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  9. Vuk Dejz

    Vuk DejzPred dnevom

    I am from Serbia and you should know that we lost 50% of the male population in this war (2,500,000 men). Serbia is a small country located between Western and Eastern Europe, so it has always been on the path of great empires. Serbia has existed for 12 centuries and no country has paid dearly for its freedom like Serbia.

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    What Germany asks Belgium: Germany: Hey Belgium Belgium: Yeah? Germany: Could I march 750K troops through? Belgium: NO (gets dunked by Germany)

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    Heh Serbia actually accepted the Austrian demands, they killed Serbia anyway.

  37. Jot Singh

    Jot SinghPred 4 dnevi

    Something to add. Britain was about to loose their global super power status if Germany would win the WW One. They needed the help of the USA in order to win the war. The British Government asked the Rothschild Bank to intervene with their interests in America with a promise of a Zionist Jewish State in Palestine Protectorate administered by the British. (Balfour Declaration). The Rothschilds convinced President Woodrow Wilson to enter the war against Germany as U.S. banks had loaned loads of money to the British to finance the war. This was an urgent matter as Germany and the Russian Empire had settled on a cease fire agreement that gave Germany a million additional soldiers ready to be deployed on the Western Front. It would have tipped the outcome of the war in Germany’s favor. A German win would have been devastating with huge losses for the Rothschild banking system. With America on the British side, Germany lost WW I, resulting in massive unemployment, hyperinflation in that country. That in turn gave rise to radical groups with fascism and Hitler. One might say that the Rothschilds indirectly created Hitler and the resulting holocaust. Karma is a bitch.

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    Pfefferpotthast is a centuries-old goulash-style dish of braised beef from the North Rhine Westphalia region, particularly popular around the city of Dortmund. Traditional accompaniments to this dish are boiled potatoes, pickled gherkins and pickled beetroot.

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  69. Leonard

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    Alternative Ending: The driver of the Austrian Crownprince doesn't take the wrong turn, Austria doesn't declare war on Serbia and the Crownprince can fullfil his plan about the United States of South-East-Europe. Then the war starts between France and Germany, because it is inevitable, but Austria decides not to join. In the end the United States of South-East-Europe becomes the United States of Europe and everybody is happy.

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