WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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After Bombing by Boris Kudoyarov / RIA Novosti archive
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Char T-34 by Antonov14
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German Cross by Lyon Cyborg
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  1. nono._is_a_weeb

    nono._is_a_weebPred 3 minutami

    All was going well for the Germans… then the snow started speaking Siberian

  2. harry_bleakley

    harry_bleakleyPred 2 urami

    it’s mad how the japanese sacrificed their own lives to try and win the war

  3. Jar Jar binks

    Jar Jar binksPred 2 urami

    Japan: no you can't use atomic bombs!!! America: how bout I do anyway?

  4. CoolGuyIsHere

    CoolGuyIsHerePred 3 urami

    Ngl I kinda see why the allies decided to occupy Germany dis time. They ain’t taking no more chances with Germany lmaoooo

  5. Shush HArsenalgamietai

    Shush HArsenalgamietaiPred 7 urami

    To be fair , I think that the Greeks in Crete held the Germans a bit in order to get cold when they got to SU

  6. Keiske who doesnt sleep

    Keiske who doesnt sleepPred 8 urami

    If the allies did not send that fake corpse the world would probably uhh be a lot more SWAStic

  7. SuperResistant

    SuperResistantPred 9 urami

    Pearl Harbor was glorious

  8. Keith _

    Keith _Pred 10 urami

    As an American I can honestly say, Churchill was an absolute unit.

  9. tom muller

    tom mullerPred 11 urami

    They were so close sad that they didn’t make it

  10. OhCertainlySir

    OhCertainlySirPred 15 urami

    As an Australian seeing that small Aussie flag smack into the German flags at 3:17 is just so epic! 😂

  11. Phil 21

    Phil 21Pred 16 urami

    You should have talked more about De Gaulle and Free France imo

  12. wst brick

    wst brickPred 16 urami

    END korean war

  13. thedunerat

    theduneratPred 18 urami

    Bruh my great uncles were in tobruk

  14. Oompity Loomps

    Oompity LoompsPred 19 urami

    I feel like Canada's involvement was really ignored here tbh.

  15. Mich KBel

    Mich KBelPred 19 urami

    plague inc be like:

  16. New Rap Lyrics

    New Rap LyricsPred 20 urami

    This was far from “over simplified” I learned more from this than my 2 years of “Canadian history” in high school.

  17. Alex Sleh

    Alex SlehPred 20 urami

    9:25 Ah yes. The most incredible fighting force: Danish Sailors.

  18. RoyalRoseWolf

    RoyalRoseWolfPred 21 uro

    So ya'll got a paid promotion and still have to slap me with 5 million adverts every minute? pfft greed much.

  19. Claudio Rodriguez

    Claudio RodriguezPred 21 uro

    The hoc vulture behaviourally reproduce because astronomy suddenly grip across a foregoing grandson. addicted, noiseless basin

  20. Hitler ll

    Hitler llPred dnevom

    welp.. time to start world war 3

  21. mrneutral

    mrneutralPred dnevom

    Brilliant videos.

  22. Liamthe770

    Liamthe770Pred dnevom

    How to learn history. Go to School: ❌ Go To OverSimplified: ✔

  23. Shikhar Sharma

    Shikhar SharmaPred dnevom

    ........and the innocents were punished!

  24. Aaron Hopkins

    Aaron HopkinsPred dnevom

    I think it’s funny that hitler has a picture of a cat on his calendar

  25. Lucia D.

    Lucia D.Pred dnevom

    Anyways the Tripartite Act is called Asse Roberto here in Italy. Like the name. Ro(me), Ber(lin) and To(kyo). Yeah, I just love to casually flex this thing.

  26. Kristina Mangion

    Kristina MangionPred dnevom

    What about the Maltese islands?

  27. Franciszek Zzzz

    Franciszek ZzzzPred dnevom

    I am not sure if you know who cracked Enigma code LOL

  28. Popsickle

    PopsicklePred dnevom

    why did u not mension astaylea

  29. nandini raj

    nandini rajPred dnevom

    No shock ..usa has always been the most powerful country ...just so impressed🙃

  30. Shahzaib Ali

    Shahzaib AliPred dnevom

    This is much better than watching game of thrones.

  31. Maciek Jaskulski

    Maciek JaskulskiPred dnevom

    You have forgotten to mention that Poland gained eastern german territories (Pommerania, Silesia, East Prussia) but Stalin took Easter Poland to create Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

  32. RvnnaMxxn

    RvnnaMxxnPred dnevom

    I like how hitler is shooting at the mirror

  33. Neelansh Mishra

    Neelansh MishraPred dnevom

    Japan Emperor - We will not Surrender Hiroshima and Nagasaki- *Motherfuc* BOOM Japan Emperor - US my lord would you like some *ANIME* and Yes I will surrender in a million years

  34. Neelansh Mishra

    Neelansh MishraPred dnevom

    Russia - The war is almost over US lets ask Japan to surrender .... Us- Engine stars* What did you say ..ok let's go Russia - I said.. *BOOM ATOM BOMB* Whole World - Oh my F**** God Us - *NOICE* Japan - Alright now we will rule the world of *ANIME*

  35. Neelansh Mishra

    Neelansh MishraPred dnevom

    I was just waiting for the ATOM Bomb scene

  36. JnM de Christo Mahadewa Wenno

    JnM de Christo Mahadewa WennoPred dnevom

    Oversimplified: hard far landing US:: Ok My brain: hard fart landing Wt-

  37. Trix -

    Trix -Pred dnevom

    All we are glad is that we’re not German 😂

  38. Chase 99

    Chase 99Pred dnevom

    If we sent the troops that cleared Okinawa to the vetinam war we'd have won in a month

  39. Chase 99

    Chase 99Pred dnevom

    Hitler started doing drugs about the time he forced the Russians to keep moving in Russia idk if it's cuz the stress of him losing or if the drugs caused him to lose

  40. Weeb Sensei

    Weeb SenseiPred dnevom

    Anybody realize that the American Flag was on Canada instead of the Colonial Canadian flag.

  41. Natacha Josue

    Natacha JosuePred dnevom

    When your birthday is Pearl Harbor Day 🥲

  42. Zester

    ZesterPred dnevom

    6:00 Japan never threatened India. If you know Indian history you will know,Indians took help from Germans and Japanese and Italian to gain freedom from the lame Brits. As the old saying goes,My enemy's enemy is my friend.

  43. I'M SAVAGE

    I'M SAVAGEPred dnevom

    By India he means British Raj as 'India' was a British colony. And the lame British are 1,000x better than Those Japanese

  44. willyytr

    willyytrPred dnevom

    India was still a British colony at the moment so when he said "India" he meant the British colony

  45. Kylee Haynes

    Kylee HaynesPred dnevom

    This video is in English and doesn't have English subtitles but has 34 other languages :(((

  46. Shadlyn Nevaeh Øfficial 2

    Shadlyn Nevaeh Øfficial 2Pred dnevom

    Well Japan don't even take or into a war with southern Malaya

  47. Sunny The Great

    Sunny The GreatPred 2 dnevi

    Imagine winning all the time until, in the end, you get way over your head. Oh wait, we don't have to, it's Hitler. LOL

  48. Toxic Man

    Toxic ManPred 2 dnevi

    7:42 Even funnier: No German field marshal had(at this point) EVER been taken alive. Ever. As far back as anyone could remember, not a single German field marshal had ever been taken by the enemy while still breathing. So what does Mustache man go when the Sixth Army is surrounded, with no hope of being relieved? He promoted General Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus to, you guessed it, FIELD MARSHAL Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus. Paulus surrendered, and was taken as a POW by the Red Army,

  49. korey li

    korey liPred 2 dnevi

    I've learned more from this than I have from school

  50. Gucci gang

    Gucci gangPred 2 dnevi

    So Japan deserved the atomic bomb 💣?

  51. improvers

    improversPred 2 dnevi

    actually india joined world war 2 because the british promised that they would give freedom to india {that they still give us 2 years later}

  52. Teboho Mailula

    Teboho MailulaPred 2 dnevi

    Wait. Did Mussolini win against Abyssinia?

  53. Kodejsson 82

    Kodejsson 82Pred 2 dnevi

    Bro, polish scientists broke the enigma code, not british

  54. willyytr

    willyytrPred dnevom

    The enigma code was broken multiple times by many countries, the allies was given the enigma machine so they can all crack the code faster, once the code was found, the germans changed it but it kept being cracked everytime by the allies

  55. Kodejsson 82

    Kodejsson 82Pred 2 dnevi

    @Heinz Guderian tak jestem Polakiem jeśli to cokolwiek zmienia

  56. Heinz Guderian

    Heinz GuderianPred 2 dnevi

    @Kodejsson 82 I want to know, because I'm polish

  57. Kodejsson 82

    Kodejsson 82Pred 2 dnevi

    @Heinz Guderian nah

  58. Heinz Guderian

    Heinz GuderianPred 2 dnevi

    Are you from Poland?

  59. PumpkinHeadPro The_Minecrafter

    PumpkinHeadPro The_MinecrafterPred 2 dnevi

    hey, where do you get the character pins? I might get some.

  60. Piotr

    PiotrPred 2 dnevi

    In Bletchley Park, on the premises of the Museum, there is a plaque commemorating Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski, breaking the Enigma cipher as the first and their contribution to the success of British cryptologists and their contribution to the victory in World War II. That wasn't fucking Alan Turning

  61. Alpha _GoDz

    Alpha _GoDzPred 2 dnevi

    13:12 say it right, before I nuke you

  62. MjhdNau4l

    MjhdNau4lPred 2 dnevi

    Facts about Alan Turing: 1. Turing died in 1954. 😭 2. He died 16 days before his 42nd birthday. 🙁 3. He killed himself [suicide] by cyanide poisoning ☠. Sad 😔. R.I.P. Alan Mathison Turing 23 June 1912 - 7 June 1954 'He was a great man' 4. He cracked Nazi Germanys' [fourth reichs'] enigma code. Yea, kick Nazi Germanys' ass. 5. Queen Elizabeth II granted him a posthumous pardon in 2013. 🏆🏅 6. He earned the nickname 'father of modern computer science'. Great 😊 7. He rode his bike 62 miles [99.7793 km] to school on the first day. Crazy 😯. 8. Shortened World War II by two or more years and saved 14 million lives. If it was not for him, I would not have existed probably. 9. Obtained his PhD from the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University. Smart. 10. After the war, he worked at the National Physical Laboratory, where he designed the Automatic Computing Engine. Question of the comment: Now, I wonder how or why he went insane... The End.

  63. Heinz Guderian

    Heinz GuderianPred 2 dnevi


  64. MjhdNau4l

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    Want more? no

  65. SyperPlays

    SyperPlaysPred 2 dnevi

    I got an a on my history test because of this

  66. sophia fortain

    sophia fortainPred 2 dnevi

    "here have some weapons" is such a classic america thing to do

  67. Javier Lopez

    Javier LopezPred 2 dnevi

    Can u do the Mexican American war

  68. Just For Laugh By zahir

    Just For Laugh By zahirPred 2 dnevi

    If Hitler kept fighting only with uk he might have won 🤔

  69. Racso Leerf

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  70. Damian Baran

    Damian BaranPred 2 dnevi

    Ur a legend putting sponsors at the end

  71. Callum Smith

    Callum SmithPred 3 dnevi

    I've been to Normandy and visited all these beaches

  72. B 888

    B 888Pred 3 dnevi

    African WWII veterans are very widely forgotten too. Canada is also hardly mentioned

  73. Matteo Marrone

    Matteo MarronePred 3 dnevi

    I’ve watched this video about 20 times

  74. Kodd

    KoddPred 3 dnevi

    The pearl harbor attack, was actually pretty justified since America was trying to attack Japan. Why else would they have a huge military fleet there?

  75. Danil Baykov

    Danil BaykovPred 3 dnevi

    it is a shame the the video is so one sided and the Ussr involvement is so underplayed.

  76. Scott Newman

    Scott NewmanPred 3 dnevi

    Being a kid, how do you not get great grades? This is normally a 1-2 month class lesson and you can get it all in 20 minutes with these videos. Not to mention, I am sure it is ridiculously dumbed down in school. "True or False, there were the Allied, Axis, Guacamole, and bookcase powers in World War 2?"

  77. Jay Vardhan Singh Charan

    Jay Vardhan Singh CharanPred 3 dnevi


  78. Highlights

    HighlightsPred 3 dnevi

    This game is fun bro

  79. Jellyfesh

    JellyfeshPred 3 dnevi

    Watched this first at 10 and I didn’t know anything

  80. Steven Zheng

    Steven ZhengPred 3 dnevi

    4:12 "But then it got cold, it got, stupid cold" I don't why but I laugh so hard

  81. SvenTheAnimator

    SvenTheAnimatorPred 3 dnevi

    My grandad was also in Burma he was there till 1946 then came home he went there after he was brought home from Dunkirk

  82. Racso Leerf

    Racso LeerfPred 5 urami

    My Great Grandad was in Burma too

  83. Princely Nocare

    Princely NocarePred 3 dnevi

    Focuses too much on the Western and Pacific Fronts. The Eastern Front, which really decided the outcome of the war for Germany, was more like an afterthought in this video.

  84. kitty snake

    kitty snakePred 3 dnevi

    German champagne guy must not die

  85. Dew2Much

    Dew2MuchPred 3 dnevi

    7:21 song?

  86. Dylan Richards

    Dylan RichardsPred 3 dnevi

    I am 11 and I am interested in this stuff

  87. Elk182

    Elk182Pred 3 dnevi

    And no mentor operation mincemeat

  88. Dr.BrightYT

    Dr.BrightYTPred 3 dnevi

    5:09 thats the HMS Hood. She was a British ship until the Bismark sunk her around Island.

  89. Dino Ricky

    Dino RickyPred 3 dnevi

    This was posted before the first part technically

  90. Irritating Person

    Irritating PersonPred 3 dnevi

    I love how in nearly every single map with colour on some countries greenland is always left white

  91. Eunchan So

    Eunchan SoPred 4 dnevi

    Spain in WW1: *Does Nothing* Spain in WW2: *Does Nothing* I love Spain lol

  92. Adrià Delgado Iniesta

    Adrià Delgado IniestaPred 2 dnevi

    Oh, but they did. In ww1 spanish industrials sold clothing and war material to both sides. In ww2 Spain was in shambles after the Civil War, but the fascist regime sent the Blue Division to fight alongside the Germans in Russia.



    In burma (damm spell check



    My great grandfarther joined the somerset ligth infantry division and took part in the fighting on birma

  95. Markus Varusk

    Markus VaruskPred 4 dnevi

    3:30 fun fact: the people of my country thought the nazis were their saviors when they invaded

  96. Benjie Cabungcal

    Benjie CabungcalPred 4 dnevi

    i love the sub is not english

  97. Leafy Plays

    Leafy PlaysPred 4 dnevi

    they could've captured Africa before they went to greece

  98. Ishak Sebi

    Ishak SebiPred 4 dnevi

    Who all were waiting for him to say that America was gonna drop atom bomb in Japan?

  99. Vettorio Venneto

    Vettorio VennetoPred 4 dnevi

    He used HMS hood and thought it was american by the way it already sunk by then.

  100. julianyc422

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    Then it got cold, stupid cold

  101. Waeel Allali

    Waeel AllaliPred 4 dnevi

    Hitler was a Monster ch***

  102. Daily Dose Of Hysterics

    Daily Dose Of HystericsPred 4 dnevi

    People in Mongolia during the war “Aight all we do is stay quite and we’ll be fine.”

  103. Daily Dose Of Hysterics

    Daily Dose Of HystericsPred 17 urami

    @bfriedman87 lol very true

  104. bfriedman87

    bfriedman87Pred 17 urami

    And Mongolia and Switzerland lived happily ever after

  105. Jiahe Ai

    Jiahe AiPred 4 dnevi

    Bruh even though Germany was weakened so much after WWI it still go one on multiple countries for years. Just too powerful.

  106. APlife

    APlifePred 4 dnevi

    World need truth & love not war

  107. Joseph Leighty

    Joseph LeightyPred 4 dnevi

    10:58 General Nimitz?

  108. Mark Cangila

    Mark CangilaPred 4 dnevi

    You're a bit wrong on barbarrosa. The real cause of not taking moscow was rain which made roads impassable and meant they couldnt ship winter clothing to the front

  109. mum mama

    mum mamaPred 4 dnevi

    The uk and America were like main characters in an anime during ww2

  110. RocketRoketto

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  111. RocketRoketto

    RocketRokettoPred 5 dnevi

    I think out of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, Mussolini is the one that no one really pays attention to as far as teaching history in America, he's considered minor leagues compared to them here. I only know about the severity of what he did because i've always been fascinated by WW2 and researched it on here on my own. It's like that lyric from Mobb Deep \\Your simple words just don't move me You're minor, we're major You're all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player

  112. Erdem D

    Erdem DPred 5 dnevi

    Nobody: Hitler: let’s take over the world Everybody: NO. The allies: NUTS! (Not Understanding the Terms of Surrender)

  113. Isaac Bahr

    Isaac BahrPred 5 dnevi

    Forgot to mention the air raid lead by Colonel James Doolittle in effort to wipe out the Japanese factory's.

  114. Siss Derella

    Siss DerellaPred 5 dnevi

    Very nice, but you could have been more clear about the atom bombs. The soviets stood ready to aid the invasion and Japan was hopeless despite all fanatism. Considering how US decision makers chose the targets - namely by weather in order to allow for pretty photographs and even by lack of touristic flair - it's obvious that there was no immediate military necessity. The bombings were geopolitically planned war crimes and neither their success nor the Japanese crimes justifies them.