correct Lol

  43. Pablo Martinez

    Pablo MartinezPred 3 dnevi

    Como no un inglés diciendo que los españoles asesinamks a mucho nativos

  44. William person

    William personPred 3 dnevi

    11:07 u said Falmouth massachussetts, but its maine

  45. Jon Lange

    Jon LangePred 3 dnevi

    This is like my 5th time watching this.

  46. Antonio Marino

    Antonio MarinoPred 3 dnevi

    Perfect Ad placement

  47. JudoJewelry

    JudoJewelryPred 3 dnevi

    Not 100% accurate, Britain only said they were broke but they were sitting on a good amount of coins still....And they were not like we were protecting you so you need to pay us back, they consider them citizens of England and that was English land, they wanted it solely to have claimed the land

  48. TrainRider Railfan - NYC Subway History & More

    TrainRider Railfan - NYC Subway History & MorePred 3 dnevi

    I live in Brooklyn, NY and the have a plaque in the park about just how much they kicked our asses

  49. tackle games

    tackle gamesPred 3 dnevi

    DUDE you know the video is good when the description is longer than the comment section

  50. Chad Hogan

    Chad HoganPred 3 dnevi

    Cortez was the one who conquered central America and killed the Aztecs and Mayans. He probably did it because they were fucking insane after watching them sacrifice people to their Gods left and right while cannibalizing each other.

  51. Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke

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  52. I’m from Earth ———————

    I’m from Earth ———————Pred 3 dnevi

    Civilian: *throw rocks and shells* Guards: *defend themselves* Civilians: “No, We don’t do that here.”

  53. Christina Morris

    Christina MorrisPred 3 dnevi

    Did anyone else see that Star Wars joke

  54. shotaro debut

    shotaro debutPred 3 dnevi

    okay, my History teacher wants me to be her helper because apparently I am the only one in the class that knows the American revolution. (Btw, I'm not from the US of A, I'm from South America) so I'm re watching this to make sure this doesn't have bad words so I can ask her to put this on class. I think this has Spanish Subtitles- I hope. Extra points, hereI come! :')

  55. shotaro debut

    shotaro debutPred 3 dnevi

    Nah, the teacher already uses bad words like f word but in Spanish

  56. Deborah Moss

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    How did you take her

  57. NOT zyro

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    Can we get napoleonic wars?

  58. Itz Pieh

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    "i want to tax the colonies" there's a tax for that

  59. Itz Pieh

    Itz PiehPred 4 dnevi

    france : loses the 7 year war and france got punished severely

  60. Itz Pieh

    Itz PiehPred 4 dnevi

    oh what is it Britain? Britain : i want to kick Frances ass oh there's a tax for that

  61. Daniel H

    Daniel HPred 4 dnevi

    What about the point where the crown removed most elected colonial officials, and put his own officials in place. That's a pretty important part.

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    Man July 2nd is my birthday😔

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    we watch this in class I'm in 4th grade 😳 and we watched all of it 😳😳😳😳😳

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    "Oh, you're still here?" ... "get the hell out!"

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    I love the Johnny a and Johnny j

  68. Delbert Z. Osborne

    Delbert Z. OsbornePred 4 dnevi

    It appears what it all boils down to is this country was founded on a lie. And it's been lying ever sense. WHAT one has too do. If one wants to protect a lie then one needs to try and tell a more convincing lie. So on, so on, and so on. To the point that many of us become awere we've been lied too from the start. But today the US 🇺🇸 public is waking up. And thoes that have kept and been adding too the lie have freaked out. Now the are inventing lies of globle proportions of a life changing magnitude. Rather then confusing it's all been a lie. Apparently they decided just see how many they can kill off befor enough of us wake up to the major lie and turn the tide 🙄 WAKE UP SHEEPLE, WAKE UP.

  69. ShockWideTV

    ShockWideTVPred 4 dnevi

    Please make a video about sepoy mutiny

  70. UnTioKualquiera GTF24

    UnTioKualquiera GTF24Pred 5 dnevi

    En realidad cristobal colon se murió pensando que habia llegado a Japón

  71. Zach Power

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    Please do one on the Irish rebellion

  72. Toasted_Toaster

    Toasted_ToasterPred 5 dnevi

    Do the fur trade

  73. Angry Bob

    Angry BobPred 5 dnevi

    I think it was a global war and this video does not put the American Colonies in context to that. The colonies were not the most lucrative not the most strategic issue for the British of the time. Europe and India respectively filled those spots. The colonies were simply expensive and thankless. Also, the colonist's were referred to as Americans, most were British or British colonists.

  74. juan hezekiel

    juan hezekielPred 5 dnevi

    I dont understand, most of the people in america during that time originally is british right? Why they dont want to gove money to their own country?

  75. Raj Rathore

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    Uk don't have money now

  76. Rishi Garg

    Rishi GargPred 5 dnevi

    All Star Wars references : Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith (2005) - 10:00 "High ground" 13:26 "It's treason, then".


    YASH DEVJAI GUPTAPred 5 dnevi

    8:10 background music from European War 6


    YASH DEVJAI GUPTAPred 5 dnevi

    lead---it is called graphite


    YASH DEVJAI GUPTAPred dnevom

    Its called graphite


    YASH DEVJAI GUPTAPred 5 dnevi

    the pencil led

  81. Samriddh

    SamriddhPred 5 dnevi

    I always feel bad for the army. Like what did they do?

  82. Red Garlic

    Red GarlicPred 5 dnevi

    The class when the quiet kid roasts the teacher: 0:34 The teacher: 3:52

  83. Party Boi

    Party BoiPred 5 dnevi

    I mean.... Won't you expect to get shot when a huge mob heckles and throws stuff at an outnumbered group of soldiers

  84. Luna Aurora

    Luna AuroraPred 5 dnevi

    Thomas Jefferson: "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal!" Thomas' slaves/wife/potential mistresses: Does that include us? Thomas: NO

  85. gh0re_ph0bic

    gh0re_ph0bicPred 5 dnevi

    When Americans who think they founded Britain first whatch this ✖️👄✖️

  86. Hugo Heimar Vaarend

    Hugo Heimar VaarendPred 6 dnevi

    It wasnt americans vs british. It was british vs british. Dumb ass war lol

  87. Hannah M

    Hannah MPred 6 dnevi

    As a future history teacher, I hope I can have this kind of humor while teaching to others. 😂😂It honestly makes it that much easier to understand and remember.

  88. Samwise

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  89. Samantha O'Connor

    Samantha O'ConnorPred 6 dnevi

    the global conflict was basically ww1

  90. joyfied :]

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  91. Abhishek Kalra

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    So British fought British?

  92. Ramses

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    Yes, a Civil war basically

  93. Paxdead

    PaxdeadPred 6 dnevi

    even is the 1500 hundreds people knew the world was round and we got idiots in 2021 tht think its flat

  94. Nik Amir Affan Nik Amirul

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    10:57 uh oh

  95. Definitely not a Discord bot

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    My brain when I see a random link: 3:41

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    nathan hale

  97. BatCham

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    5:35 I guess they had to protect themselves, I have heard one civilian shouted fire to demonise the brits, George Washington also payed British troops to fight for the USA lol 🇺🇸 Nice video btw

  98. Aditi Dutta

    Aditi DuttaPred 6 dnevi

    So, if I am not wrong, the American Revolution was the British fighting with the British?

  99. Soldataran

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    So that's why it is called Boston MASSaSHOOTsetts. I'll throw my self out.

  100. xXPeytonatorXx YT

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    Y’all don’t have to believe me what does substitute at my school is actually related from Thomas Jefferson he had sleeves he had a thing with a black women then the generations went and went then his dad went to a collage got tested his blood was deleted to Thomas then he met his mom then him happend but his blood is t h I n

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    Are you using the cowbell from Peter Piper by Run DMC at the king George taxing part

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