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    He only has himself to blame for the kind of children he had.

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    It’s hard to believe this guy only has like 28 videos and over 4 million subs 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    MY AUNTIE :(

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    invade italy?

  27. Hrithik Anand Ranganathan

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    23:22 and tonight we are LIVE Listen up, let me tell you a story A story that you think You've heard before

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    Henry:sssss henry’s mother: yep that’s it Henry: I am the supreme leader of the church ssss screw the pope Henry’s mother: I love you Henry but what is wrong with you

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    "You're son is dead But its ok I'm also your son Hip-Hip-Hooray!"

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    I'm always sourly amused when I think of how much Henry VIII wanted a son and the son he begat didn't amount to much in the short time he had to live, but one of Henry's rejected daughters became one of England's most famous (in a good way) monarchs.

  34. Anthony Cheng

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    Never before have I gotten mad over an oversimplified video, but the only person that should be “off with his head” is the one that’s had more wives than that horse had broken bones.



    Pretty duckies.

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    Lol how many history teachers when doing the Tudors and Henry VIII just play this now.

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    I’ve watched this video 8 times lol. One for each Henry

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    Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. I’m Henry the 8th, I had 6 sorry wives. Some might say I ruined their lives.

  61. šαpphïrε_ßεαr

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    I bet she only looked “ugly” because she traveled a long while without anything to clean herself, or something just to get to him *idk whether she lived far or not I forgot XD*

  62. Sofie Valdmanova

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    I read somewhere that she seemed “unattractive” because German fashion was very boxy and people didn’t find that stylish in England. But I could be wrong

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    “Shut up BARRY!”

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    This is so funny

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    Kind of a 26 minute summary on the miniseries, The Tudors. And while the English later had Mordors, they never had Fourdoors!

  66. Bill Keck

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    I enjoyed this one! We Episcopalians think of Henry VIII as St Henry who started the Anglican Church! >>>NOT!

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    How weird, what if King Arthur was killed, poisoned? What if Henry was behind it? Hmm Honestly, he was insane. 22:04

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    Henry was not asking the pope for a divorce. He was asking for an annulment. A divorce means separation of marriage. Annulment means there's no marriage to begin with since it was illegal.

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    My man just created his own religion just to marry seven separate wives.

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